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Doctors' Trade Secrets (How doctors think)

This post exposes you to the practical method (or maybe trade secrets) that are commonly used by doctors. For a medical student, this subject covers the basic methods in a real life situation where a medical doctor sh
ould approach a patient. This is the 'know-how' foundation (instead of just the know what) subject for to-be medical doctors.

A typical step by step approach of a doctor-patient interaction would proceed like this:

Step 1: "How can I help you": A doctor is trying to establish what your medical problem is.

Step 2: You would probably tell the doctor what your problem is e.g coughing for the past 1 week. This for the doctor is your 'symptom'.

Step 3: Your doctor will ask you further questions in order to narrow down and ascertain what the underlying problem is. A cough can be due to many reasons. It can be due to a bacterial infection (needs to be treated by antibiotic) or may just be due to the 'common flu'. Communication with the doctor is imp…


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