Pampers Singapore - Price and Reviews 2021

 Pampers are one of the most used newborn diapers in hospitals, so many moms are introduced to the brand just after a baby is born.  - American Brand - 2 Million Pampers Diapers are tested every year by doctors and parents - Follows Rigorous Quality Control Procedures for Assured Quality - Uses Carefully Chosen Ingredients : Huggies Pampers does not add the following harmful chemicals to their diapers.. > Formaldehyde, Parabens, Pesticide Residue, Disperse Dye > Natural Rubber Latex, PVC > Elemental Chlorine Bleaching > Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Phenol, PVC > Alcohol / Ethanol Product Line i. Pampers Ichiban / Pampers Premium Care Tape - Hypoallergenic, has wetness indicators, more breathable than Baby Dry /  SGD28 ii.  Pampers Overnight Pants - Pants only, for overnight use, premium version of baby dry / SGD15 - SGD20 iii. Pampers Pure Protection Taped - 0% Perfume, Latex and Parabens, Hypoallergenic, Made with Organic Materials /  SGD31.50 iv. Pampers Baby Dry - Better f

12 Best Diapers for Eczema Singapore 2021 : Price and Reviews

  Eczema is described as red patches of dry and itchy skin. This usually flares up in the baby's arms, legs and cheeks but it can appear anywhere else in the body too, including their bum. It often begins during their early years and may run in families. So if the parent or a relative has a problem with eczema, the baby may face that issue as well. While diapers themselves usually don't cause eczema, but if they’re fragranced or made of harsh ingredients, this could aggravate the symptoms. Here are some eczema friendly diapers in the Singaporean market.   1.  Pee-Ka-Poo Diapers - Local Singaporean Brand - Permasorp Core : Thin, absorbent, breathable and comfortable - Refastenable Tab - Strap markers for easy fitting - Good fit for all kinds of body shapes and sizes - Broad, stretchable waistband for perfect fit during movement - Extended diaper length to prevent leakage - Quick pee absorption, distributes pee evenly to provide more comfort - Securely fitting moisture cuffs to p

11 Best Diapers for Leakage Singapore 2021 : Price and Reviews

  How Do I Keep My Diaper From Leaking? a.  Adjust the Diaper  : Make sure the diaper is worn properly and tightly b. Change your diapers right before bedtime to reduce bedtime leaking c.  Use Overnight Diapers  : The usual disposable diaper is designed primarily for daytime use. It can last a few hours between changes but may not make it for a 10-12 hour stretch.  Overnight diapers are designed for the overnight hours. They’re constructed with extra absorbency and can keep the baby dry for up to 12 hours. They’re bulkier than normal diapers but are still comfortable and leave plenty of room for movement. If you’re noticing that your baby is soaked every morning, switching to overnight diapers could be your first move.  d.  Add a Diaper Liner  : If overnight diapers are not enough, you can try adding an additional diaper liner inside the diaper for additional absorbency. Pay attention to where your baby is always leaking : the front or the back. Then add the liner on whichever side is