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Best dermatologist for eczema in Rochester, Minnesota

We sifted through the internet to find the best dermatologist for eczema in Rochester.
We compared using three methods:

1) Using (Alexa ranking – 2464)

2) Using (Alexa ranking – 9478)

3) Using (Alexa ranking – 17818)

Here is the list categorized by the various major doctor review sites. Top ten dermatologists (search results) for eczema in Rochester (
1) Dr. Michael B. Colgan, MD 200 1st St SW Rochester, MN 55905 PATIENT SATISFACTION: 4 responses
2) Dr. Kattie J. Allen, MD 200 1st Ave NW Rochester, MN 55901 PATIENT SATISFACTION: 3 responses
3) Dr. Christopher J. Arpey, MD 200 1st St SW Rochester, MN PATIENT SATISFACTION: 2 responses
4) Dr. Jaya Kittur, MD 200 1st St SW Rochester, MN 55905 PATIENT SATISFACTION: 2 responses
5) Dr. Marian T. McEvoy, MD 200 1st St SW Rochester, MN 55905 PATIENT SATISFACTION: 2 responses
6) Dr. Mark R. Pittelkow, MD 200 1st St SW Rochester, MN 55905 (less than 1 mile away) PATIENT SATISFACTION: 2 responses
7) Dr…

Psoriasis Treatment at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota and related reviews

Psoriasis is a common skin problem and even rich and famous celebrities do have the same problem as well.

As a trained medical professional, I have been worried with all those psoriasis self-care stuff on the internet. With tons of low quality self-help e-books out there on psoriasis treatment, I am not surprised if you are confused and over-whelmed with information or rather mis-information i.e. recommendations from Facebook friends, neighbors, emails, forum recommendations, search engine results etc.

Before you know what is the best psoriasis treatment for you, you may wish to go through the following sites to have a better understanding on your condition. You need to be selective with where you are getting the information on the internet and read more about psoriasis treatment from credible websites.

Here are the recommended links –
Alexa ranking (under Health category): No. 1

Cleveland Clinic l Medical Specialists l Ohio

Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Address: 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195, USA
Toll Free Contact No.: 800 223 2273 | 216.738.5460 | 800.720.1194

This is a list of medical specialists at Cleveland Clinic by major specialties and treatments:

Diabetes Specialists at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus:
Krupa Doshi, MDMarwan Hamaty, MDSuman Jana, MDSangeeta Kashyap, MDAllan Laurence Kennedy, MD, FRCPLeila Khan, MDM. Cecilia Lansang, MD, MPHVinni Makin, MDLeann Olansky, MDMario Skugor, MDRobert Zimmerman, MDSusan Williams, MDMary Vouyiouklis, MD Ear Nose Throat Specialists at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus,  Ohio | Otolaryngologists

Tom Abelson, M.D.
Daniel Alam, M.D.
Samantha Anne, M.D.
Robert Lorenz, M.D.
Cristina Cabrera-Muffly, M.D
Alan Kominsky, M.D
George Ozbardakci, M.D
Michael Benninger, M.D.
Catherine Henry, M.D.
Claudio Milstein, Ph.D.
Craig Newman, Ph.D.

Lasik Surgeons at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio

This is a list of lasik surgeons (laser vision correction surgeons) at Cleveland Clinic

William Dupps Jr.…


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