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Gynecologists | Women Specialists | PJ (Petaling Jaya)

To select a doctor, many of us rely on a single recommendation, or even a random search through the search engines. Your gynecologist or women’s health specialist assists you with your pregnancy, screens you for diseases, helps you plan a family and more. And when you are pregnant, this person is the one to ensure two people (you and your baby) are at the best possible health. However, choosing the right obstetrician and gynecologist (O&G) for your pregnancy and also the right place to deliver your baby may not be as simple as one might think. 5 Steps on picking the right Gynecologist in PJ (Petaling Jaya).1. Plan ahead

If you want to get pregnant soon, I suggest looking for an obstetrician before you get pregnant. You could make an appointment for a ‘pre-natal’ visit.

Ask a few questions to make sure he or she is the best for the job. Find out how many deliveries he or she performs in a month and how many of them are normal deliveries and how many of them are by Caese…

Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur

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Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur Address and ContactPantai Hospital Bangsar Kuala Lumpur | Reviews on Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) KL
Address: 8, Jalan Bukit Pantai, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone contact number: +603-2296 0888
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Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur Doctors
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