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10 Best Confinement Centres in Malaysia 2018

If you are looking for the best confinement centre Malaysia, this post was written with you in mind.

Based on the statistics from the Malaysian Ministry of Health, the number 1 reason for hospital admissions in government hospitals is pregnancy and post-pregnancy related conditions.

(*puerperium refers to the period following childbirth, lasting approximately six weeks, during which the uterus returns to its normal size and shape)

The ‘puerperium’ or the ‘confinement’ period is a period that is surrounded by various superstitions and traditions. Most consumers are confused with what is the correct and safe practices during this period. Some of the practices are surrounded by myths and are not supported by scientific evidence, doing more harm than good. In order to prevent unnecessary and costly hospital admissions, we need more evidence-based and well managed confinement care centres in Malaysia. 

The Malaysian Ministry of Health has conducted a review of traditional practices in postpart…


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