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Diabetes Treatment Cost in Malaysia 2019

Diabetes is a major health problem among Malaysians.

The biggest issue with diabetes is that not only will it take a slow but sure toll on your health, it does the same for your finances too.

Here are some of the costs you need to consider should you be diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetic treatment in the hospital

Even though your condition can be controlled on your own with medication, there’s always the chance of you having to be hospitalised due to issues such as hyperglycemia, where your blood sugar level increases to dangerous levels that require further monitoring and increases in insulin dosages. Hyperglycemia would require not only medical personnel to watch over your condition, but would also require you to consult with specialists as well to check on your diet and exercise regime. The cost of a hospital admission in a private hospital will obviously be much more than the public hospitals. The real danger of diabetes is not the disease itself but the risk of getting major complicat…


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