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Skin Specialists in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan | Dermatologists

Skin Specialists Seremban Skin Specialists or dermatologists are medically qualified doctors who provide a range of skin care services from treating simple skin conditions to diagnosis and management of more complicated skin cases such as: Acne, advice on cosmetics, psoriasis, skin cancer, dermatitis, dry skin, rosacea, skin pigmentation etc.
1 Dr Najeeb Ahmad b. Mohd. Safdar Jabatan Dermatologi
Hospital Seremban
Tel: 06-7623-333
Fax: 06-7625-771 2 Dr Shaukat Ali Badsha Badsha Specialist Skin Clinic
122 Jalan Yam Tuan
70000 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 06-763-4848
Fax: 06-763-4848

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Singapore Medical Council | Council Members

The SMC currently comprises a total of 24 members. Besides the Director of Medical Services, who is the Registrar of the Council, 12 of the members are elected by registered medical practitioners and the other 11 are appointed by the Minister for Health. The Council Members are:

President Prof Tan Ser Kiat Registrar Prof K Satku Nominees from Medical Schools Prof Lee Eng Hin (YLLSoM, NUS)
A/Prof Yeoh Khay Guan (YLLSoM, NUS)
A/Prof Ong Sin Tiong (Duke-NUS GMS)
*1 Position*(Nominee from Duke-NUS GMS - to be appointed) Elected Members A/Prof Cheng Wai Sam Christopher
Dr Chua Swee Boon Raymond
Prof Fock Kwong Ming
A/Prof Low Cheng Ooi
Prof Ng Han Seong
A/Prof Ooi Choon Jin
Dr Wilmot Rasanayagam
A/Prof Siow Jin Keat
Dr Tan Chi Chiu
Dr Tan Kok Soo
Clinical Prof Tay Boon Keng
Dr Wong Sin Yew Appointed Members A/Prof Sophia Ang Bee Leng
A/Prof Chew Suok Kai
A/Prof Chen Fun Gee
A/Prof Chin Jing Jih
Dr Ngoi Sing Shang
A/Prof Pang Weng Sun
Prof John Wong Eu Li

Gynecologists in Singapore | Obstetrics

Dr Koh Gim Hwee
Consultant Gynecologist
Raffles Hospital
585 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 188770
Tel. 67882288 Dr Ching Kwok Choy
Consultant Gynecologist
K C Ching Clinic & Surgery For Women Pte Ltd
#10-13 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Tel. 67343455
Dr Tan Yew Teck Tony
Consultant Gynecologist
Raffles Hospital
585 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188770
Tel. (+65) 63111230 Dr Tracey Lim Li Wen
Consultant Gynecologist
Tow Yung Clinic
19 Tanglin Shopping Centre
Singapore 247909
Tel. (+65) 67374433
Dr Motoko Yeo
Consultant Gynecologist
Motoko Clinic for Women
290 Orchard Road #11-13
Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859
Tel. (+65) 68385367 Dr Kek Lee Phin
Consultant Gynecologist
Kek LP Clinic & Surgery for Women
3 Mount Elizabeth #14-06
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Tel: (+65) 62358596
Dr Wong Mun Tat
Thomson Women's Clinic
Block 372 Bukit Batok Street 31
Singapore …

Sime Darby Medical Centre Ara Damansara | Medical Specialists

Sime Darby Medical Centre Ara Damansara Address: Lot 2, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang, Seksyen U2, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Contact No. | Phone: +603-5639 1212
Medical Specialists | Doctors:
Dr. Ahmad Nizar Jamaluddin | Interventional Cardiology Dr. Annuar Rapaee | Cardiology Dato Setia Dr. Hj. Anuar Masduki | Interventional Cardiology Dr. Tan Swee Teng | Neurologist   Dr. Benedict Marius Selladurai | Neurosurgeon | Brain Surgeon Dr. Muruga Kumar | Neurosurgeon | Brain Surgeon Dr. N. Ramesh | Neurosurgeon | Brain Surgeon

Plastic Surgery Before and After: Celebrities

As any licensed physician can perform cosmetic surgery, it's crucial to find one who is properly trained and certified. Choosing a physician who is a member of your local Society of Plastic Surgeons is the first step to ensure quality care and outcomes. Protect yourself by choosing a physician who is a registered member of your local Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Deaths from Cancer: What would be my advice?

We all know the recent deaths of Robin Gibb (Colo-rectal cancer), Donna Summer (Lung Cancer) and last year; Steve Jobs (Pancreatic cancer) were due to cancer. Other famous people whom we have lost to cancer are Farrah Fawcett, Eartha Kitt, Peter Jennings, Paul Newman, Patrick Swayze, Sydney Pollack, Michael Crichton, Bob Denver, Ted Kennedy, Jerry Orbach, Anne Bancroft, William Rehnquist, and Tony Snow, just to name a few.
If I were to turn back the clock, what would be my advice to these people? This article here is not to share the basics of cancer but to share about the preventive strategies that we could put into action immediately. There is comprehensive information about cancer here: I would not re-invent the wheel. The goal of this article is to summarize the relevant and practical points so that you could have your personal blue-print to prevent cancer. I have filtered out all those unproven ‘internet noise’ out there in the virtual world and have summar…


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