Singapore Medical Council | Council Members

The SMC currently comprises a total of 24 members. Besides the Director of Medical Services, who is the Registrar of the Council, 12 of the members are elected by registered medical practitioners and the other 11 are appointed by the Minister for Health.
The Council Members are:

Prof Tan Ser Kiat
Prof K Satku
Nominees from Medical Schools
Prof Lee Eng Hin (YLLSoM, NUS)
A/Prof Yeoh Khay Guan (YLLSoM, NUS)
A/Prof Ong Sin Tiong (Duke-NUS GMS)
*1 Position*(Nominee from Duke-NUS GMS - to be appointed)
Elected Members
A/Prof Cheng Wai Sam Christopher
Dr Chua Swee Boon Raymond
Prof Fock Kwong Ming
A/Prof Low Cheng Ooi
Prof Ng Han Seong
A/Prof Ooi Choon Jin
Dr Wilmot Rasanayagam
A/Prof Siow Jin Keat
Dr Tan Chi Chiu
Dr Tan Kok Soo
Clinical Prof Tay Boon Keng
Dr Wong Sin Yew
Appointed Members
A/Prof Sophia Ang Bee Leng
A/Prof Chew Suok Kai
A/Prof Chen Fun Gee
A/Prof Chin Jing Jih
Dr Ngoi Sing Shang
A/Prof Pang Weng Sun
Prof John Wong Eu Li


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