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Sunway Medical Centre - Reviews

Doing our research on the cyber-world before we make any decision, has been the integral part of our decision making nowadays. Unfortunately, the Google search results are mixed with irrelevant and advertorial webpages. In this post, we have tried to curate and sifted through various webpages to compile a list of relevant consumer reviews on Sunway Medical Centre for your convenience.

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Sunway medical center or SJMC Hi ~ Does anyone know what's the check up and delivery price for sunway medical center or SJMC?… Read more -
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Pantai Hospital Bangsar health screening | Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Pantai and Gleneagles Group of Hospitals offer a range of basic to very comprehensive and essential screening packages. These specially designed health screening (including blood screening) packages help to identify and manage your health risk profile.  
How do I know which screening test to get? There are many type of screenings available. You need to consult your doctor or physician to determine which tests are recommended based on your gender, age and medical and family history. Additional test may be arranged for upon request or on recommendation by a doctor.
Before the appointment Please fast for at least 8 – 10 hours prior to the appointment (consumption of plain water is allowed) It is advisable to refrain from smoking or consumption of alcohol at least 8 hours prior to the appointment Antibiotics should not be taken for at least 8 hours prior to the appointment Postpone taking any routine morning medication (except anti-hypertensive drugs) unles…

You Don't Visit a Dermatologist?

Your parents instilled the importance of visiting the dentist and the doctor regularly, but what about the dermatologist? Even women without acne can benefit from professional help. Dermatologists can customize your regimen and reveal damage you can't see with the naked eye.


Raffles Hospital (Raffles Medical) Maternity Package

The delivery package price is applicable to standard hospital charges during the stay. It does not include the following:
All doctors’ fees Antibiotics, pessary for induction of labour, abdominal binderPhototherapy and hearing tests for newbornEpidural services ($350), use of forceps in delivery ($200), treatment for complications and / or extended stayExtra charges for twin delivery or failed normal deliveryLaboratory, X-ray & OT surcharge (after office hours), horoscope deliveryExtra meals, laundry services, lodger charges and overseas telephone callsRevised on 01July 2013

*Prices are before GST and correct at the time of print and are subject to periodic review.


Raffles Hospital Health Screening Packages

The list is long, please scroll and compare accordingly. For further information or enquiry, please feel free to contact Raffles Hospital (Raffles Medical Group) Singapore. The list has been sorted based on the pricing.

Raffles Basic S$62.05
·Interview on Medical History by Doctor ·Physical Examination by Doctor ·Clinical Measurements ·12 Leads Resting Electrocardiogram ·Lipid/ Cholesterol Profile ·Fasting Blood Sugar ·Full Blood Count ·Uric Acid ·Urinalysis ·Post Examination Review by Doctor
Raffles Hypertension Screen S$77.00
·Lipid/ Cholesterol Profile ·Urine Albumin/ Creatinine Ratio ·Urea ·Urinalysis ·Creatinine ·Post Examination Review by Doctor
Raffles Diabetic Screen S$98.40
·Lipid/ Cholesterol Profile ·Urinalysis ·Urea


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