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Pantai and Gleneagles Group of Hospitals offer a range of basic to very comprehensive and essential screening packages. These specially designed health screening (including blood screening) packages help to identify and manage your health risk profile.  

How do I know which screening test to get?
There are many type of screenings available. You need to consult your doctor or physician to determine which tests are recommended based on your gender, age and medical and family history. Additional test may be arranged for upon request or on recommendation by a doctor.

Before the appointment
  • Please fast for at least 8 – 10 hours prior to the appointment (consumption of plain water is allowed) 
  • It is advisable to refrain from smoking or consumption of alcohol at least 8 hours prior to the appointment 
  • Antibiotics should not be taken for at least 8 hours prior to the appointment 
  • Postpone taking any routine morning medication (except anti-hypertensive drugs) unless advised by your physician until after blood investigation 
  • Ladies who are going for mammogram are to avoid using deodorant or talcum powder 
  • Schedule your health screening after 10 days from the 1st day of menstruation, if undergoing a pap smear.
Things to bring
  • Bring along appropriate shoes and comfortable attire if undergoing a stress test (treadmill) 
  • Previous medical records, if any especially X-rays, MRI, CT Scan from your last check up for comparison 
  • Glasses for your vision test. Do not use contact lenses
What to Expect?
The duration of each health screening package varies. On average, the entire health screening process, including medical examination by a physician by a physician will take between 2 -4 hours depending on the health screening package selected.
Review and collection of Health Screening Report
The results of the health screening will be interpreted by the attending HSC doctor. The complete medical report with results will be compiled and shall be discussed during a review with your examining doctor. The medical reports are ready to be collected between 2 – 7 working days depending on hospital. For those who have to leave the country before this time, arrangement can be made for the report to be couriered, at a charge to the home country.

For health screening appointment in Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur, please contact +603-22960888 at least 7 working days in advance.

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