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In Search Of A Cure For HIV: Researchers Replicate Treatment Of The One Man Cured Of HIV, The Berlin Patient

Plastic Surgeons in Kuala Lumpur | Plastic Surgery KL

Some basic information about plastic surgery that you should knowA plastic surgeon is a qualified medical doctor who specialize in plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon transforms, creates, and reshapes the human face and body. Registered plastic surgeons are trained in the many aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery including: cosmetic surgery of the face and body (breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, nose-job, double eyelid surgery) and reconstructive surgery of the head, neck and body, burn surgery, microvascular surgery, hand surgery, and congenital (at birth) repair and revision.

Plastic Surgeons in Kuala Lumpur (KL) arranged by "Years of Experience" Do your homework and find the ‘right’ plastic surgeon you can trust. The following is a list of Plastic Surgeons in Kuala Lumpur (registered with the Malaysian National Specialist Register) by their years of experience. Kindly call for appointment:

Dr Sivanantharajah S/O M.S. Kandiah
MBBS (Ceylon) - 1960; FRCS - 19…

3 useful sites with reviews about Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Singapore

In this page, we have tried to compile a list of relevant consumer reviews on Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Singapore.
Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Singapore Reviews on Forum: Singapore Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Discussion threads on Singapore Obstetrician-gynecologists - Informative discussions and sharing from various members on their encounters with various Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in Singapore...
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Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Singapore Reviews on Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 - Who's your recommended Ob Gyn in Singapore?
My wife is 2 weeks pregnant, can anyone recommend their ObGyn? Does anybody tried Dr. Adelina Wong at Thomson Medical Center? Thank you in advance.Nov 2009 -
Jun 2014 -

Reviews on Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur

Doing our research on the cyber-world before we make any decision, has been the integral part of our decision making nowadays. Unfortunately, the Google search results are mixed with irrelevant and advertorial webpages. In this post, we have tried to curate a list of relevant consumer reviews on Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur.

Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Reviews on Facebook:

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Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur Reviews on Facebook

Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Reviews on Foursquare:

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Reviews on Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur | Foursquare
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Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Reviews on Lowyat:

Quick Note: Long discussion thread, worth reading with lots of good information sharing.

Oct 2010 to Sep 2014. Price for delivering baby
Since i find that this forum still new just want to contribute some information that i experience and know before for the pricing. Basically im penangnites so my pricing will be base in Penang, if any other people wanna sha…

Eczema Treatment in Malaysia

Have you or your child been diagnosed with eczema? I would have assumed that you have read a lot of articles on the internet but whatever you are using, your eczema is not getting better?

Do continue reading to understand more on this skin condition known as eczema. The following is an excerpt from WebMD:
How Is Eczema Treated?

The goal of treatment for eczema is to relieve and prevent itching, which can lead to infection. Since the disease makes skin dry and itchy, lotions and creams are recommended to keep the skin moist. These products are usually applied when the skin is damp, such as after bathing, to help the skin retain moisture. Cold compresses may also be used to relieve itching.

Over-the-counter products, such as hydrocortisone 1% cream, or prescription creams and ointments containing corticosteroids, are often prescribed to lessen inflammation. In addition, if the affected area becomes infected, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to kill the infection-causing bacteria.


Eating practices of the best endurance athletes in the world

It's strange, but true: The nutritional practices of the best endurance athletes in the world have not been carefully studied.

Those "best endurance athletes" are clearly the Kenyan runners. Attempting to verify this fact for you is probably unnecessary, but it can at least be noted that one study found that athletes from just one collection of Kenyans, the Kalenjin tribe, had won approximately 40 percent of all major international middle- and long-distance running competitions in the 10-year period from 1987 to 1997.  In addition, approximately half of all of the male athletes in the world who have ever run the 10K in less than 27 minutes hail from Kenya. When they're allowed to enter freely, Kenyan athletes dominate road races around the world... Read more:

Reducing the pain of health-care costs

Hefty health-care costs have become a global concern, including in Singapore. Worldwide, countries struggle to contain them. Patients and families, too, are concerned. In Singapore, a lot of attention has been focused recently on the role of doctors in driving up health-care costs through their fees. While doctors certainly influence health-care costs, they are not solely, or even primarily, responsible for them.   Other contributors include technology such as drugs, medical equipment, implants; consumables such as nappies, dressings or intravenous drips; professional fees given not just to doctors but also therapists, dieticians, nurses and to cover hospital administration, laboratory tests such as radiological investigations; and facility fees for use of hospital rooms and operating theaters. Read more:

'I had no idea my tween was anorexic'

I never considered my daughter Mimi fat. She was fleshy, maybe, as all growing kids tend to be, but not overweight. However, Mimi felt she wasn't as thin as her schoolmates, even though she was 33kg, a healthy weight for a 10-year-old. And so began her journey into anorexia nervosa - a potentially life-threatening eating disorder... See more at:

- See more at:

Nine Celebrities Who Are Itching For Eczema Awareness Month

With roughly 30 million Americans suffering from eczema, it is no surprise that there are celebrities who have been spotted with or have come forth about their own struggle with this itchy, and often aesthetically embarrassing, skin condition. Due to the stigma attached to eczema, the unknowing public who have never been directly affected by it or to the childhood bullying that so commonly occurs, it is reasonable to believe that there are many celebrities affected by eczema who have chosen not to be as open about their condition.

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This App Fights Acne!

Ray Bradford is convinced technology will change the way we interact with our doctors. And it starts with an iPhone app that lets you get prescription drugs for your acne.

With Spruce, out today, Bradford’s taking a fresh approach to the strange emerging phenomenon known as telemedicine. The app doesn’t try to pipe appointments over video calls. It doesn’t attempt to put a doctor in your pocket. Instead of doing a bunch of things awkwardly, it aims to treat just one condition–acne–very well.

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Which Is Worse — Sugar Or Fat?

UK twins, Alexander and Chris van Tulleken, decided to use their own bodies to figure out which foods are worse: sugars or fats? In a month-long experiment, the 35-year-old brothers challenged themselves, with one giving up sugar and the other giving up fat, to decide which of them would lose the most weight. In the end, they decided that complete elimination of either food item from their diets was probably bad for their health.

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Ebola cases could reach 550,000 to 1.4 million by late January: CDC


Itching for a solution to eczema

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A baby with a serious eczema rash. Photo: Getty Images

Being a parent can be absolutely mystifying. Most of us didn’t study medicine, so it’s so easy to miss the signs that something’s wrong, or confuse one problem with another. Or you might not mention anything to your doctor, as you don’t feel you’ve spotted anything “serious”.

In our case, our little boy was developing eczema, but it took us a while to realise.

He was nine months old when we first noticed changes. He developed what appeared to be scratches in the middle of his back. They looked like thin scars, as if our cat had scratched him. We noticed this on the days he spent at family day care, and wondered if something in that home was affecting him. We were already seeing a paediatrician for our son’s strong reflux, so we asked him to take a look; he suggested grass seeds might be the problem. We asked our day care provider to try to minimise his playtime on the grassy area of…

'Eczema was ruining our lives - we never slept': Mother at her wit's end with son's skin condition discovers cure that worked in just DAYS

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Kimberley Wallwork's son Oliver developed eczema at the age of oneWould scratch his skin until it bled and then cry in pain, unable to sleepMs Wallwork, 26, said she felt 'helpless' as had tried several remediesOne five children suffers from eczema, affecting school and family lifeNew survey reveals many parents say condition severely affects family lifeAfter stumbling across Bioskin Junior range online, Ms Wallwork tried itClaims Oliver's skin is significantly better and he is now a 'lively, happy boy'Experts have now set up a new website to help parents deal with eczemaRead more: Comment - I found that this article is about Salcura Skin Care and the 'new website' is sponsored by Salcura. We have tried to do a search on this product on credible websites such as …

'Too many people have weight-loss surgery on the NHS': Woman who shed 10st on £20 exercise bike wants others to lose pounds healthily, not 'cheat' with gastric band

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Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Singapore categorized by centres

We have compiled a list of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (Singapore) categorized by major centers in Singapore. Please feel free to choose the right obstetrician and gynecologist –

Name of Doctors (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist) Centres (Address and Telephone Contact No.) Prof Yong Eu Leong   Prof P C Wong    Prof Kuldip Singh    A/Prof Wong Yee Chee    Asst Prof Su Lin Lin    A/Prof Mahesh Choolani    A/Prof Mary Rauff    A/Prof Arijit Biswas    A/Prof Arunachalam Ilancheran    A/Prof Chong Yap Seng    A/Prof Ganesh Adaikan    Dr Anita Sugam Kale    Dr Annapoorna Venkat    Dr Anupriya Agarwal    Dr Chua Tsei Meng    Dr Citra Mattar    Dr Fong Yoke Fai    Dr Jeffrey Low Jen Hui    Dr Ng Soon Yau Joseph    Dr Ng Ying Woo    Dr Roy Ng    Dr Stephen Chew Siong Lin    Dr Tan Eng Kien    Dr Vanaja Kalaichelvan    Dr Vesna Dramusic    Dr Winnie Wun   
National University Hospital. 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road    Singapore 11907…


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