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Are you confused with the terms above? Who do you see for your skin problems? Should you see your regular GP doctor? Should you go to a beauty centre?

It’s important to know when to see a beautician and when to see a qualified medical doctor. My advice is that if you have a skin related ‘problem’, then you should see your regular medical doctor. If your doctor thinks that you require a referral to a skin specialist or even to the hospital, your medical doctor would do so. 

A beautician is a person who has been trained in beauty care. This includes facial massage, manicure, pedicure and some basic medical science like anatomy and physiology related to the face and body. A beautician is not allowed to use needles or to give injections (e.g. botox etc.) and certainly not allowed to do surgery on you.
A dermatologist (skin specialist) is a qualified medical doctor who has received post-graduate training in skin diseases and treatments.

A word of advice to ladies or guys who are really keen of solving their skin problems is to see your skin specialist. If you are not sure who is a good skin specialist, you could seek advice from your regular medical doctor. The human skin is part of your body and sometimes the problem may be related to certain food or drugs that you are taking or external chemicals (e.g. make-up, cosmetics).  Definitely, no amount of facial massage would solve that problem.

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Below is also a related news article related to the cosmetic surgery and beauticians:


Guidelines soon to help women avoid bogus cosmetic surgeons

KUALA LUMPUR June 25 — The Health ministry will soon issue guidelines to help women avoid beauty salons and other unqualified practitioners when going for cosmetic surgery.

The Minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, said today the guidelines were needed due to the increasing number of cases of damage done by bogus plastic surgeons.

"The government is really worried about this,” he told reporters after launching the Health Education and Health Awareness Campaign 2011 at the Mid Valley megamall here.
He said there were many beauty salons performing aesthetic work that they were not qualified to do, including cosmetic surgery.

"Beauty salons should only do beauty salon jobs. They should not do the aesthetic job. It”s a different job, “ he said. Beauty salons were not under the purview of the ministry, “but we can, under the Medical Act, stop them from doing aesthetic jobs,” Liow said.

He stressed that the ministry would take action against any beauty salon performing cosmetic surgery.
In a related development, Liow said that doctors conducting aesthetic surgery in clinics would be required to take a special course organised by the ministry.

The Director-General of Health has been instructed to issue a directive to this effect to doctors although the course schedule has yet to be finalised.



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