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Skin Specialists in Malacca

Skin Specialists or dermatologists are medically qualified doctors who provide a range of skin care services from treating simple skin conditions to diagnosis and management of more complicated skin cases such as:
Acne, advice on cosmetics, psoriasis, skin cancer, dermatitis, dry skin, rosacea, skin pigmentation etc.

Datuk Dr Roshidah Baba
Dermatology Department 
Hospital Melaka
Jalan Mufti Haji Khalil 
75400 Melaka
Dr Khaw Guat Ee
Hospital Pantai Air Keroh
2418-1, Km 8,
Lebuh Air Keroh,
75450, Melaka.
Tel: 06-231-9999
Dato' Dr S Subramaniam
47M, Jalan Ong Kim Wee 
75300 Melaka 
Tel: 06-284-3370 
Fax: 06-281-9452

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