Emergency Food Supply 2022

Dwelling in unexpected situations can be stressful, but being ready can be the best way to overcome it. For many people who have spent the last two years dealing with a pandemic, you may be aware of how supply chain issues can affect us. 

Natural disasters or other emergencies can result in shortages of food and water, as well as power outages that may last for several days. Most experts agree that having a 3-day food supply on hand should be adequate for most emergency situations, however, it's still a good idea to have at least a 2-week supply on hand for each member of your household. 

When choosing your emergency food supplies, keep the following things in mind: 
  • Watch the ingredients. Make sure it is suitable for your and your family's special dietary needs
  • Pick foods your family will consume 
  • Store at least a few days' supply of non-perishable food  

Emergency Food Supply

1. Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Emergency Food Supply 4-Gallon Pail

Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Emergency Food Supply

Eleven Great Tasting and Easy-to-prepare Varieties:
Italiano mariana pasta, creamy stroganoff, fettuccine alfredo, creamy chicken-flavored rice, macaroni and cheese, cheesy broccoli rice, corn chowder, creamy potato soup, chicken-flavored noodle soup, hearty vegetable chicken-flavored soup, chocolate pudding.

Product Details
- 92 servings, 21,170 calories, and 557 grams of protein
- 4-gallon watertight pail for easy transportation
- great for home, cabin, motorhome, and office
- easy to prepare, ready in minutes
- shelter-in-place food storage and evacuation food supply
- shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years*

4.7 out of 5 - more than 9,500 global ratings

This is good to eat anytime! I tried the corn chowder and the Alfredo pasta. They both tasted good with just adding water, however the food gets better the if it sits for thirty minutes or so after cooked. Cost effective!

2. Augason Farms Breakfast Emergency Food Supply 4 Gallon Pail

Augason Farms Breakfast Emergency Food Supply 4 Gallon Pail


Includes 6 Hearty and Delicious Varieties: 
Six grain cereal with banana, maple brown sugar oatmeal, banana chips, buttermilk pancakes, morning moo’s low fat milk alternative, strawberry-flavored creamy wheat

Product Details
- 162 servings
- 17 food pouches
- 20, 360 total calories
- 6 breakfast varieties
- up to a 30 year shelf life, long term supply

4.7 out of 5 - more than 2,600 global ratings

I believe that Augason Farms Breakfast Pail is an excellent emergency prep food buket to buy and keep on hand just in case you fall on hard times or have any kind of emergency in your local area. There is enough in one bucket to maintain one single adult for anywhere from 2 weeks to one month depending upon how large an appetite you have. The packages inside the sealed bucket are in mylar. You need to buy a bucket opener to open the buckets with. They stack easily one upon the other for storage. The meals are enjoyable that are included. 

As far as I am concerned, I have learned that Augason Farms makes the best tasting products for shelf-staple meals that I have been able to find thus far. My favorites are their Morning Moos milk alternative powder in both flavors and their Scrambled Eggs Mix powder. When you make them according to the directions, they taste almost as good as scratch cooking done at home.

3. ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply

This emergency pack offers a variety of nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to keep you ready for anything! 

What's Inside ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, 104 Servings?
Freeze-dried strawberries (8 servings), freeze-dried bananas (8 servings), freeze-dried peas (8 servings), freeze-dried corn (8 servings), apple cinnamon cereal (4 servings), brown sugar and maple multi-grain (4 servings), creamy yogurt (8 servings), tomato basil soup (4 servings), pasta alfredo (4 servings), savory stroganoff (4 servings), creamy pasta and vegetable rotini (4 servings), butter sauce (8 servings), vanilla pudding (8 servings), and whey milk alternative (24 servings).

Product Details
- 25-year emergency food supply. Durable, storable food pouches keep rations fresh for up to 25 years. 
- from emergency food rationing to hiking and camping, our shelf-stable food is there for you.
- each entrée is easy to prepare in any emergency circumstance using just water.

4.6 out of 5 - more than 1,500 global ratings

This makes my 4th. purchase from Wise Emergency food supply. have not opened the sealed buckets. I have them stored on my "just in case" shelves. My husband is the one that suggested we get the 4th. one. He said you know if there is an emergency and our family or friends needs food we would share with them. Also knowing that the shelf life is 25 years means a lot. It is always better to be safe then sorry. It is kind of like they did years ago when they preserved food by drying and canning, except this takes a lot less room and the shelf life is longer.

4. Ready Hour 4-Week Emergency Food Supply

Ready Hour 4-Week Emergency Food Supply


Product details
- 2,000+ calories a day for 1 person for 4 weeks
- 256 servings of hearty meals
- shelf life of up to 25 years*
- many of the vitamins, protein, and calories you’ll need to not only survive, but thrive
- buckets measure 9.75" x 11.75" x 15.75"
- all packed in the usa

What's included?
- breakfasts: buttermilk pancakes 30 servings, maple grove oatmeal 32 servings, strawberry flavored creamy wheat 8 servings
- entrées: mac & cheese 12 servings, creamy stroganoff 8 servings, homestyle potato soup 8 servings, cheesy broccoli & rice soup 8 servings, chili mac – 8 servings
- sides: creamy chicken flavored rice 16 servings, southwest rice 24 servings, long grain white rice 30 servings, mushroom rice pilaf – 16 servings
- snacks & desserts: banana chips 8 servings, chocolate pudding 20 servings
- drinks: orange energy drink mix 8 servings
With the uncertainty of empty store shelves months ago, we bought these. Wish we would have done it long before! The food tastes amazing!

5. NorthWest Fork Gluten-Free 30 Day Emergency Food Supply

NorthWest Fork Gluten-Free 30 Day Emergency Food Supply


- Flavorful & Healthful? Yes Please!
All our ingredients are natural, vegan, non-gmo, kosher, and sourced from local, oregonian suppliers! Our oats are certified gluten-free, making our emergency food supply a perfect choice with those suffering from gluten allergies, or adhering to a gluten-free diet. Most of the food used in our recipes is grown in the pacific northwest and is hand-picked by oregonians, to ensure every last pea, bean and oat flake live up to our high quality standards!

- Maximum Freshness
Each 30 day emergency food supply is packed once your order is placed, to ensure you get a fresh, long-lasting batch! All food is hand-packed by locals in a processing plant licensed by the oregon department of agriculture, under stringently controlled conditions. Our food is contained within mylar bags with o² absorbers, preventing oxidation and qualitative degradation, while in storage. When rehydrated, each serving makes a full pint of food, simply by adding hot water!

- Tremendous Variety
Emergency food shouldn’t be bland! Our 30 day emergency food supply contains six, 15-serving sized meals including: strawberry banana oatmeal, tropical trio oatmeal, seasoned green pea soup, black bean soup, pinto bean stew, and black bean chipotle stew. Armed with these amazing food selections, you’ll long for every last scoop!

4.7 out of 5 - more than 250 global ratings

This is very tasty. I could eat this through any apocalypse. It's gluten and GMO FREE. So I should stay healthy through any calamity.

6. Valley Food Storage Family Emergency Kit

Valley Food Storage Family Emergency Kit

The valley food storage family emergency kit will provide great-tasting and nutritious breakfasts, entrees, fruits, vegetables, and basic proteins, allowing you to feed a family of four for up to 6 days when eating 2,000 calories per day. 

- clean ingredients
- non-gmo
- easy to prepare
- 25-year shelf life
- emergency food supply for family of 4

Product Details
Total pouches: 54
Calories per serving: averages 106
Total servings: averages 446
Net weight: 38 lbs.
Total calories: averages 47,500

Valley Food Storage Family Emergency Kit Reviews
I gave this as the title because I am relieved that I have food to fall back on during an emergency. Valley has been a pleasure to work with, especially Jason. I look forward to purchasing more with Valley in the future. I chose Valley because of the good reviews and the pricing. I recommend Valley to anyone looking for long term food storage.

7. 4Patriots 2-Week Emergency Food Supply Survival Kit

4Patriots 2-Week Emergency Food Supply Survival Kit


84 Delicious Servings
Includes family-favorite recipes like grammy’s sweet oatmeal, fireside stew and america’s finest mac & cheese. That’s about 6 servings a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Each 2-week kit has an average of 18,480 total calories (approx. 1,320 calories per day - you may want or need more+) for energy and nutrients to survive an emergency situation.

+you may want or need more calories per day especially if you’re pregnant, a child, elderly, or have health conditions. Your food kit is designed to provide energy & nutrients for 1 person in an emergency, not to be a complete caloric replacement during normal times.

This is a complete group of things that I know I can depend on in case of weather, food shortages, etc. Everything sounds like it will be great!


a. Should I Stock Up on Non-perishable Food?

Life is unpredictable. Since we cannot predict the future, it is important that every home has a stockpile of non-perishable shelf-stable emergency food items. Moreover, most emergency food supplies can last for many years.

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