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Why setup this site?

If you have a medical problem, you will likely go to the online world for information. However, most people still find it hard to make a medical or health care related decision even after searching with Google and asking their friends on Facebook. It's also clear from browsing around forums and popular healthcare marketing sites that there is a lot of myths and misinformation being spread. Researching online is not as simple as one might think as misinformation could lead you to be scammed by health scams or end up with a botched surgery.

We are a group of healthcare providers who are passionate about healthcare. With all the misinformation out there on the internet, we realised that we are not leveraging on our professional expertise and insider experience. And so, the idea of this platform was born to help you as a consumer; in making the right and safe decision.

We do not intend to duplicate the available online information, but rather to organize and filter the information accordingly so that you get credible healthcare information. Our team of editors will sift through the internet, compile and organize the information in a manner that will be independent, evidence-based and to assist you in making the right and safe decision.

All the best in your health-care search!

Feel free to contact us at info@aestheticsadvisor.com for any 
enquiries or collaboration.


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