Mesothelioma Specialist l Alabama l University of Alabama at Birmingham

UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center
1802 6th Avenue South
North Pavilion 2500
Birmingham, AL  35294
Cancer Center Administration: (205) 934-5077   
(205) 934-4011 

Edward Patridge, M.D. – Principal Investigator
Mona Fouad, M.D., MPH – Co-Principal Investigator
John Higginbotham, Ph.D. – Co-Principal Investigator 
Rhoda Johnson, Ph.D. – Investigator
Isabel Scarinci, Ph.D., MPH – Investigator
Cassandra Simon, Ph.D. - Investigator
Theresa Wynn, Ph.D.  –  Investigator
Lisa Gary, Ph.D. – Junior Investigator
Yu-mei Schoenberger, Ph.D. – Junior Investigator

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