Reviews on Skin Specialists (Dermatologists) in Malaysia 2020 / 2021

If you are looking for reviews on skin specialists (dermatologist) in Malaysia, this article was written with you in mind. Although dermatologist reviews are everywhere on the internet, we have tried to filter out those junks, 'salesy' and 'spammy' and one-liner reviews out there. We have tried to compile those reviews that we think are of quality and unbiased so that it's easy for you to come to an informed decision.

Just so that we are on the same page, a skin specialist is a dermatologist if he holds a professional medical degree with further post-graduate training in skin diseases. We wouldn't call someone working at a spa a skin specialist though, but if you have a skin related problem and has not been well managed by a general practitioner, you may wish to be referred to a skin specialist or dermatologist.

Dermatologist Malaysia Reviews
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Many skin specialists in the private sector can be quite expensive unless you are in the upper income group of course. You could always try to get a referral to the public or government skin specialists. They may not allow you to make appointment directly without a referral from either a general practitioner or a medical officer from the primary care department.

We have compiled a list of skin specialists who are registered with the National Specialist Register of Malaysia, categorised by major cities or states. Please feel free to choose the right skin specialist or dermatologist at right location:

Skin Specialist in KL
Skin Specialists in Petaling Jaya
Skin Specialists in Subang Jaya
Skin Specialists in Selangor
Skin Specialists in Penang
Skin Specialists in Klang
Skin Specialist in Puchong
Skin Specialists in Malacca
Skin Specialists in Johor

Dermatologist Reviews in Malaysia

We have sifted through the internet and compiled a list of related reviews (organized by online sources) that you may wish to go through before you decide on which skin specialist to see ...

From Lowyat.Net

Ko Skin Specialist Review?, started in Jan 2017 >
This is a discussion thread (Recommend a good dermatologist) that started in Apr 2010 >
  • Dec 2014 - Hi, I’m suffering from serious folliculitis infection. It started from my leg and spread to my upper body and now my whole body is affected. The scars/pigmentation is too terrible and since then my confidence level has reduced a lot. I have been taking some medication from a skin specialist in Jalan Ipoh. She prescribes me acnotin. It did help to reduce the infection i.e the size and frequency of acne appearance. She told me I have to take it for 6 months only. Nevertheless, it continues until 15 months. The medicine is very expensive. I did not see the complete cure thus decided to stop the medication. It’s almost five years since I first infected by folliculitis and I still couldn’t find a complete cure... Click the following link and scroll/slide all the way down to read more >
Another Lowyat.Net thread on Skin Specialist Review. A short discussion thread - First post in Sep 2013 >
Also other related posts >

Aug 2011 - have u tried christina? from taipan usj one? … Hi, no i haven't but i have read up on her also. Sounds like a good doc. Im staying in Ampang/ cheras area, so it's kinda far for me to go. But if in the end i have no options, i will go and try her...

Jul 2011 - i tried retin-a last year after some cosmetics problem; the problem went fr worse to worst; then i read that to benefit from retin-a, we have to withstand this period,… but after one month, i can't take it anymore …- it gave me ALOT of scars (those dark marks, which i am trying hard to get rid), stopped retin-a completely, and it then slowly improved.....

Jun 2011 - i personally went to jalan tengku abdul rahman there, near bus stop, there is a specialist clinic DR NOH..really nice DR..i'm a pharmacy student so i know what type of medicine he supplied to me, it works for me, no more severe pimples, just maybe 1 pimple / month LOL sometime no at all just like now...

Nov 2010 - You can try Dr. Koh Skin Specialist - Damansara Utama Uptown (behind RHB). Reasonably priced and, in my experience, effective in resolving eczema and acne... 

Apr 2010 on Lowyat (initial post "Recommend a good dermatologist")
"Summary: Dr Ranjit is one of the well known skin specialist in Subang area... You MUST make appointment with him because his clinic is always FULL every single day..."

Dr Ko Skin Specialist Puchong Reviews

Posted 25th April 2018 on
It's been almost a month since I went to Ko's hospital in front of IOI Puchong. Doctors are given 2 types of medicine. Both forms of pills. One is white and one is purple. Small shape. Taxable take twice a day. One during the day and one before bed. Now ni I still eat medicine. The medicine is still there. If you have run out of new medication plan to hospital again later. The services of doctors and nurses also have no problems. They are kind and kind. About my time does not wait long. As I recall there were only two people when I went to the hospital. So it's not long to wait. - Original in Indonesian, translated by Google
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Total Amount Paid : RM 350

Lau Kwan Seong
Posted 12th February 2018 on
Staffs are friendly and thoughtful of patients well being, treatment was a wonderful experience.

Posted 17th July 2017 on
My experience here is very good! The service is excellent. My consultation, inclusive of medications cost RM190, and the medications work well for me.
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Posted 15th June 2017 on
You get two treatment sessions. There's a little less, to waste everything. So need follow up again. Okay also the service, please let the clinic give you a bit of confidence how much of the session is needed later. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Mole Removal, Mole

Pn. Norasnainie
Posted 27th April 2017 on
Satisfied with the service. In fact, this is for my 3 year old son. At the beginning, after eating medicines, there was a good change. Now I need to go back to the clinic again because my child's condition is not certain. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment, Eczema & Psoriasis

ms. Wong
Posted 11th October 2016 on
I went to this clinic to treat eczema twice. Now I think my skin is getting better. Overall, I will play 5 stars. The environment is good and the doctors are very friendly. - Original in Chinese, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment, Eczema & Psoriasis

En. Noramin
Posted 5th September 2016 on
Service & service is indeed the best! Treatment is successful. The cost is also reasonable. - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Ms Neelam
Posted 22nd February 2016 on
I'm very satisfied with the treatment because within 2 weeks my problem is getting better. The doctor is very nice. He does care about my problem and provided me such sufficient information and effective treatment. And I also found out that all the information provided by doctor was true. Their staff look so good, gentle and corporate. Their environment also very clean and nice.

Cik Hatini
Posted 4th November 2015 on
I will share five stars. Everything is fine. Doctors and friendly staff, I also feel comfortable with the mood at the clinic. In addition, I also see a good change where my child's skin does not have red-red. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment, Eczema & Psoriasis

Mr. 翁
Posted 2nd October 2015 on
This clinic gave me a good overall feel. Since I was from Sekinchan, the location was a bit hard for me to find. I think that the medicines given by the clinic are very effective. They have been effective for three to four days after their application. The medicines given by other clinics will take at least one or two weeks before they can be effective. - Original in Chinese, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment, Eczema & Psoriasis

Posted 14th December 2017 on
Almost three treatments were received. The first time it will be more expensive, the cost is in the RM500 or so, because there are some products to buy, such as gel, the second time about RM60 (just take the drug Bale). The third time around RM200, there was also medicine to buy cream. After receiving the first course of treatment, the staff also called me to follow up on the next course of treatment. After that, I will go back to the clinic on time. For the time being, I was still satisfied with the services provided by the clinic and the skin-sensitivity problems gradually improved. - Original in Chinese, translated by Google
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Mr Joe
Posted 16th May 2016 on
My mom was satisfied with the treatment and happy with their service. So far so good!
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Ms Loges
Posted 15th February 2016 on
I can see a lot of changes after received treatment. Doctor provides plenty useful information such that guide me on how to use the cream.

Ms Tan
Posted 12th January 2016 on
Treatment so far so good. The doctor and staff are very good. And the environment of clinic is nice!
Related Treatment : Keloid Removal, Keloid

Ms Shamini
Posted 7th January 2016 on
Throughout my experience, the services provided is better as compared to other clinic. Their doctor and staffs are friendly. Treatment was fine too.

Cik Ainol
Posted 7th December 2015 on
My skin is now no longer itchy. Overall, it is undeniable that the services provided by doctors and clinic staff are good. Clinic atmosphere is also pretty good. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
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Ms Yin
Posted 27th November 2015 on
There is a slight improvement in my skin. Everything is quite good, doctors and customer service staff are very good. - Original in Chinese, translated by Google
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Ms Prisca
Posted 5th May 2016 on
The price was a bit costly, but treatment was very good! I'm very satisfied with the result. The waiting time was short, I no need to wait for long time. Also, clinic provides comfort environment and good service! One thing is they didn't issue the receipt unless I requested for it and didn't explain details about the treatment price. But, overall is good!
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Ms. Jennie
Posted 6th October 2015 on
In my opinion, due to i went for minor procedure and not a surgery. Hence, i rated 3 stars for this clinic. Generally, i am satisfied with the services, and the environment is quite comfortable.
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Dr Ko Skin Specialist Kepong Reviews

Posted 6th February 2018 on
Took two STD-related blood test in this clinic.Cost only about RM 75.Service is good.Price very reasonable.
Related Treatment : Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Treatment
Total Amount Paid : RM 75

Ainnasyafiqah Bt Khairul Anuar
Posted 30th January 2018 on
My first visit to this clinic.The doctor gave some medicine for my acne problem.Been a month since I'm already taking the medication, I can see a big difference from before.There are only scars now and no more breakouts.Although the price is slightly expensive, I think its alright since I'm aware of Dr Ko Clinic's high-quality service and medications.Explanation from the doctor is good.
Related Treatment : Acne, Acne Treatment
Total Amount Paid : RM 500

Posted 21st March 2017 on
It's been a treat for the first time. Everything is ok and good! - Original in Malay, translated by Google
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Siew Peng
Posted 18th July 2016 on
Everything in the clinic is good. After the doctor gave the patch, there is a gradual improvement. He will feel comfortable. The patch can also be used for two days! It's just that my situation will be fickle and it's good and bad. In fact, it is quite easy to find the clinic, just opposite Aeon. - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Cik Azlida
Posted 23rd November 2015 on
Service from doctors and staff is good. For example, the clinic contacted me and asked me about my condition after receiving treatment. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
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Cik Rafidah
Posted 29th June 2016 on
There was a slight change, still in the process of treatment. I have received 5 sessions. This Sunday there will be a 6th session. For me, payments are also flexible enough to be in installments according to the agreed terms, with credit and debit cards, or payments at once. What I see is good. It does not take too much time for treatment and does not delay my time because the clinic also meets the promised date of the appointment. The only thing that can be improved is the waiting room. Can increase the number of couches because there are many people coming to the appointment. I hope the waiting place can accommodate more customers. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
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Posted 22nd November 2017 on
Yes, the doctor said it may take several times to see the effect, but personally feel that after receiving the first course of treatment, I saw the change. Doctors and nurses are also very polite! - Original in Chinese, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Hair Removal

Posted 26th May 2017 on
Already gone for a treat once in the last month, everything is ok and good. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Birthmark, Birthmark Removal

Cik Nurzaida
Posted 9th January 2017 on
Received two treatment sessions, priced at around RM300. There was only one waiting time waiting near 2 hours because the machine was damaged. Please let the clinic avoid the situation. - Original in Malay, translated by Google

Posted 16th November 2016 on
Definitely big improvement. The nurse is very friendly, but I think the manager's attitude need to be improved. For example, the manager was asking the nurse about quite a long time is allocated to do the treatment.
Related Treatment : Hair Removal

Posted 28th October 2016 on
At first I remember scabies, it is eczema. Good, friendly clinic, just in terms of explanation is not very clear, because doctors just explain briefly. I recommend the doctor can explain the cause, how to avoid it etc. .. - Original in Malay, translated by Google
Related Treatment : Eczema & Psoriasis Treatment, Eczema & Psoriasis

Ms Yip
Posted 31st May 2016 on
Good clinic! Satisfied with the result !
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Posted 16th December 2016 on
My husband's skin is not good, the doctor gave him medicine + rubbing + bath products, spent a total of RM600 + + (I think a bit too expensive!). During treatment, my husband felt that the problem had improved, but after the drug was stopped, the problem was restored, so I plan to take my husband to do a physical examination. - Original in Chinese, translated by Google

Ms Chuah
Posted 25th August 2016 on
In early July, go to this clinic to see my son's skin problems. At that time, the doctor gave some medicine and ointment. I paid a total of RM480. I think the price is a bit high! However, after the son saw the doctor, the skin was better, but now there is a little bit of iterating. - Original in Chinese, translated by Google
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  • Jul 2014 - Hello, my names Kat, Im 21 and I moved to Malaysia around 1 year and a half ago. I have always had perfect skin living in Britain but 6 months into moving here suddenly my skin started going crazy. I suffer from an under active thyroid problem and I thought this was the cause, due to hormonal imbalance. Moment of trust... I was wrong! My doctor told me to see a dermatologist and so now my journey begins!

From MalaysianBabes.Net

A discussion thread from MalaysianBabes.Net. Started in May 2008 >
  • May 2014 - Just to share. I've been to MANY dermatologists in the past few weeks, looking for a knowledgeable doctor who can actually help treat/cure my skin problems. Now, I'm not talking about aesthetic doctors, I'm talking about proper skin specialists who look into treating a skin problem, not trying to make your skin glow etc etc. 
Another related discussion thread on Ko Skin Specialist Klang from MalaysianBabes >

Other dermatologist review posts

28 Oct 2014 > Misdiagnosed by Skin Specialist - Rxxxxx Sxxxx

Aug 2013 - I don’t remember when it started but initially it begin with 2-3 innocent pimples that refuses to go away and then the others start popping up...

Aug 2012 - Welcome to the second part of Dr Ting’s review. Review about his products & services to be precise. So, this post I’m gonna do review on the pills & products that I got 2 weeks ago. Yes. Exactly 2 weeks ago. On Saturday. Check out the following:...
Aug 2012 - As I promised in earlier post, I will be sharing my solution to defeat my worst enemy ever, ACNE! I’ve been battling with acne on my face for 10 years. 10 FREAKING YEARS! How on earth did I manage to survived that long? No. I did break down back then. Felt that I can’t or I don’t belong here, in this world. Oh. How sad....

Aug 2012 - Before I start sharing my journey and experience with him, let me tell you how I came about collaborating with him. Ever since my acne outburst in high school,...

Jan 2012 - I chose the clinic after I did some research regarding the best dermatologist in Malaysia and Dato' Dr. Lim Huat Bee is one of the famous dermatologist that most people being talking about. After reading the testimonials on forums and blogs, I finally decided to go there. Furthermore, one of my friends used to be his patient and it's worth it although the cost is quite pricey.

Feb 2011 - All in all, I've had 3 trips to Dr Ting, my last time was in Feb 2011, when the breakout hits again. Like the first time, it takes two weeks for me to feel the difference (my acne stops growing and new one starts to lessen). This time I really (try) to stick to the pill routine and use all the external creams properly, and boy it made all the difference!

If there are any major reviews that we’ve missed then please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the post!

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