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We actually have air-filled spaces in the skull located behind the forehead, cheeks, nose, and between and behind the eyes. These are called sinuses, and they can be problematic when infection sets in. 
YOU’RE sneezing and coughing. You’ve used up an entire box of tissues and your nose is bright red and sore from all the wiping and blowing. Are you down with the seasonal cold? Is it the flu? Perhaps not ... it could be an attack on your sinuses. 
Sinusitis is a common problem worldwide. The estimated prevalence of sinusitis in Malaysia is 12.8%. This means that around three million Malaysians are suffering at any one time. Sinusitis is one of the leading forms of chronic disease, with an estimated 18 million cases and at least 30 million courses of antibiotics prescribed each year. 
In one study, 55% of patients with sinusitis also had a history of allergic rhinitis...
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