What will get rid of the acne scars? An expert guide from the DailyMail

Most acne treatments take eight to 12 weeks for skin to respond, but if you are worried about scars, talk to your GP.

‘Scarring usually gets better on its own within two years,’ says dermatologist Dr Anthony Bewley.

‘However, creams containing retinoids can work to change the structure of the skin cells in a scar and thus reduce it.’

If you are willing to pay a private dermatologist, you could consider ‘Punch treatment’.

This is where under a local anaesthetic, a round, sharp instrument called a ‘punch’ tool is used to cut or punch out the scars and the area is then stitched together.

This produces a softer scar that eventually fades.

Laser resurfacing and dermabrasion that removes the top layer of the skin may also help scarring, says Dr Bewley.

However none of these treatments are available on the NHS.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2761187/What-s-spoiling-skin-From-eczema-acne-cold-sores-cancer-read-expert-guide-causes-best-treatments.html#ixzz3FJCZPiRL


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