Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews 2019

Symptoms of menopause, like hot flashes and vaginal dryness, can be treated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It comes in many forms, including pills, sprays, creams, skin patches, and vaginal suppositories. HRT can also help prevent bone loss and reduce fractures.

Here is a list of 2019 Reviews on Realself.com.

The Personal Touch
Ashley is so sweet and is great at specializing treatment for each client. She has many options available to accommodate all needs. She knows how to make it painless and make you feel good! I recommend all my friends and family to her! READ MORE

Wonderful Doctor with Great Staff!
I’m so happy I found Dr. Navarro to help me with my Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. She is very knowledgeable and was able to address any concerns I had with my treatment plan. I feel SO much better being back on my bio-identical hormones. I have my life back! Dr. Navarro’s sta... READ MORE

Life Changing!
My experience with DattaThomas Gynecology has been, not only wonderful but in many ways saved my " life." First, and for me, most importantly, I felt immediately comfortable and at ease in her company which allowed me the freedom to discuss everything and anything with her. I know by personal... READ MORE

Biote-Fantastic Results
M. Shoma Datta - Thomas MD, FACOG Is an amazing physician! She is thoughtful, caring and the regime she prescribed has produced amazing results. I will continue to go back for treatment, and highly recommend Dr. Shoma Datta - Thomas. READ MORE

I'm Me Again!
Dr. Datta-Thomas is wonderful. I wanted to find a provider that really understood how to deal specifically with female hormone imbalances and she has been instrumental in helping me feel great again. I absolutely would recommend her! READ MORE

Wonderful Exciting New Chapter in My Life!
Excellent Experience!!!! Dr. Antosh is incredibly every woman’s and or man’s dream to a New Age, New life and New Chapter of Happiness!!!!! Her knowledge and experience of the health and beauty business is what I was looking for and certainly did and continue to receive! READ MORE

I felt relieved. I felt I was in good hands and cared for. I was satisfied and looked forward to seeing her again.
I was having hot flashes and the patch I was using blistered my skin. Dr Jones removed the patch and researched the side effects it had on my skin. We tried other methods of care for the hot flashes and through follow up appointments and examinations we found one that worked perfect for me. ...READ MORE

Dr. Berger is a conscientious and thorough doctor.
I have gone to Dr. Berger for a number of years. I have had some minor facial work done, but mostly I have seen Dr. Berger for hormone replacement therapy and general health issues. He is conscientious, thorough and always follows up timely continually monitoring of my health. I highly... READ MORE

I Feel Like a New Women Amazing
She was great very informative . She answered all of my question. I am so happy I tried this and will continue with this .Im feeling like I'm much younger. And my husband thinks so to.I would recommend this to any one. READ MORE

I'm 62 and Feel Like I'm in my 40's!
I can’t say enough about Dr. Asandra and his staff. I am 62-year-old male and I have been on Dr. Asandra‘s testosterone therapy for over a year now. Obviously, I’ve been to many doctors in my life, and he genuinely cares about his patients. He’s always available, responds to corresp... READ MORE

Hormorne Therapy.. Quality of Life Savior!!!
I went into early menopause at a young age of 36 after a hysterectomy due to severe fibroid. My energy level, sexual drive and vaginal dryness followed shortly after. Dr Evans' "kit glove" approach to talking me through the expectations of the pellet therapy, put me at ease. As a working... READ MORE

Dr. Antosh is Amazing
I can’t say enough good things about the results I have obtained from Biote. I highly recommend Dr. Antosh. Her extreme knowledge and professionalism along with excellent care and follow up has been amazing! The best investment I have ever made for myself. I love her youth and beauty too! So d...READ MORE

Changed My Life!
I had heard about hormone replacement therapy and testosterone treatments, but wasn't sure what it was like, if it was worth it, or if it would work for me. I decided I wanted to learn more about it and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Asandra. First off, he made me feel super comfortable,... READ MORE

Dramatic Improvement in Quality of Life
I was introduced to Dr. Asandra by a close friend after I expressed that my 'motivation' was lacking. I've always been physically active, but started having an unusually difficult time staying fit, and just didn't have the same drive I was used to. To be honest, this isn't a comfortable... READ MORE

Absolutely Life Changing I was introduced to Doctor Christopher Asandra a little over a year ago and his professional services have been completely life changing. He has the best products and services to offer in the market and I am glad that he has been able to help me with my preventive health and wellness goals.... READ MORE

I had a great experience with Dr. Asandra
I had a great experience with Dr. Asandra. So much different than any modern day doctor in America. I didn’t wait in any lobby forever and when we met for the first time, he must have sat and talked with me for over an hour. I didn’t leave with any missions to the pharmacy and I was given a t... READ MORE

Literally Changed My Life, Thank You!
I’m a guy in my late 40s and for years I had been feeling horrible. I was tired all the time, couldn’t keep weight off, had no sex drive, and was really just depressed. I bounced from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and I heard it ALL. Unfortunately, none of it was right.
Dr. Asandra first and foremost was the only doctor that truly listened to me. I didn’t feel rushed or not believed like I did with the rest of them. And unlike the other doctors, Dr. Asandra refused to make any diagnosis or begin treatment without first ordering an extensive blood panel. He suspected that my testosterone levels were most likely low, man was he right. They were depleted! And although I had one other doctor mention it and subsequently “try” to treat it, the care and attention to detail provided by Dr. Asandra was second to none. Instead of throwing creams at me and wishing me good luck, Dr. Asandra sat down with me and explained how creams cause a “roller coaster” effect, as they’re applied and then eventually dissolve or get wiped away. So he said that’s why I felt okay for a little bit, and then horrible again. He proposed something I’d never heard of before, pellet therapy. Instead of that up and down he assured me that with these pellets I’d get a steady slow release of testosterone, always keeping me at my optimum levels and never crashing. All I can say is...WOW! Dr. Asandra put the pellets in my upper hip/butt during a 10 minute in and out procedure and I was off to enjoy the rest of my day. In a matter of days how different I felt was astounding. I felt like I was back. I was thinking clearly, I had more energy, I wanted to have sex lol! I honestly never thought I’d have that same vitality again.

Amazing Experience
My experience as a patient of Dr Ibrahim has been nothing short of life saving..quality of life saving. He has demonstrated for three years now, how to balance my hormone levels, giving me the energy I desperately need. He has helped me with hair loss as well, due to side effects from medication...READ MORE

There's Hope and Help for Menopause!Ladies....stop suffering thru peri menopause! I wish I'd have know about this eight years EARLIER! I started menopause at age 43. Symptoms included hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, belly fat. By 50 I was a mess. Then I found Dr. Bertolino. He has given me... READ MORE

Miracle Worker
Love, love, love Dr. Ibrahim. He is professional and knowledgeable. I have hormone issues and he has been my miracle worker. Menopause is no joke and I had every symptom. Dr Ibrahim listened and his treatment gave me instant relief. READ MORE

I Had a Great Experience
I received excellent care and undivided attention from Dr. Jack Bertolino . I have never felt rushed when I am going for my bio - identical hormone replacement therapy . I am in my early fifties now , and as I am going through life change I used to feel so fatigued , almost exhausted by the end... READ MORE

She Gave Me my Life Back!
Dr. Dugan is by far the BEST GYN I have been to. I personally have been to 3 different GYNs that basically put a bandaid on my issues and pretty much dismissed my concerns. I sought Dr. Dugan as a last attempt in trying to resolve what I’ve been feeling. I was sold at my first consultation. S... READ MORE

All the receptionists were very friendly and welcoming, not the usual for a doctor's office. Dr. Tkatch is very intelligent, very thorough, and no question goes unanswered. She is amazing! Honestly I really like her! If you are looking for hormone replacement therapy she is the one to see.... READ MORE

Delighted Patient!
I have been seeing Janet Deese for a few years now. She is an exceptional medical practitioner who fully engages with me as a partner on health care decisions. She takes a thorough and comprehensive approach to monitoring my condition and treatment progress. She has a deep knowledge of...READ MORE

Caring and Wellness
Excellent approach to overall wellness. Encourages patient involvement in decision process. Kindly educates to understand situations and options available. Promotes improvement to challenging situations on an individual basis. READ MORE

Join the “chain” Gang!
Biltmore Restorative may not be part of a "chain" but they certainly could use some lessons from one. Unfortunately I chose this practice and it has been downhill since the first day. I won't even go into the substandard care and lack of follow-up. There hasn't been one time that anyone went... READ MORE

Five Years a Patient... Still Happy!
I think this man is a genius. He has treated me for about 5 years, and helped us through trying to have children, and feeling better and living healthier, not to mention helping our love life immensely! I would recommend his knowledge, expertise and experience to anyone who needs the benefits in... READ MORE

Dr Ibrahim Saved my Life!
I have Lichen Sclerosis a rare autoimmune disease that affects the skin. It was so severe that it was painful to walk. I had seen several doctors over the years who could not help me. I finally found Dr Ibrahim who started me on bio identical hormone replacement. It not only helped my Lichen... READ MORE

I feel better than I did when I was 40 and I am now 70. Have been on HRT for approximately 10 years. Prior to beginning the therapy, she explained in detail what to expect and the science behind healthy ageing. She lets me know of any new studies and findings that pertain to my health. READ MORE

l i f e changing!!!!
I suffered from exhaustion as well as menopause symptoms and depression for ten years. Dr. Bertolino has given me back my life. My exhaustion, menopause symptoms and depression are gone! I cannot be happier! I am so very happy I found him because for ten years I was just existing and now I am...READ MORE

Fantastic Experience, Quality Service, Great Results
Dr. Meisenberg is very respectful, approachable, and takes my needs into consideration. The staff are very friendly, well-educated, and welcoming. They always remember my name. The facility is lovely.READ MORE

Great doctor My experience and treatment from Dr. Pearson was exceptional.
My experience and treatment from Dr. Pearson was exceptional. Dr. Pearson is not only a great doctor but an experienced surgeon. She preformed my hysterectomy and the results were impeccable. She is now doing my hormone replacement through pellets and this has definitely improved my quality of...READ MORE

Everyone at Ageless Forever is helpful
Everyone at Ageless Forever is helpful. The receptionists, the nutrition specialist and the doctor are the nicest, most caring people you could ask for. They treat you as an individual and can accommodate anything you would like to have done differently. READ MORE

Dr. Serrao is Exceptional Doctor!
Dr. Serrao is an outstanding doctor and takes time to ensure he is not only treating just my GYN needs but my overall health and well being. I have been a patient for over 14 years and never had a bad experience. He listens carefully to what your concerns are and goes over solutions or... READ MORE

Changed my life
I had been feeling out of sorts for years. Insomnia, temp issues ( too hot or too cold ), very little interest in sex and lack of interest in most things. Mood swings... I just didn't feel myself. I had been getting laser treatments from Dr Channey for some scarring and we began talking... READ MORE


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