10 Best Hospitals in the World 2019

Newsweek has spent the better part of nine decades covering every aspect of health care, and they are committed to helping their readers make sense of the changes sweeping this industry. As part of that commitment, Newsweek partnered with Statista Inc., a global market research and consumer data company, to develop a groundbreaking ranking of the world's best hospitals.

The hospitals on this list are at the forefront of adapting to these new challenges while providing top-notch patient care. They range from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, with its peerless educational arm; to Singapore General Hospital, which pursues clinical research and offers outstanding nursing; to the Charité hospital in Berlin, which employs more than half of Germany's Nobel Prize winners in physiology or medicine.

How far would you go to get the best care for yourself or your family? This guide helps Newsweek readers discover the leading hospitals—close to home and around the world—that are shaping the future of medicine.

The hospitals on the list are all world leaders in health care, but these are the very best—the top 10, according to Newsweek and Statista's panel of doctors, medical professionals and administrators across four continents.

SGH (Singapore General Hospital) is one of only two Asian hospitals on the list, the other being the University of Tokyo Hospital at eighth place.

Here are the top 10 hospitals in the world, according to Newsweek Magazine:
  1. The Mayo Clinic - USA
  2. Cleveland Clinic - USA
  3. Singapore General Hospital - Singapore
  4. Johns Hopkins Hospital - USA
  5. Charité - Germany
  6. Massachusetts General Hospital - USA
  7. Toronto General Hospital - Canada
  8. University of Tokyo Hospital - Japan
  9. Lausanne University Hospital - Switzerland
  10. Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer - Israel


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