Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Guide for the Public - February 2021

Why this resource page? We know that there are official sites such as the World Health Organisation and your local health authority sites that the public should refer to. 

However, most consumers do not refer directly to local authority sites but are relying and consuming news from online channels and social media related newsfeed. COVID-19 makes the news globally on a daily basis. It could be overwhelming, difficult and confusing for a consumer to consume all the information and misinformation out there. 

This e-guide can help you judge the headlines and separate sound fact from fad. 

We have dived deep into the internet and have compiled and short-listed some of the useful and practical information and guides out there and organise them in one place.

This is a living e-guide and a work-in-progress resource page. It can be updated in step with the rapid pace and growing volume of information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


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