Korean Plastic Surgery: Price and Before and After Photos

Ever wondered how much does it cost to have a plastic surgery procedure in Korea?

korean plastic surgery price 2018
Image Credit: MISOODA

Find out plastic surgery prices in Korea below. 

Although the numbers are everywhere on the internet, we have compiled and organised the information accordingly (by hospital / clinic) in one place. The pricing information below is based on the published prices from major centres and pricing information available on blogs and the internet.

Please note that the below mentioned price list is the average price of affiliated clinics and hospitals. In order for you to get a personalised quotation, please contact the clinic directly.

Here is the list.


JK Plastic Surgery
Incisional Double eyelids surgery: USD 2,286 (min) - USD 3,429 (max)

JK Plastic Surgery
Double Eyelids Revision: USD 2,286 (min) - USD 5,143 (max)

Beauty Line
Epi, Lat epi, Lower epi-canthoplasty: USD 1,143 (min) - USD 1,714 (max)

Flora Aesthetic Clinic
Ptosis: USD 2,286 (min) - USD 3,429 (max)


Grand Plastic Surgery & MVP Plastic Surgery
Nasal augmentation: USD 3,048 (min) - USD 4,571 (max)

MVP Plastic Surgery
Alar base reduction: USD 1,905 (min) - USD 2,857 (max)
Revisional rhinoplasty: USD 4,190 (min) - USD 6,286 (max)

Facial Contouring Surgery

ID Plastic Surgery
V-line surgery(Mandible reduction+Large chin reduction): USD 9,143 (min) - USD 13,714 (max)
Zygoma reduction: USD 6,095 (min) - USD 9,143 (max)


JK Plastic Surgery Center
Abdomen: USD 6,095 (min) - USD 9,143 (max)
Thighs: USD 6,095 (min) - USD 9,143 (max)
Arms: USD 3,810 (min) - USD 5,714 (max)


Oracle Skin Clinic & CU Cleanup Clinic
Squared Jaw: USD 381 (min) - USD 571 (max)
Forehead: USD 305 (min) - USD 457 (max)
Crow's feet or Glabelar: USD 190 (min) - USD 286 (max)


Oracle Skin Clinic & CU Cleanup Clinic
1 CC: USD 610 (min) - USD 914 (max)

Korean Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Korean Plastic Surgery before and after photoscategorized by Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Nose Job, Eyelid Surgery, Face lift and Face Contour. Check this out >


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