Chinese Maternity Hospital | Kuala Lumpur | KL

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Chinese Maternity Hospital
106 Jalan Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur,
Contact | Phone: 603 2078 2055

Dr. Janet Foo Siew Kheang
Dr. Cheng Seong Wai
Dr. Ganapathi Pillai V.S. Ratnam
Dr. Lum Siew Kheong
Dr. Ng Chuan Wai
Dr. Somasundharem Kumar
Dr. Yong Siew Leng
Psychiatry | Mental Health
Dr. Au Yong Koon Choong
Dr. Chin Cheuk Ngen
Dr. Francis Low
Dr. Yen Teck Hoe
Dr. Albert Tan Heng Tong
Dr. Andrew Chan Hean Wai
Dr. Chang Ham Long
Dr. Lee Hung Cheong
Dr. Raja Kumar Rajendram
Dr. Ravindran Ramasamy
Dr. Wong Choong Howe
Dr. Wong Fuh Yuen
Otorhinolaryngology | ENT
Dr. Khor Hooi Kheang
Ophthalmology | Eye
Dr. Andrew Fong Chun Heng
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Chan Heng Cheong
Dr. Choy Tai Foo
Dr. Chung Chow Cheang
Dr. Edson Cheah Kit Leng
Dr. Kamaljit Kaur Harban singh
Dr. Kok Tack Sang
Dr. Lim Cheng Lim
Dr. Lim Thin Peng
Dr. Loh Khee Feei
Dr. Ng Kok Chong
Dr. Ng Kwee Boon
Dr. Raja Dutta Kanak Shankar Dutta
Dr. Robert Yee Wai Mun
Dr. Sheikh Johari Sheikh Yocub Bux
Dr. Sundralingam Selvarajah
Dr. Tan Ee Peng
Dr. Tan Hoo Seong
Dr. Thean Pak Ken
Dr. Cheah Phee Beng


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