Pusat Pakar Tawakal | KPJ Tawakal Hospital | Kuala Lumpur | KL | Updated 26 Sep 2011

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The Malay Mail
“She said the new RM135 million building would be equipped with the latest and modern medical equipment such as diagnostic imaging facilities, and would offer services ranging from internal medicine and general surgery to other medical disciplines…
She told reporters that with 191 beds, the new 11-floor building would house 36 specialist clinics and a 24-hour accident and emergency unit…”

Pusat Pakar Tawakal
202A Jalan Pahang,
WP Kuala Lumpur

Phone | Contact: 603- 4026 7777

Dr. Abdul Shukor Abu Bakar
Dr. Catherine Wong Mee Ming
Dr. Chan Kheng Khim
Dr. Moy Chee Hoou
Dr. Noor Hisham Mansor
Cardiology | Heart
Dr. Abdul Shatar Abdul Dahan
Dr. Yeo Chee Kian
Nephrology | Kidney
Dr. Moy Chee Hoou
Dr. Abu Salim Idris
Datuk Dr. Raihanah Abdul Khalid
Respiratory Medicine | Chest Physician
Dr. Catherine Wong Mee Ming
Rheumatology | Joint
Dr. Abdul Shukor Abu Bakar
Paediatrics | Child
Dr. B. Kishore
Dr. Kanchanamala Moothathamby
Dr. Sheila Lopez
Dr. Zarin Ikmal Zan Mohd Zain
Paediatrics Cardiology
Dr. Zarin Ikmal Zan Mohd Zain
Dr. Al-Amin Mohd Daud
Dr. Khoo Khay Tim
Dr. Mohamed Bahari Habib Mohd
Datuk Dr. Somasundram
Dr. Sukumar Nadesan
Neurosurgery | Brain Surgeon
Dr. Halili Rahmat
Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Ahmad Zulkiflee Laidin
Datuk Dr. Somasundram
Datuk Dr. Hussein Awang
Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery
Dr. Al-Amin Mohd Daud
Head and Neck Oncology Surgery
Dr. Mohd Solahuddin Mohd Kenali
Dr. A. Sappany
Dr. Abdul Hakim Mohamad
Dr. Faridah Abdul Jalil
Dr. Abd Muiz Ab Razak
Dr. G. Ruslan Nazaruddin Simanjuntak
Dr. Lopez Jaiya Mohan
Dr. Tassim Mahamooth
Dr. Yeap Joo Kong
Joint Replacement Surgery
Dr. Abd Muiz Ab Razak
Dr. G. Ruslan Nazaruddin
Otorhinolaryngology | Ear Nose Throat
Dr. Mohd Solahuddin Mohd Kenali
Dr. Usha Devi Arumainathan
Ophthalmology | Eye
Dr. Hamidah Budin
Dr. K. Sukumaran
Oculoplastic | Eyelid
Dr. Hamidah Budin
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar
Dr. Foong Chee Hong
Dr. Jaafar Yaakob
Dato' Dr. Johan Thambu Abdul Malek
Dr. Siti Zaleha Ab. Rahim
Reproductive Medicine
Dr. Kelvin Lim Jia Hau
Dr. Fatimah Yakin
Dentistry | Dental
Dr. Nethi Ganantarajah
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