Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur: Reviews

“A fellow expat recommended that I see this Doctor who works at Gleneagles Intan in Ampang. He is Indian Malaysian and very professional. At first I was hesitant with a guy doctor, but he sounded very experienced and there were always many, many expats at the waiting room coming to see him. It's always best to choose a doctor which is recommended by someone you know so that you are assured of his practice.

Gleneagles Intan is where I delivered my baby. All I can say is that their service and facilities are great. The prices will be higher than the other typical hospitals but it's because you are getting what you pay for. The staff are all nice and friendly and willing to help. Believe me, if you are the one lying there on the bed with a c-section & slowly recovering... you will appreciate all the kindness and friendliness around…”

From; Oct 2009
Cost for 4 days 3 nights normal delivery (with vacuum) charges in Gleneagles Intan
Just to share this info for those that may wish to go there next time.

The bill is separated by mother and child.

Mother's charges
Hospital Room Charges:-
Single Executive (RM693)

Hospital Services Charges:-
Central Sterile Supplies Dept (RM886.30)
Medical Equipment Rental (RM155)
I.V. Fluids (RM48.70)
Labour & Delivery (RM376)
Medical Records Fee (RM25)
Nursing Procedures Fees (RM328)
Pharmacy (RM62)

Consultation/Procedure Charges for Consultants:-
G. Ward Visit (RM270)
Initial Consultation (RM180)
Forceps/Vacuum Extraction (RM925)
Oxytocic Induction of Lacour (RM200)

Total: RM4,805.40

Baby's charges
Hospital Room Charges:-
Nursery (RM126)

Hospital Services Charges:-
Central Sterile Supplies Dept (RM96.60)
Medical Equipment Rental (RM46)
Laboratory (RM187)
Medical Record Fees (RM25)
Nursing Procedures Fees (RM49)
Pharmacy RM56)

Consultation/Procedure Charges for Consultants:-
G. Ward Visit (RM180)
Newborn Screening (RM150)
Automated Auditory Brainstem R (RM70)

Total: RM985.60

Grand Total: RM5,791.00)”

From ExpatKL Forum; Aug 2009
“There are several excellent hospitals in and around KL. Gleneagles Medical Center has very high standards, with English-speaking doctors, most of whom have received their education in the US or UK. There are others, as well, around the region. There are also many Kliniks and Polikliniks around - doctor's offices - where you can see a physician very inexpensively (around US$5) for prescriptions and minor medical problems. Almost all doctors in Malaysia speak English fluently…”

From Expat Exchange; March 2009
“I gave birth at Gleneagles Hospital in KL. It is a modern facility, and my experience was quite good. My OB was a female doctor who trained in UK, I approached her with my desire to do a non-medicated birth and she was open to that, as long as I was aware that things don't always go exactly as planned. Lucky for me, they did, and my son was born after 14 hours of labor, 6 hours at the hospital. I told the midwife when I arrived that I did not want an epidural, and after a moment of disbelief, she left me and my husband alone until I felt 'like pushing' at which point we were to notify her. I was only attached to a fetal monitor at the beginning when I checked in, and then during the active delivery stage. My doctor was open to any birthing position I chose, and she and the midwife were very supportive during the delivery. I delivered in the afternoon, and stayed two nights, baby sleeping in my room. Overall it was a great experience.”

From ExpatKL Forum; Dec 2003
“My husband and I were absolutely satisfied with the care provided by my O&G at Gleneagles Medical Centre in Ampang. Hubby was having a tough time at Bangkok airport trying to get a flight back to KUL after receiving a phone call about my going into labour. My O&G stayed in touch with him throughout the period without being prompted to. He's one good doc who would walk the extra mile, so to speak. Brit public school educated, qualified and specialised in the UK etc. Name is Dr. Jimmy Tang and his consulting suite is on the 3rd floor of Gleneagles. Tel no - 03 4256 8818.”


Phil said…
Thanks for sharing..will have to take note with the fees..
Unknown said…
Can u email this medical report to me see see? thanks..
julietamir said…
thanks for sharing.may i know changes 2015 at gleanagles hospital? thanks

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