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ENT Specialist Reviews in Malaysia

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Jun 2014 - My nose is like normal now. But I still dont dare to dig my nose as deeply as last time...The total surgery costs is ~RM5000. Total post-surgery treatment is ~RM1000 (4 times visit to Dr. Khor clinic).

Apr 2012 - go to Dr Paul Lim ENT clinic at Sunway Medical Centre... i just had two operation on throat and nose there. He is very nice and actively writing articles in newspaper about ENT.. he was also visiting medical lecturer at sunway uni.. not sure now if he still..

Apr 2012 - Or you could also try Klinik ENT Dr S.Subra. It's at the opposite of IOI Mall. There are other specialists clinics there as well. Not sure about pricing though. Couldn't find anything online. According to foursquare's page , the address is, 1 Puchong, Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan 47160, Source: A friend went there and said that the doctor is really nice and good...

Apr 2012 - I just visited Dr Chang this afternoon in Pantai Bangsar. Made a phone call to check and made sure he was in before I went over.
He is a good listener and very good patience. Total bill was RM180 for consultation + meds.

Sep 2011 - Just a sharing on my case., I go to Dr Gan Tong Nee under Sunway Medical Center for my very bad sinus problem. His profile", So far he is ok, willing to discuss and giving options as well..I'm going for the Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) tomorrow by him...hopefully everything will be ok

Mar 2010 - On the contrary I have had nose and sinus surgery performed by Dr. Yeo Sek Wee in June 2009 and I am glad to say he has performed an amazing job. My nose now breathes very well and I have no more sinus headaches! He is very patient and has good bedside manners. I truly recommend him adn his charges are reasonable.

Jul 2009 - my ear has something stuck and i think im half deaf now =.=
is there any ENT Specialist Clinic that opens on sunday?...

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