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Oct 2012 - Hi, does anyone knows the latest costs of normal delivery at Sunway Medical Centre?
2D1N natural w/ single deluxe + induce + epi + vacumm + bb = 5K+ (to-date cost)

Jul 2012 - My edd is 29th july, i was told natural delivery at sdmc (sime darby medical centre) cost 4.5k, anyone know what this charges cover? I think it doesnt cover room charges as i was told it cost150 for double room and 230 for single.Does it cover the baby fee ?

Dec 2011 - I just want to share my experience visiting a gynae in Tmn Desa Medical Centre today. Actually this is the 2nd time I visited this hospital. First time I was at 8 weeks and I visited Dr. Ng Choon Keat as he is the only gynae available at that time. He charge me RM 75 for consultation + ultrasound. Today I am at 15 weeks and I thought I will try another gynae just to compare so I visited Dr. Ong Hean Choon. I understand Dr. Ong Hean Choon is more older and experienced and he also consults at Pantai Bangsar but he had no patients in TDMC anyway. We were the only ones there and he charged me RM 100 for consultation + RM 120 for ultrasound!! I was shocked to see the bill as it was such a vast difference from the last visit. I even asked him how come so expensive for ultrasound cuz I thought ultrasound is standard price charged by the hospital. But he said its not and depends on the experience of the doctor. Some more his ultrasound was a really really old machine compared to Dr. Ng Choon Keat. At least Dr. Ng's ultrasound had a monitor for the mother to see the baby but Dr. Ong's only had one monitor so he showed my husband 1st then only can show me. I won't got to Dr. Ong again eventhough he explained more things to us compared to Dr. Ng because I think he is definately overcharging! I checked with my other friends, even hospitals like Prince Court and SDMC is cheaper than what I paid today!

Nov 2011 - I'd been a patient with Dr Tang SDMC. Delivered my baby boy under natural method. Am pleased with her but be prepared for the long queue. Well, to avoid disappointment during visits, jot down your questions in a paper and ask her all you want... her visit is normally short and nice. Dun think she is pro in c-sect but her experience in c-sect sure comes in handy should there be any complications in the labour process. Just make sure you clarify with her that you opt for natural delivery... Well, if any doctor trying to coax you to go for c-sect, ask for all the reason behind it...

Nov 2011 - I met Dr Tang and I am kinda like her, so I did not to go to see other doctors already.
My next appointment will be next week and I can't wait to see her again.
Although it's my 1st visit early this month but I am able to see my baby's heart beat at 7W5D. It was amazing! I didn't spent a lot of time with her, but there are the special feeling that she's good gynae.
She will answer all the questions you have.

Oct 2011 - I am 6 weeks pregnant and I dunno which doctor to attend to for my first visit.
I stay in OUG. I have a gynae in Assunta, but I do not like her.
So now that I wish I can get some advice from the experienced mummy here.

Aug 2011 - How about the charges for Dr. Paul at Assunta?
It's ok, I can't PM you too. The cost is inclusive of the baby charges. Delivery is around 3-4K, and the baby charges would be around 1.5K if my memory serves me right. So all in all just under 5k. I stayed 2D/1N and I had epi. But epi charges are not that much (less than 1k), and you must also factor in variable charges like nursing fees, consumables fees etc etc. 5k is just an estimation. Hope this helps.


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