SMIB Shampoo Review: This Innovative Korean Hair Care Range Helps Prevent Hair Loss So You Can Achieve Gorgeous Hair

(WomensWeekly) - Healthy strands start with a healthy scalp. Left uncared for, an inflamed scalp can lead to dandruff and dry flakes while causing itchiness and excessive sebum production – the cause of oily hair and a stinky head, which is exacerbated by the tropical climate in Asia.

We all know that cleanliness plays a big part in maintaining a beautiful mane, but did you know that your hair also needs essential minerals to retain its shine and prevent hair loss? A mineral like calcium effectively relieves inflammation and soothes itchiness while providing a protective barrier on the scalp. It sustains the lipid level and protects against infection while stimulating the production of antioxidants.

Strengthen With Calcium

Infuse your scalp with calcium when you use Korean brand SMIB’s innovative innaBi haircare range, which contains high quality calcium that is extracted from edible corals found in crystal-clear deep waters. Rich in beneficial minerals for the hair, these coral calcium can help strengthen hair and scalp, to reduce the amount of hair fall, as well as help you achieve lustrous hair.

Get the innaBi premium starter kit from SMiB.

To facilitate absorption, the innaBi Plasma Technology Scalp Massager reinvigorates the scalp by generating collagen-synthesising fibroblasts. Its plasma ions accelerate hair growth by activating dormant roots and boost proteins that are necessary for hair production. Most importantly, it boosts the absorption of coral calcium which is needed to help keep your scalp and hair in tip-top shape.


Step 1: SMIB innaBi Shampoo

With a balanced pH of 5.5, this cleansing anti-hair loss shampoo maintains your hair’s elasticity and reduces breakage. It’s free from 23 different harmful ingredients and contains coral calcium to nourish and calm the scalp.

Step 2: SMIB innaBi Treatment

Packed with copper tripeptide, coral calcium, six proteins and marine complex, this potent formula staves off harmful bacteria while keeping the scalp healthy and your hair resilient. It also contains the proprietary coral calcium to improve elasticity so there’s less hair breakage.

Step 3: SMIB innaBi Plasma Technology Scalp Massager

Shaped like a regular comb, this device is filled with plasma ions which encourage the absorption of essential minerals like the calcium coral found in SMIB’s products. After towel-drying your hair, use this to brush and massage the scalp. For more intensive care, hold it over heavily affected spots for 10 seconds without brushing.

Step 4: SMIB innaBi Scalp Essence

Gently dab this hair tonic into your scalp to calm irritation, relieve itchiness and reduce hair loss while leaving you with a cleaner and healthier scalp.

Get the innaBi Korean premium starter kit from SMiB.



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