Olemio Hydrogen Water (Naturally Plus) Review and Price in Malaysia 2022

OLEMIO™ is the world's first hydrogenated water infused with OleaVita™ (Olive leaf extract) and L-citrulline.

Whether you are fatigued from work-stress or in need of recovery from physical exercise, or simply looking for a quick pick-me-up to help you through your day, OLEMIO™ is designed to help you stay ahead of the demanding nature of modern life.

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OLEMIO™ – made up of hydrogenated water with hydrogen dissolution ratio of 2.6ppm

The task of adding ingredients into hydrogenated water without affecting the hydrogen dissolution ratio has brought its challenges. With improved filling technology, the hydrogen dissolution ratio is amongst the highest in the industry. (Acquired patent for manufacturing method in 2016.)

Olemio Price in Malaysia

Current retail price in Malaysia: MYR 655 / carton (30 packs).

Do ensure that you purchase your Olemio from official distributors in Malaysia. Beware of imitation goods.

You can purchase Olemio from an official distributor in Malaysia. Ask for promotion price >

Do ensure that you purchase your Olemio from official distributors in Malaysia. Beware of imitation goods on online marketplaces. For more information, please feel free to WhatsApp us at +6012 271 1445.

olemio price malaysia

Check out the review of the company in Malaysia: Naturally Plus Malaysia Review.


1. OLEMIO™ is the world’s first botanical hydrogenated beverage

After 10 years of persistent research and development, the world’s first botanical ingredient, OleaVita™, incorporated hydrogenated water has come into being. OLEMIO™ is a botanical beverage which uses only the finest natural water that is infused with hydrogen. Enhanced with natural flavour, the refreshingly sugar-free OLEMIO™ takes care of your well-being by helping you stay hydrated! 

2. OLEMIO™ boasts a hydrogen dissolution ratio of 3.3 ppm

OLEMIO™ now gives you more hydrogen than before. With improved filling technology, the hydrogen dissolution ratio of OLEMIO™ is now among the highest in the industry at 3.3 ppm※1.

What is “hydrogen dissolution ratio”?

Hydrogen dissolution ratio refers to the concentration of hydrogen dissolved in water. 

3. OLEMIO™ has reducing power.

Reduction and oxidation are two sides of the same coin. The redox potential of OLEMIO™ is negative, which means that OLEMIO™ has reducing power. 

Oxidation and reduction

Iron rusts when it combines with oxygen and undergoes oxidation. Naturally-occurring iron ore is the result of oxidation that occurs when iron is exposed to air. At the iron mill, oxygen is separated from the iron ore to obtain iron, through a process called “reduction”. 

The reducing power of hydrogen

Any given substance has the power to oxidise or reduce (deoxidise) another substance. The measure of the power of a substance to oxidise or reduce is its redox potential.

The redox potential of OLEMIO™ is a negative value—it has reducing power.

OleaVita™ – the fruit of an industry-academia collaboration

The olive tree is said to be the greatest gift to mankind in the Greek mythology. Indeed, the olive tree is among the oldest known cultivated plant in the world. For thousands of years, mankind has been cultivating olive tree and reaping the benefits from almost every part of the tree – especially the fruits and the leaves. The olive leaves have been used in traditional medicine within the Mediterranean region.

OleaVita™ (olive leaf extract) was born in 2006 when it was discovered by a research team at the University of Louis Pasteur in France, which was published in the British scientific journal "Nature". Based on this discovery, 400 species of plants were screened. OleaVita is a new generation of olive leaf extract that can be extracted, concentrated with components that can be standardised such as oleanolic acid and olive albumin. 

According to Healthline, olive leaf extract is a natural source of wellness with therapeutic properties that are:
  • gastroprotective (protects digestive system)
  • neuroprotective (protects central nervous system)
  • antimicrobial (inhibits microorganism growth)
  • anticancer (reduces risk of cancer)
  • anti-inflammatory (reduces risk of inflammation)
  • antinociceptive (reduces pain stimuli)
  • antioxidant (prevents oxidation or cell damage)

A naturally occurring amino acid found in some foods like watermelons and is also produced naturally by the body. Citrulline can promote heart health by widening your blood vessels. It can also improve your exercise performance and may play a role in muscle building (Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2017).

After citrulline is consumed, some is converted to another amino acid called arginine. Arginine is converted into a molecule called nitric oxide, which causes vasodilation of blood vessels by relaxing the smooth muscle cells that constrict them (Nitric Oxide. 2015).

Though research has found both arginine and citrulline to boost levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body, most recent research—like this The Journal of Nutrition study—shows that citrulline actually delivers the most benefit. The body use arginine for a variety of functions, so it doesn’t use all of the arginine it absorbs to produce NO. Plus, unlike citrulline, higher doses of arginine have been linked to gastrointestinal problems. Because it tends to be poorly absorbed, arginine can even lead to diarrhea when consumed in large amounts.

Hydrogenated Water

The publication of a landmark study in 2007, reported in a reputable journal (Nature Medicine) by a team in Japan, discovered that inhaled hydrogen gas could act as an antioxidant and protect the brain from free radicals. This sparked the interest in its potential health benefits worldwide and led to many published and on-going clinical research.

Following the landmark publication in Nature Medicine in 2007, many other studies regarding the potential application of hydrogen therapy on various conditions were subsequently published. Hydrogen water is loaded with hydrogen molecules. It was formulated as the most practical and easy way to get hydrogen into the whole body (Med Gas Res. 2014).

Since the Japanese discovery, the effects of hydrogen have been researched in 63 diseases (Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2012)! More than 1000 scientific articles have been published to date with 37 new on-going studies registered with the US Clinical Trial Registry.

Olemio Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the difference between OLEMIO™ and IZUMIO™?

A: IZUMIO™ is drinking water containing dissolved hydrogen, while OLEMIO™ contains not only dissolved hydrogen but also OleaVita™ (olive leaf extract) and L-citrulline., 

Q: When and how much OLEMIO™ should I drink?

A: You can drink OLEMIO™ at any time of the day. You are recommended to drink one pack a day. 

Q: Is OLEMIO™ suitable for everyone to drink?

A: OLEMIO™ is suitable for everyone, from the young to the elderly. 

Q: Can I drink OLEMIO™ and IZUMIO™ together?

A: Yes, you can. 

Q: For how long does hydrogen remain in the product after it has been opened?

A: Hydrogen escapes easily once the pack has been opened. You are therefore advised to consume OLEMIO™ as soon as possible after opening the pack. Close the cap tightly to store the contents of an unfinished pack. To minimise the escape of hydrogen, you are advised to drink OLEMIO™ directly from the pack. 

Q: Where should I store OLEMIO™?

A: OLEMIO™ can be stored at normal room temperature. To preserve product quality, you are advised to store it in a refrigerator or a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Q: How long is the shelf life of OLEMIO™?

A: The best before/expiry date is 12 months (1 year) from the date of manufacture and is indicated on the carton. However, you are advised to consume OLEMIO™as soon as possible as its hydrogen content gradually decreases over time.

Q: Can I freeze OLEMIO™?

A: Freezing does not have an adverse effect on the hydrogen. However, you are advised not to store OLEMIO™ in the freezer. Frozen OLEMIO™ pack can easily break when dropped.

Q: What does “ppm” mean?

A: "ppm" stands for "parts per million" and is a unit that expresses concentration or ratio. It is used here to indicate the concentration of hydrogen in OLEMIO™.

1.0mg/l = 1.0ppm. 3.3 mg/l, or 3.3 ppm※, is the ratio of dissolved hydrogen in OLEMIO™.

Note: Percentage (%) = 1/100; ppm =1/1,000,000; ppb=1,000,000,000, ppt=1/1,000,000,000,000

※ Average reading at point of filling

Ref: http://www.naturally-plus.com/my/en/products/olemio/overview/

Where to Buy Olemio in Malaysia?

Do ensure that you purchase your Olemio from official distributors in Malaysia. Beware of imitation goods.

You can purchase Olemio from an official distributor in Malaysia:

WhatsApp us at +6012 271 1445.


If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.


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