6 Best Wearable Electric Breast Pumps 2022

Electric breast pumps are powered by a power outlet or a battery. They are available in single and double breast expressing models. The suction is created for you by placing the cup over your breast, freeing one hand for other duties – or just to relax.

Which breast pump should I choose?

a. Which is better electric or manual breast pump?
There is no such thing as the best breast pump. The one you pick is determined by what you need. Due to the presence of a power supply, electric breast pumps frequently provide better suction and faster pumping. Electric breast pumps are the best option for women who express breastmilk frequently or exclusively since they are faster than manual pumps and allow you to express and retain more breastmilk in less time.

b. Is a single or double breast pump better?
A single electric breast pump is suitable for occasional expressing. A double breast pump (which pulls milk from both breasts at the same time) is more practical for expressing on a regular basis, whether for medical reasons or because you’ve returned from busy day.

How do I choose the best electric breast pump for you?

a. Weight – When you’re on the go, a portable, light-weight pump will make things a lot easier.

b. Volume – Some electric pumps are extremely loud. Look for a model that is quiet to operate. It’ll make pumping sessions at night or in the workplace a lot easier.

c. Feature – Look for hospital-grade suction with expression and massage modes for the most efficient pumping experience.

d. Battery – Some pumps will only work when plugged into a power outlet, while others will have a battery pack built-in or as a separate attachment that might be useful for pumping when you’re not near a power outlet.

e. Cost – Electric breast pumps can vary widely in cost. Before you go shopping, create a budget and double-check what’s included with your pump.

Best Electric Breast Pumps

Best double electric breast pump
1. Elvie® wearable double electric breast pump
2. Momcozy Electric Double Wearable Breast Pump
3. Phanpy Double Electric Breast Pump Hands Free Portable

Best single electric breast pump
4. Phanpy Electric Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free
5. YIHUNION Portable Single Electric Breast Pump
6. iAPOY Wearable Electric Breast Pump

1. Elvie® wearable double electric breast pump

Elvie® wearable double electric breast pump

The smallest, lightest and quietest wearable breast pump Elvie Pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms – at home, at work or on-the-go. Ditch the hours spent hidden in cupboards, tethered to a wall or cleaning tubes. With Elvie Pump you can lead the meeting, get outside or simply enjoy some peace and quiet.

– Elvie Breast Pump is simple – it has just 5 parts to clean and takes seconds to assemble
– Elvie Pump automatically switches from Stimulation into Expression mode

4 out of 5 – more than 2800 global ratings

Elvie wearable electric breast pumps reviews:
I am a nurse and this has made returning to work so much easier. Before I got them I had a regular pump and was pumping q3-4 hours. And it takes a total of 30min with set up and clean up every 3-4 hours. Now I am able to put them on and do what I need to do! Love this thing2800

2. Momcozy Electric Double Wearable Breast Pump

Momcozy Wearable Electric Double Breast Pump

Momcozy wearable breast pump price: $119.99

Momcozy wearable breast pump has 2 modes & 5 levels. Suggestions for mode selection: massage first and then pump, imitating the baby’s feeding mode to optimize milk production. Ensure that each mother produces more milk in a shorter time, and give moms more choices and comfort. Momcozy breast pump accessories are made of soft food-grade silicone, they are easy to removable and clean while maintaining a good seal to achieve the best suction. Max suction value range: 280~300mmHg.

– Low Noise
– The Momcozy breast pump has a capacity of 180ml, and the container is marked with a tick mark. Recommended optimal breast pumping volume is 120 ml.

Momcozy wearable breast pump reviews:
This Portable pump is absolutely wonderful the suction power is amazing. I have a very hard time producing milk supply and I pump way more milk with this then my cord pump . I have not used my cord pump since receiving my Momcozy. I’ma single mom of two and let me tell you sitting down and having the time to pump frequently is hard to do with two little ones so this Momcozy is absolutely a life saver I’m able to do all house work and care for both kids while pumping Its so nice to be able to do everything I need to do and be able to pump at the same time. For being a cheaper product I’m very impressed with the Quality I highly recommend this to any mama.

3. Phanpy Double Electric Breast Pump Hands Free Portable

Phanpy Wearable Electric Breast Pump

Phanpy Professional Electric Breast Pump is designed for regular use for moms who pump several times a day. Phanpy Professional Breast Pump with rechargeable 2200 mAh battery, once full charged can be used 3 hours.

– Stimulation mode: The stimulation frequency of 100-115 times per minute, strongly and efficiently stimulate milk.

– Expression Mode: The balance of suction and frequency brings the most comfortable breast pumping experience.

- Variable Frequency Mode: In this mode, the breast pumping frequency will automatically change rhythmically to stimulate the breast to express milk.

– Advance Motor: Using dual-core pump motor, the suction is more powerful and stable, overall suction power increased about 26%. Spiral structure is lighter and smaller.

– Close System-Anti Reflux: The parts in contact with milk are all made of food-grade silicone, which is safe, hygienic and pollution-free. The duckbill valve and the silicone air bag are blocked in both directions to ensure air tightness and prevent milk back flow.

4. Phanpy Electric Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free

Phanpy Wearable Single Electric Breast Pump

Phanpy Electric Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free price: $45.99
Best wearable breast pump

Phanpy wearable breast pump with 2 modes & 5 levels. Massage first and then pump, imitating the baby’s feeding mode to optimize milk production. Ensure that each mother produces more milk in a shorter time, and give moms more choices and comfort.

– Food-grade Silicone
– Low Noise
– Phanpy Wearable Breast Pump can be used for both side,buy two if you want double breast pump.

Phanpy wearable electric breast pumps review:
Watch on Amazon

5. YIHUNION Portable Single Electric Breast Pump

YIHUNION Single Electric Breast Pump

Yihunion single electric breast pump portable price: $45.99
Integrated electric breast pump can be operated with one hand, small and exquisite, easy to carry out and not occupying a place. Mom can take it anywhere without the restriction of the wire. Also, with split straw, Moms can use it as a split electric breast pump at home for more comfort.

– Adjustable Massage and Pumping Level
– The anti-backflow design provides a hygienic closed system to prevent breastmilk from backing up to the pump
– Quiet and Easy to Assemble
– With 900mAh rechargeable lithium battery built-in

4.3 out of 5 – more than 950 global ratings

Yihunion single electric breast pump Review
This pump is great! I take it everywhere I go and it’s easy to clean and use. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that they don’t offer smaller/bigger flanges. The battery lasts about over an hour fully charged and really doesn’t take long to fully charge.

6. iAPOY Wearable Electric Breast Pump

iAPOY Wearable Electric Breast Pump

iapoy wearable portable breast pump price: $46.99

iAPOY Pump can be worn inside a standard nursing bra, so you can pump completely hands-free anytime, anywhere. This electric breast pump make it possible to pump at home, at work or on-the-go. iAPOY breast pump bag included make it more portable and easier for you to carry when you are working or travelling.

– Super quiet & USB rechargeable
– Easy to clean and assemble
– Food grade silicone amd PP ( BPA FREE)

iapoy wearable portable breast pump Review
This has great suction and amazingly quiet. It’s a good value for the price! Highly recommend if you are looking for a portable pump.


a. How much suction should I use on my breast pump?

When shopping for a personal grade breast pump, seek for one with a maximum suction level of 250 – 300 mmHg. This is the price range for the vast majority of personal grade electric breast pumps on the market. If the vacuum strength is less than 250 mmHg, it could indicate a weaker motor.

b. What is a good breastfeeding and pumping schedule?

Plan to pump 8-10 times every day. Per 24 hours, 25-35 oz. (750-1,035 mL) of milk is produced. Once you’ve reached full milk production, maintain a schedule to produce about 25-35oz of breastmilk in a 24 hour period.

c. Is it OK to just pump and not breastfeed?

If you believe that breast milk is the greatest food choice for your baby but are unable or choose not to breastfeed, pumping can help. It is completely OK to pump your breast milk and give it to your baby in a bottle.

d. What is hospital grade breast pump?

A hospital-grade breast pump is often a multi-user equipment rented to one mother at a time and is designed with special customization in order to maximize breast milk expression. Strong suction and unique expression technology are common features of hospital-grade breast pumps, making it easier for moms and babies with certain medical conditions to feed with breast milk. However, FDA does not certify breast pumps as “hospital grade,” so best to consult first with doctor before renting, and always pick hospital-grade breast pump from an authorized supplier. One of the hospital-grade breast pump that popular is Medela Symphony Breast Pump.

This kind of breast pump may be the best breast pump for low supply milk, especially for mom or baby with certain medical condition. Still, best to talk to your doctor for deciding the best solution.

e. Are wearable breast pumps covered by insurance?

Most health insurance policies are required by the Affordable Care Act to cover breastfeeding services and supplies. But still, approval vary depending on each mom’s insurance plan.


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