Best Digestive Enzymes for Histamine Intolerance 2023

Histamine is a significant chemical that is involved in numerous body functions. It stimulates gastric acid secretion, contributes to inflammation, dilates blood vessels, etc. However, too much histamine can be problematic, causing histamine sensitivity or intolerance, digestive issues, allergies, and more.

If you suspect a histamine intolerance, you should avoid alcohol and histamine-rich foods. Moreover, you can take antihistamines for combatting the symptoms for a short period of time.

Histamine Intolerance Symptoms

Common symptoms of histamine intolerance:
  • headaches or migraines
  • nasal congestion or sinus issues
  • fatigue
  • hives
  • digestive problems, such as diarrhea
  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • nausea
  • vomiting
Symptom severity varies from person to person.

People who have both allergies and a histamine intolerance may experience more severe allergic reactions because histamine levels in the body might accumulate. These can include asthma episodes or even anaphylactic shock, a serious, fast reaction that results in breathing difficulties and a drop in blood pressure that poses a life-threatening risk.

High amounts of histamine may be linked to significant chronic diseases like Crohn’s disease and can cause the heart to beat irregularly.

Best Digestive Enzymes for Histamine Intolerance

Diamine oxidase (DAO) is an important digestive enzyme in your body to break down histamine obtained from foods.

You might have diamine oxidase insufficiency if your body doesn’t make enough DAO. ‌Moreover, you may also develop histamine intolerance, also known as food histaminosis or enteral histaminosis, if you don’t have enough of this enzyme. When you consume histamine-containing meals, this may make you feel sick

Fortunately, DAO is available as a supplement and has been widely used for treating people with histamine intolerance. DAO will help restore the diamine oxidase enzyme in their bodies, which helps them digest foods high in histamine and may lessen their symptoms.

1. Bravado Labs DAO Enzyme Supplement for Food-Derived Histamine Intolerance

Bravado Labs DAO Enzyme Supplement for Food-Derived Histamine Intolerance

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– Eat Histamine-rich Foods
If wine and cheese parties end with you sniffling, sneezing, or worse, Bravado Labs histamine block can help by increasing your levels of DAO, which in turn helps your body to break down histamines commonly found at high levels in alcohol, cheese, certain vegetables, shellfish, smoked meats, and other fermented foods.

– Reduce Histamines on the Go
With this small, 30-capsule bottle of our DAO supplement, you can add DAO whenever the occasion calls for it. Just take one capsule 15-30 minutes prior to consuming histamine-rich or DAO-blocking food or drink.

– Relief in One Capsule
While other histamine blocking or DAO supplements may require you to take multiple capsules, our Bravado Labs formulation provides the antihistamine power you need with just one capsule.

– Made the Right Way
Each capsule is vegan friendly, gluten free, and contains no major food allergens with entirely non-GMO ingredients.

– Feel the Difference
If high-histamine foods make you miserable, our histamine block may be able to lessen or eliminate your symptoms. If you’re not satisfied with the results, just let us know within 30 days for a full refund. Eat, drink and be merry – order yours today and alleviate your histamine intolerance!

Bravado Labs Premium Histamine Blocker Reviews
A supplement for Histamine Intolerance that works!
This is the best pill for histamine intolerance I have found. I’ve been dealing with this condition for 2 years and have tried many products. This is a DAO enzyme which works in my digestive system and is very easily digested. I no longer need to take an antihistamine I had been taking for this condition. Thank you for this excellent product. I highly recommend it.

2. Omne Diem DAO Histamine Neutralizing Enzyme

Omne Diem DAO Histamine Neutralizing Enzyme

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– Digestive Enzymes for Histamine Intolerance
An effective enzyme solution to histamine intolerance and imbalance.
Alcoholic beverages – particularly red wine – present a triple threat to histamine sensitive people, because they contain histamine, they liberate histamine, and they block the action of dao. Diamine oxidase (dao) is your body’s first-line defense against histamine ingested through the diet or released within the gut.

– Natural Ingredients
Omne diem direct histamine neutralizing enzyme is gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, non-dairy, food grade diamine oxidase – with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners.

How to Use:
Take omne diem direct histamine neutralizing enzyme about 15-30 minutes prior to consuming high histamine foods and beverages, to help your body break down histamine and reduce the allergy-like reactions of histamine intolerance.

Omne Diem Diamine Oxidase Supplement Reviews
This product, combined with a low histamine diet, dramatically improved my headaches, hives, and heartburn. I also recommend reading Histamine Intolerance: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals by Dr Janice Joneja PhD. It really helps to understand how, why, and what DAO can do to help ease symptoms. This product is truly a life-saver for those of us low on DAO.

3. NaturDAO Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplement Histamine Blocker

NaturDAO Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplement Histamine Blocker

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– Greatest Enzymatic Activity on the Market
With 1,000,000 hdus / 32,1mg of vegetable protein, it is the most powerful dao enzyme you can get to reinforce your digestive system.

– Best Natural Choice
If you are going to take it for a long period of time along with your diet. It is suitable for vegans.
No food colours or genetically modified organisms maximum respect in the formulation for a healthier product.

– Fast Availability Tablets in Human Intestine Tested by Radiological Test.

NaturDAO Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplement for Histamine Intolerance Reviews
I think these tablets work well for me. I have histamine intolerance and really miss chocolate, avocado, and bananas. I am able to eat these food without as much of a reaction or no reaction at all.

4. Healthy Habits Living Histamine Manager

Healthy Habits Living Histamine Manager

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Histamine Manager contains 20,000 HDU per serving of the active digestive enzyme Diamine Oxidase (DAO) responsible for neutralizing histamine in your digestive tract.

Supplement with Histamine Manager to increase available DAO during digestion. Eat and drink with ease and confidence. Histamine Manager allows you to enjoy histamine-releasing foods and -more especially- red wine.
If you are sensitive to histamine, you know that red wine contains histamine, liberates histamine, and blocks the action of DAO. You can avoid a histamine reaction, headache, or allergy-like reaction by taking 1-2 capsules up to 15 minutes before you eat a meal, snack or drink alcohol.

Healthy Habits Digestive Enzyme Reviews
I had a recent illness that left me with temporary histamine intolerance. I found Histamine Manager and gave them a shot. taken within 10 minutes of eating, I had no problems with foods.They are relatively small and easily swallowed, and have no taste/after taste. i did, of course, try to avoid high histamine foods but even so, i still had issues. Happy to say that I seem to be past that phase but I have a bottle on hand just in case. Completely recommend.

5. Histazyme from Dr. Amy Myers - DAO Enzyme Supplement

Histazyme from Dr. Amy Myers - DAO Enzyme Supplement

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– Histazyme Works Like a Charm!
If you’ve been told that you have an intolerance to dietary histamine, or have discovered that fact out for yourself, following a low histamine diet can assist you in managing uncomfortable symptoms. Diamine Oxidase can help break down ingested dietary histamine, thereby eliminating the histamine buildup and immune response and uncomfortable symptoms associated with it.

– Supports a Healthy Immune & Inflammatory Response to Ingested Histamine
If you find that certain foods seem to be triggering headaches, dizziness, flushing in the face neuropathy, sinus issues and more, than histamine intolerance may be the culprit. They may also block the activity of DAO, the enzyme which is responsible for breaking down histamine in the gut.

– Clinically Proven to Break Down Food-derived Histamine in the Digestive Tract
Formulated to break down food-derived histamine only. This means that you can take it before meals to help break down histamine in the gut, but it will not exert it’s histamine digesting effects systemically or throughout the body.

Histazyme from Dr. Amy Myers Reviews
I have histamine issues & this product helps me enjoy some high histamine food & drink that I had given up. Small & easy to swallow. Very happy with histazyme.

6. Seeking Health Histamine Block - DAO Enzyme Supplement

– comfort and relief after eating foods high in histamine
– patented enzyme formula replenishes DAO in your gut
– great for supporting histamine intolerance protocols

Allergy & Diet Information
– histamine block is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, as it contains porcine-derived ingredients.
– histamine block is free of milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, gluten, GMOs, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives.
– histamine block meets or exceeds cGMP quality standards.

Seeking Health Histamine Block Reviews
This product has made an immediate difference. I have suffered with headaches, brain fog, agitation, fatigue that could last for days. Since these symptoms generally manifest immediately after eating a meal, I assumed there were food related triggers. 

I tried KETO, intermittent fasting, juicing, but never found a true solution. Not until I stumbled upon information on Histamine Intolerance and made necessary dietary adjustments. Since taking one of these pills before meals that contain some histamine producing foods, I have not had ANY of the symptoms. It works!

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a. What Food Has the Highest Histamine?

Histamine levels are greater in the following foods:
fermented foods (kefir, yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempe, miso, sourdough bread)
alcohol, wine, beer, liquor
processed meat (hot dogs, ham, sausages, canned meat)
aged cheese
wheat germ
citrus fruits
nuts, specifically walnuts, cashews and peanuts
food dyes and other additives

b. What Foods Block DAO Production?

black tea
mate tea
green tea
energy drinks

c. Histamine Intolerance vs Allergies

Some signs of histamine intolerance mimic an allergic reaction. However, because of differences in the body’s cellular response, skin tests and blood allergy tests will come back negative.

Histamine buildup is thought to be the cause of histamine intolerance. As a result, the symptoms might not show up right away.

d. How to Clear Histamine From Body?

i. Start a diet that only involves foods and beverages with low amounts of histamine.

ii. You can take histamine blockers or antihistamines might be used to temporarily ease the symptoms.

iii. Use air purifier. Reduce your exposure to irritable irritants and allergens in your environment by using an air purifier. Pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold spores are just a few examples of the allergens that air purifiers remove from the air in your surroundings.

iv. Natural Histamine Blocker. You might be able to regulate your seasonal allergies with natural antihistamines. Stinging nettle, vitamin C, quercetin, butterbur, bromelain, and probiotics are some examples. Exercise, acupuncture, and other complementary therapies may also help you control your symptoms. However, do not stop using antihistamines or start using herbal or dietary supplements before consult your doctor.

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