Best Histamine Blockers for Allergies 2022

Histamine is a significant chemical that is involved in numerous body functions. It stimulates gastric acid secretion, contributes to inflammation, dilates blood vessels, etc.

However, too much histamine can be problematic, causing histamine sensitivity or intolerance, digestive issues, allergies, and more. Individual histamine sensitivity varies, and some people may respond to histamines and other biogenic amines in foods more strongly than others.

Various drugs, such as steroids and allergy injections, can treat allergies, but an antihistamine / histamine blocker is typically the first thing to try.

How Do Histamine Blockers Work?

Histamine blockers are valuable in the management of the more common delayed allergic response and in the definitive management of the acute allergic reaction (administered after epinephrine has resolved the life-threatening phase of the reaction).

Histamine blockers are competitive antagonists of histamine; they do not prevent the release of histamine from cells in response to injury, drugs, or antigens but do prevent histamine’s access to its receptor site on the cell, blocking the response of the effector cell to histamine. Therefore, histamine blockers are more potent in preventing the actions of histamine than in reversing these actions once they occur.

Best Histamine Blockers for Allergies

A. Diamine Oxidase

Your body produces the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) to breakdown histamine obtained from food. ‌You can develop histamine intolerance, also known as food histaminosis or enteral histaminosis, if you don’t have enough of this enzyme.

According to early studies, DAO supplements may help some histamine intolerance symptoms, such as headaches, skin rashes, and stomach problems,

1. Bravado Labs Premium Histamine Blocker - Diamine Oxidase Supplement

Bravado Labs Premium Histamine Blocker - Diamine Oxidase Supplement

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– Eat Histamine-rich Foods
If wine and cheese parties end with you sniffling, sneezing, or worse, Bravado Labs histamine block can help by increasing your levels of DAO, which in turn helps your body to break down histamines commonly found at high levels in alcohol, cheese, certain vegetables, shellfish, smoked meats, and other fermented foods.

– Reduce Histamines on the Go
With this small, 30-capsule bottle of our DAO supplement, you can add DAO whenever the occasion calls for it. Just take one capsule 15-30 minutes prior to consuming histamine-rich or DAO-blocking food or drink.

– Relief in One Capsule
While other histamine blocking or DAO supplements may require you to take multiple capsules, our Bravado Labs formulation provides the antihistamine power you need with just one capsule.

– Made the Right Way
Each capsule is vegan friendly, gluten free, and contains no major food allergens with entirely non-GMO ingredients.

– Feel the Difference
If high-histamine foods make you miserable, our histamine block may be able to lessen or eliminate your symptoms. If you’re not satisfied with the results, just let us know within 30 days for a full refund. Eat, drink and be merry – order yours today and alleviate your histamine intolerance!

Bravado Labs Premium Histamine Blocker Reviews
While struggling with high histamine foods, I was so happy to find this DAO supplement to help me digest my favorite foods. It seems to absorb quickly and keep my allergic reaction at a minimum when eating foods high in histamine. The price is very affordable as well!

2. NaturDAO Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplement Histamine Blocker

NaturDAO Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplement Histamine Blocker

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– Greatest Enzymatic Activity on the Market
With 1,000,000 hdus / 32,1mg of vegetable protein, it is the most powerful dao enzyme you can get to reinforce your digestive system.

– Best Natural Choice
If you are going to take it for a long period of time along with your diet. It is suitable for vegans.
No food colours or genetically modified organisms maximum respect in the formulation for a healthier product.

– Fast Availability Tablets in Human Intestine Tested by Radiological Test.

NaturDAO Diamine Oxidase Enzyme Supplement Histamine Blocker Reviews
I suffer from chronic allergies from food and alcohol, after taking this pill I saw an instant release of my allergy symptoms. I suffer bloating, sinus congestion, tinnitus, allergies, and headaches. After taking this product I am feeling 100% normal !! It’s worth the try if you have chronic problem from any histamine related symptoms.

I had sinus surgery cause I was so congestion and this whole time it was the food and drinks I was consuming my body having allergic reactions always.

3. Omnivits Hist Diamine Histamine Blocker

Omnivits Hist Diamine Histamine Blocker

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– features diamine oxidase (DAO), the enzyme responsible for breaking down histamine
– break down food-derived histamine
– supports skin, rhinoconjunctival, & gastrointestinal among individuals with lower histamine tolerance
– enhances the presence of diamine oxidase in the digestive tract
– all omnivits formulas meet or exceed cGMP quality standards

Omnivits Hist Diamine Histamine Blocker Reviews
This product works great when my histamine levels are too high and I need to bring them down and alleve an allergic reaction

4. Seeking Health Histamine Block

Seeking Health Histamine Block
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– comfort and relief after eating foods high in histamine
– patented enzyme formula replenishes DAO in your gut
– great for supporting histamine intolerance protocols

Allergy & Diet Information
– histamine block is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians, as it contains porcine-derived ingredients.
– histamine block is free of milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, gluten, GMOs, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives.
– histamine block meets or exceeds cGMP quality standards.

Seeking Health Histamine Block Reviews
I was spectical at first and now take this will all histamine rich meals or drinks. It’s been a life saver. I also take it in combo with the histamine block plus. For me, these help with allergies and congestion that lead to sinus blockage and headaches. Makes a huge difference!!!

B. Other Natural Histamine Blocker / Antihistamines

You might be able to regulate your seasonal allergies with natural antihistamines. Stinging nettle, vitamin C, quercetin, butterbur, bromelain, and probiotics are some examples. Exercise, acupuncture, and other complementary therapies may also help you control your symptoms. However, do not stop using antihistamines or start using herbal or dietary supplements before consult your doctor.

5. ForestLeaf Quercetin with Bromelain, Vitamin C and Stinging Nettle

ForestLeaf Quercetin with Bromelain, Vitamin C and Stinging Nettle

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– Immune Health
Take care of your immunity with quercetin 500mg supplements. Using a complex blend of quercetin and bromelain, your immune-boosting supplements may support sinus relief, allergies, cardiovascular and respiratory health.

– With Stinging Nettle
Every pill contains stinging nettle leaf extract. It contains a wide variety of nutrients that may assist in balancing your natural response for happier living.

– Naturally Formulated
With a unique blend of natural ingredients including stinging nettle and 200 mg of vitamin C, your 90 capsules quercetin bromelain supplement is vegetarian-friendly to naturally enhance your overall immune health.

– A Daily Dose of Well-Being
Your super quercetin supplements contain stinging nettle leaf extract packed with nutrients that may improve your body’s natural response for daily balance and well-being. The best quercetin supplements for better living!

– Manufactured Safely
ForestLeaf supplements are made with vegetable capsules and are dairy, gluten, egg and nut free. All of its products and pills are tested for maximum absorption. There are 45 servings per bottle, 200mg of vitamin C per serving.

4.8 out of 5 – more than 6,400 global ratings

ForestLeaf Advanced Sinus and Allergy Supplement Reviews
This product was such a wonderful investment! I first started taking this for my immunity boost, as well as to have on hand for colds etc. Well truthfully, my allergies have cleared up since I’ve been taking this daily. No more antihistamines in the daytime or before I go to bed. I didn’t realize it until just recently after reading the other reviews! That’s why my allergies are so much better! Thank you so much David ! Your product is quality and has changed my life . I am an asthmatic so I normally, always take a daily allergy medicine but not anymore! I definitely made a wise choice ! If you are considering this product over others , remember this is made here in the USA. Great product!

6. Nature Sunshines Histamine Block

Nature Sunshines Histamine Block

Buy on Nature Sunshines

Don’t let seasonal irritants and pollutants  interrupt  your life. When pollen and dust start wreaking their havoc, try blocking them with histablock! Nature’s sunshine’s unique herbal blend features stinging nettle, quercetin and bromelain to help you breathe easier.

– supports respiratory system health and function, especially during seasonal changes
– promotes healthy airways for better breathing
– neutralizes free radicals

Nature Sunshines Histamine Block Reviews
I use HistaBlock mostly during the Spring and Fall to help with seasonal allergies. This is a capsule so there is no taste to it. I start taking a month or two BEFORE the seasonal transistion and continue thru the first month of each new season. This has always supported me in having a more positive seasonal transistion!!

7. Designs for Health HistaEze - Quercetin with Nettle Extract, Vitamin C + Tinospora cordifolia

Designs for Health HistaEze - Quercetin with Nettle Extract, Vitamin C + Tinospora cordifolia

Buy on Designs for Health

HistaEze™ is a synergistic blend of nutrients that provides natural support to help balance the immune response during environmental challenges.* It features Tinofend®, a patented and clinically researched extract derived from the plant Tinospora cordifolia, which has been shown to regulate key immune mediators and support the activity of macrophages. Tinofend® supports the immune response by promoting a balance of phagocytic white blood cells and eosinophils.*

HistaEze™ also contains quercetin, nettle leaf, and vitamin C, which have been historically used during allergy season to support immune balance.* Additionally, bicarbonate salts are included for their role in maintaining normal histamine metabolism.*

Designs for Health HistaEze Reviews
If you’re looking for allergy pills that REALLY WORK and aren’t chock full of chemicals that leave you feeling groggy, check these out. They’re awesome and they saved me from miserable daily allergies. Cannot recommend enough.


a. What Is Histamine Intolerance?

Histamine intolerance happens when there is an over-accumulation of dietary histamine in the human body. Numerous foods have high histamine levels, and a number of medical conditions and drugs may increase intolerance.

Histamine is a chemical that triggers the production of stomach acid for digestion, communicates with the brain, and is released by the immune system in response to an injury or an allergic reaction.

When the body cannot break down enough of this molecule in the intestines, histamine levels in the blood increase, indicating an intolerance to it.

b. What Food Has the Highest Histamine?

Histamine levels are greater in the following foods:
fermented foods (kefir, yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, tempe, miso, sourdough bread)
alcohol, wine, beer, liquor
processed meat (hot dogs, ham, sausages, canned meat)
aged cheese
wheat germ
citrus fruits
nuts, specifically walnuts, cashews and peanuts
food dyes and other additives

c. What Foods Block DAO Production?

black tea
mate tea
green tea
energy drinks

d. How to Control Allergies?


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