7 Best Supplements For Focus And Concentration 2023

Focus is having only one thing on your mind and avoiding distractions from both internal and external sources. You can work more efficiently, produce more work, and have more innovative ideas if you can stay concentrated on one thing for a certain period.

There are some ways to improve focus, for example:
- get enough sleep
- try to focus on similar task, minimize multitasking
- have a to-do list
- meditate
- limit caffeine
- exercise
- take a break : find a quiet area, silent notifications on your phone for a while

In addition to have proper cognitive function, our body also require adequate vitamins. Certain vitamins not only support optimal brain health but also guard against brain diseases and cognitive decline. Your capacity to concentrate and focus is increased when you give your brain the proper vitamins.

Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Lack of Focus?

Yes. Studies have shown that low or insufficient levels of specific B vitamins and vitamin D can contribute to brain fog symptoms like memory issues, attention issues, and more.

84 percent of participants in a study of 202 people with cognitive impairment and low or insufficient B12 levels reported improved cognition, while 78 percent of participants reported higher memory and attention scores after taking B12 supplements.

Another research also revealed a link between depression and low vitamin D levels. Brain fog symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating and memory issues, are frequently experienced by people who have depression.

In addition to vitamin B and D, Vitamin C can also help to imporove cognitive function. On a study involving 80 healthy adults, it was discovered that those with adequate blood levels of vitamin C outperformed those with low levels in tests measuring memory, attention, reaction time, and focus. (Source)

Other Supplement to Improve Focus and Concentration

a. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) supplementation have been shown in studies to enhance brain health, including memory, attention, and mood.

A study showed that DHA, alone or combined with EPA, contributes to improved memory function in older adults with mild memory complaints.

b. Ginkgo Biloba
The extract of ginkgo biloba (GBE) is used effectively to treat a variety of human conditions, including brain diseases function. Many research reports effective use of GBE in cerebrovascular insufficiency, peripheral artery insufficiency, multi-infarct dementia, memory impairment in the elderly, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. (Source)

However, the findings of this study are still mixed. Another study showed long-term use of standardised ginkgo biloba extract in their trial did not reduce the risk of progression to Alzheimer’s disease compared with placebo.

c. Phosphatidylserine
Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid, a fatty substance. It is essential for healthy nerve cell membranes and myelin.

It’s been shown that taking phosphatidylserine supplements can beneficial for your brain, it could improve your thinking skills and memory. Moreover, they might also help combat the decline in brain function as you age. But more research is required.

d. Magnesium
Magnesium is a mineral that plays a role in a number of vital biological functions. Magnesium may help you sleep better. It aids in the activation of mechanisms that quiet and relax you, and it plays a key part in your nervous system. It may also aid in the relief of anxiety and depression, both of which can cause brain fog.

In a study of older adults aged 60 and older, it was discovered that those with higher magnesium levels performed better on tests of cognitive abilities including attention and memory and had lower risks of developing cognitive impairment.

Best Supplements For Focus And Concentration

1. Nootropic Focus Supplement for Adults

Nootropic Focus Supplement for Adults

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– Aid to Calm Your Nervous System
Our adrenal support supplement may help your body manage stressors and ease your nerves while also helping you have better focus.

– May Enhance Ability to Focus
The adaptogenic herbs for adrenal support in this supplement are excellent for helping to improve focus. Instead of relying on coffee or other caffeine drinks to get in the zone, give this herbal health supplement a try.

– Proprietary Blend of Organic Herbs
This adrenal support formula is a blend of astragalus root, wood betony herb, ginkgo leaf, eleuthero root, gotu kola herb, rhodiola root, licorice root, lavender flower, spearmint leaf, and passionflower leaf.

– Free from Common Allergens
We only use the highest-quality ingredients in our full line of supplements. The adrenal & focus blend is vegan and non-gmo. It contains no gluten, wheat, corn, soy, nuts, dairy, sugar, or nightshades.

– Easy-to-Take Liquid Drops

No more hard-to-swallow pills or capsules! Use only under adult supervision. Shake well before use. Take up to 30 drops (1 mL) 1 to 3 times a day, or as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. Can be taken directly by mouth or added to water.


4.2 out of 5 – more than 4,700 global ratings

Nootropic Focus Supplement for Adults Reviews
Another fantastic product from Mary Ruth. I am quickly approaching 50, and I am more forgetful than ever. Within a two week time, Noticed am improvement in my memory and focus. However the biggest noticable difference is in my overall energy level. I am not having to supplement my lifestyle with cup after cup of coffee, and I have been able to wean myself off dangerous levels of caffeine. I highly recommend this product!

2. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus for Adults 40+

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Brain Health Memory & Focus for Adults 40+

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This formula features organic neurofactor—a whole coffee fruit extract clinically shown to promote bdnf (brain derived neurotrophic factor) production in healthy adults.† bdnf is a protein that is integral to a variety of processes including learning, memory, alertness and mood, as well as controlling body weight and energy metabolism.

Memory & focus for adults 40+ also features organic neurophenol—a blend of organic grape extract and organic wild blueberry extract clinically shown to improve memory performance in healthy adults.†

4.4 out of 5 – more than 900 global ratings

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Brain Health Reviews
I really like this product because its not full of all the stimulants that most brain and focus stuff is. Garden of Life is a great company, producing exceptionally high quality supplements for years. You can buy this with great confidence.

3. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Attention and Focus for Kids

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Attention and Focus for Kids

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– Natural Brain Booster
Certified usda organic & non-gmo project verified, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, soy free

– Brain Support
Promotes attention & focus for kids. Supports healthy brain function with key nutrients and vitamins

– Nutritional Supplement for Concentration
Clean, simple, clinically studied whole food ingredients, 600mg of organic wild blueberry, 60mg of organic fenoprolic pine bark extract, organic vitamin c (from real organic fruit) and whole food vitamins

4 out of 5 – more than 1,100 global ratings

Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Attention and Focus for Kids Reviews
I highly recommend this Dr. formulated attention and focus product. I have a boy with special needs. He always struggles to do everyday tasks. With a tablet per day, he becomes more and more better to follow directions. That makes my life much easier. I will continue to give my son this product each day. Thank you, Dr. Formulated.

4. Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12 5000 mcg - 60 Chewable Tablets for Brain Health & Metabolism

Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12 5000 mcg - 60 Chewable Tablets for Brain Health & Metabolism

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– Bioactive B12
Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12 (methylcobalamin) is the biologically active coenzyme form of vitamin B12. It supports brain & nerve health & function, energy production, cell replication, red blood cell production & sleep-wake cycles.*

– Homocysteine Metabolism
Methyl B-12 is also required to metabolize homocysteine back into the essential amino acid L-methionine. Research suggests that methyl B-12 is better retained in the body than cyanocobalamin, and supplementation may be needed by some vegetarians/vegans.

– Convenient Chewable Tablet
Each cherry-flavored chewable tablet delivers 5000 micrograms (mcg) of methyl B-12. Our formula contains no wheat, gluten, soybeans, dairy, egg, fish/shellfish, or peanuts/tree nuts.

– Superior Nutrition & Formulation
The goal of Jarrow Formulas is to promote optimal health with high-quality, effective, affordable, and superior formulation of dietary supplements. Our customers can be assured of purity, value, and potency.

4.7 out of 5 – more than 31,250 global ratings

Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12 Chewable Tablets Reviews
Helped me with my B12 deficiency as a vegan. Took one pill daily and a few weeks later got blood tested and my deficiency was gone. I also feel like it helped me to focus more and do well during my midterms. I felt more energetic. This product is a really good one for the price.

5. Brain Booster Nootropics Supplement - Brain Shield with Ginkgo Biloba, Alpha GPC, etc.

Brain Booster Nootropics Supplement - Brain Shield with Ginkgo Biloba, Alpha GPC, etc.

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– Better Cognitive Wellness
Antioxidant and vitamin rich formula known for supporting brain health plus

– Enhanced Focus
Helps increase concentration and lengthen attention span while decreasing brain fog

– Higher Energy Levels
Improve your overall mood and reduce elevated levels of stress and anxiety

– Accelerated Absorption
Contains Bioperine Piperine to provide a faster, more efficient absorption

Recommended Dosage
Adults may take 1 capsule per day or as directed by a healthcare professional

Brain Booster Nootropics Supplement Review
I have been using this product to help me with my focus and memory at work. This has been an amazing little pick me up that I have been needing on the days that I have felt slow and slugish. I have seen a difference in my attention to detail and focus on the task at hand!! I would recommend this to anyone!!

6. NOW Supplements, True Focus™ with Amino Acids, Ginkgo and DMAE

NOW Supplements, True Focus™ with Amino Acids, Ginkgo and DMAE

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Norepinephrine and dopamine are key neurotransmitters for the maintenance of alertness and mental acuity and for promoting a feeling of general well-being.* These two neurotransmitters are produced in the body from the amino acid precursors L-Tyrosine and L-phenylalanine.*

This conversion process also requires vitamins C and B-6 as cofactors.* NOW® True Focus™ combines these important nutrients with other ingredients like Ginkgo biloba and DMAE to complement this formula.*

4.3 out of 5 – more than 2,350 global ratings

NOW Supplements, True Focus™ Review
So, I had a giant exam to study for (yay grad school) and my anxiety about the test was making me unable to focus. I got into a routine of studying where I would drink some cold brew, pop these, and within 30 mins I would feel so honed in. We’re talking 6 hours glued to my computer. I also recommend getting an Rx for propanolol if you’re having test apprehension/anxiety. That also helped me calm down and not be constantly fidgety and freaked out while I studied.

7. Nutraherbals Brain Booster Supplement

Nutraherbals Brain Booster Supplement

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– Safety First
All our products are made right here in the USA following strict GMP guidelines. We stand behind our products 100% and are confident in our formula. If for any reason at all you’re not happy, simply contact us for your money back. If you’re not happy, neither are we! Order with confidence knowing that we’ve got you covered.

– Neuro Health Benefits
This 100% natural blend of nootropics promotes enhanced mental performance with increased focus, clarity and memory. With ingredients you can trust without the caffeine effect or crashing.

– Convenient One Per Day Dose
Neuro Health offers the benefits of several ‘ brain pills ‘ in a single, once-daily natural supplement. We thought it was time someone combined these time-tested ingredients into one single capsule.

4.1 out of 5 – more than 800 global ratings

Nutraherbals Brain Booster Supplement Review
I’ve been using this for about a week now and I’ve noticed some changes for the better as far as my overall mood and mentality goes. I have been able to focus more at work without feeling groggy or jittery which is a plus for me since caffeine effects me in a negative way. I am curious to see what continued use will do for me, but I’d imagine it will be better than what it is now when it really gets into my system. The taste/smell isn’t awful either like lots of vitamins so taking this is much easier for me. Overall, I’d recommend this if you’re looking for more mental clarity and focus.


a. Who Cannot Take Ginkgo Biloba?

Avoid ginkgo if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures. Ginkgotoxin at high doses might result in seizures.

Ginkgo should not be taken if you are pregnant, elderly, or have a bleeding issue. Your risk of bleeding may go increased if you use the supplement. Stop taking ginkgo two weeks before surgery if you intend to have it.

Ginkgo may make it more difficult to control diabetes. If you have diabetes and use ginkgo, keep a watchful eye on your blood sugar levels.

b. What Causes Memory Loss and Forgetfulness?

There some possible causes of reversible memory loss:
– minor head trauma or injury.
– brain diseases (tumor or infection)
– emotional disorders (stress, anxiety or depression)
– sleep apnea.
– alcoholism
– certain medications.
– vitamin b-12 deficiency.
– hypothyroidism.

c. How to Train Focus and Concentration?

Source: 5 Ways to Build Focus and Concentration - College Info Geek

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