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Sunway Medical Centre Address 

No.5, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Medical Specialists | Doctors in Sunway Medical Centre

Cardiologists in Sunway Medical Centre | Heart Specialists
Dr. Hendrick Chia Miah Kang > Contact Doctor
Dr. Ng Swee Choon Contact Doctor
Dr. Ng Wai Kiat Contact Doctor
Dr. Samuel Ong Boon Leng Contact Doctor
Dr. Surendran Thuraisingam Contact Doctor
Dr. Tan Kim Heung Contact Doctor
Dr. Yoon Lai Lan > Contact Doctor
Related procedure: Angioplasty

Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialists | Best ENT Specialist in Sunway Medical Centre

Dr. Gan Tong Nee Contact Doctor
Dr. Koay Cheng Boon Contact Doctor
Dr. Ong Chun Chiang Contact Doctor
Dr. Paul Lim Vey Hong Contact Doctor
Related treatments: Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinus Infection, FESS, Sleep Apnea

Eye Specialist | Ophthalmologists
Dr. Andrew Tan Khian Khoon Contact Doctor
Dr. Cheong Fook Meng Contact Doctor
Dr. Chin Pik Kee Contact Doctor
Dr. Chin Wing Seng Contact Doctor
Dr. Grace Lee Pek Yuk Contact Doctor
Related treatments: Cataract, Glaucoma

Dr. Faridah Ismail Contact Doctor
Dato' Dr. Khalid Abdul Kadir Contact Doctor
Dr. Jaxinthe Ong Siew Kuen Contact Doctor
Related treatments: Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid disorders etc.

Neurologists in Sunway Medical Centre

Dr. Lee Moon Keen Contact Doctor
Dr. Ng Wai Keong Contact Doctor

Surgery (Surgeons)
Dato Dr. Tikfu Gee - Bariatric Surgery > Contact Doctor
Dr Ng Char Hong - Breast Surgeon > Contact Doctor
Dr. David Khoo - Cardiothoracic Surgery (Heart Surgeon) > Contact Doctor

Dato' Dr. Ghandhiraj - Cardiothoracic Surgery > Contact Doctor
Dr. Simon Yap Ngim Loong - Cardiothoracic Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Mohd Akhtar Qureshi - Colorectal Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Samuel Tay - Colorectal Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Shaharin Shaharuddin - Hepatobiliary Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Chee Chee Pin - Neurosurgery (Brain Surgeon) Contact Doctor
Dr. Lee Foo Chiang - Neurosurgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Muruga Kumar - Neurosurgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Ravi Krishnapillai - Neurosurgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Fung Chu - Neurosurgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Ahmad Zulkifli Laidin - Paediatric Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Goh Day Way - Paediatric Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Goon Hong Kooi - Paediatric Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Chua Chong Beng - Urology Contact Doctor
Dr. Lee Chin Keow - Urology Contact Doctor
Dr. Lim Chei Sing - Urology Contact Doctor
Dr. Loh Chit Sin - Urology Contact Doctor
Dr. Leong Yew Pung - Vascular Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. Lim Beng Kiat - Vascular Surgery Contact Doctor
Dr. E. Peter Contact Doctor
Dr. Hisham Abdullah Contact Doctor
Dato' Dr. Jasper C. Mehta Contact Doctor
Dr. Leong Yew Pung Contact Doctor
Dr. Lim Beng Kiat Contact Doctor
Dr. Lyou Yen Tian Contact Doctor
Dr. Mohd Akhtar Qureshi Contact Doctor
Dr. Robert Jalleh Contact Doctor
Dr. Samuel Tay Contact Doctor

Dr. Lim Kie Nyok Contact Doctor
Dato' Dr. (Mrs.) S. T. Kew Contact Doctor
Dr. Tan Huck Joo Contact Doctor
Dr. Yin Thing Phee Contact Doctor
Specialists for: Gastric Ulcer, Reflux Esophagitis (heart burn or GERD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colonoscopy, OGDS (Oesophago-Gastro-Duodeno-Scopy), colorectal cancer diagnosis, colon cancer diagnosis, endoscopy, helicobacter pylori infection, gastritis etc.

Dr. Rudy Yeoh Seok Ching > Contact Doctor


Dr. Tan Hee Wu Contact Doctor
Dr. Tan Wee Ming Contact Doctor
Dr. Lee Wan Tin Contact Doctor
Dr. Thiruventhiran Thilaganathan Contact Doctor
Related treatment: Dialysis

Obstetrics and Gynaecology | O&G
Dr. Balasundram > Contact Doctor
Dr. Chia Chee Peng > Contact Doctor
Dr. Chong Hon > Contact Doctor

Dr. Colin Lee > Contact Doctor
Dr. Chong Chin Kooi - Urogynecologist > 
Contact Doctor
Dr. Eric Tham > Contact Doctor

Dr. Fan Poh Wah > Contact Doctor
Dr. Jason Lim Meng Hock > Contact Doctor
Dr. Joyce Thum > Contact Doctor
Dr. Lai Poon Seet > Contact Doctor
Dr. Loo King Yoon > Contact Doctor
Dr. Mak Foo Sing > Contact Doctor
Dr. Neoh Hock Soon > Contact Doctor
Dr. Noor 'Aini > Contact Doctor
Dr. Patrick Chia Meah Kiang > Contact Doctor
Dr. Raman Subramaniam > Contact Doctor
Dato' Dr. Sivalingam Nalliah > Contact Doctor
Dr. Tan Boon Khim > Contact Doctor
Dr. Tan Chin Soon > Contact Doctor
Dr. Teoh Kah Hock > Contact Doctor
Dr. Tham Hock Heng > Contact Doctor
Dr. Vigneswaran > Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Chin Yuan > Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Choon Meng > Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Kim Lei > Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Pak Seng > Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Yat May > Contact Doctor
Related terms: Ob gyn, ob gynecologist, O&G, obstetrician, gynaecology, pregnancy, IVF

Related: Best IVF doctor in Malaysia

Orthopaedic Specialists in Sunway Medical Centre
Dr. Chee Chia Shing Contact Doctor
Dr. Hyzan Mohd Yusof Contact Doctor
Dr. Kok Choong Seng Contact Doctor
Dr. Lee Chong Meng Contact Doctor
Dr. Lim Heng Hing Contact Doctor
Dato' Dr. Charles V. David Contact Doctor
Dr. Low Eu Huat Contact Doctor
Dr. Ranjit Singh Gill Contact Doctor
Dr. Shue Chern Long Contact Doctor
Dr. Suresh George Contact Doctor
Dr. Teo Wee Sin Contact Doctor
Related procedures: Total hip replacement, Total knee replacement (TKR)

Plastic Surgery
Dr. Tan Geok Puan > Contact Doctor
Dr. Shamala Durairajanayagam
Dr. Margaret Leow

Related procedures: Breast enlargement (breast augmentation), liposuction, cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeon, breast implant, tummy tuck, boob job, eye bag removal
Related: Plastic Surgery Clinics Malaysia 

Oncology and Radiotherapy

Dr. Lam Kai Seng - Oncology and Radiotherapy Contact Doctor
Dr. Matin Mellor - Oncology and Radiotherapy Contact Doctor
Related terms: Breast cancer, Lung cancer 

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 
Dr. Mohd Noor Awang Contact Doctor
Dr. Ng Wan Fook Contact Doctor
Mr. Saravanan Selanduray Contact Doctor

Dr. Ling Chie Kai Contact Doctor
Dr. Usha Rani George Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Kok Choong Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Wing Keen Contact Doctor

Paediatrics (Pediatricians - Child Specialists)
Dr. Chye Joon Kin Contact Doctor
Dr. Lim Wei Ling Contact Doctor
Dr. Tan Teong Yong Contact Doctor
Dr. Rosalie Yip - Paediatrics Cardiology  Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Chee Piau - Paediatrics Neurology > Contact Doctor


Dr. Cheah Wing Yin - Psychiatry Contact Doctor
Dr. Lee Aik Hoe - Psychiatry Contact Doctor
Dr. Rabindran T. Gonzaga - Psychiatry Contact Doctor 
Related treatments: Insomnia, Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Bipolar disorders

Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Usha Rani George Contact Doctor
Dr. Wong Wing Keen Contact Doctor

Dr. Chow Sook Khuan Contact Doctor

Skin Specialists | Dermatologists
Dr. Koh Chuan Keng Contact Doctor
Dr. Ruban Nathan Contact Doctor
Related treatments: Eczema, Acne Treatment, Mole Assessment, Psoriasis Treatment, Rosacea Treatment, Skin Tag Removal, Wart Removal
Other Skin Specialists in Petaling Jaya and Kuala LumpurSkin Specialist in KL and PJ

Weight Management | Weight loss | Diet
Koh Pei Ling

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A list of (health) insurance companies, third party administrators and managed care organizations (MCOs) that Sunway Medical Centre accepts:
• AIG General Insurance
• Allianz General Insurance
• Allianz Life Insurance
• Allianz Malaysia Berhad
• Allianz Worldwide Care Limited
• AM Assurance Berhad
• Americal International Assurance Berhad
• Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn Bhd
• Asia Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad
• AXA AFFIN General Insurance Bhd
• AXA Assistance Singapore
• Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad
• BH Insurance (M) Sdn Bhd
• BUPA Insurance Services Limited
• Commerce Life Assurance Berhad
• COMPUMED Services
• Crescent Solutions
• DataLink Healthcard Network
• GMC Services
• Great Eastern (M) Bhd
• Hong Leong Assurance Berhad
• IHM Sdn Bhd
• International SOS (M) Sdn Bhd
• Jerneh Healthcare Services Sdn Bhd
• Jerneh Insurance Berhad
• Kurnia Insurance (M) Bhd
• Lonpac Insurance Bhd
• MAA International Assurance
• Malaysia National Insurance Berhad
• Malaysian Reinsurance Berhad
• Manulife Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd
• MCIS Zurich Insurance Berhad
• MediExpress (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
• Medijaring
• Metronic iCares Sdn Bhd
• Multi-Purpose Insurance Berhad
• Pacific Insurance Bhd
• PMCare Sdn Bhd
• Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad
• Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad
• QBE Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd
• RHB Insurance Berhad
• Seven Corners Inc
• Tejani Emergency Assistance (M) Sdn Bhd
• Travel Guard
• Uni.Asia General Insurance Berhad
• Vanbreda International

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Bone, Heart, Cardiologist, brain, orthopedic, orthopedics, kidney, nerve, joint, stomach, hysterectomy, urologist, tumor, neurology, lower back pain, neurologist, brain tumor, herniated disc, brain cancer, blood pressure, physician, cardiac, pulmonary.


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