Reviews on Dermatologists in Singapore 2023: A Guide to Seeing a Dermatologist

If you are looking for dermatologist reviews, prices and recommended dermatologists in Singapore, you've come to the right place. Just so that we are on the same page, a skin specialist is a dermatologist if he holds a professional medical degree with further post-graduate training in skin diseases. We wouldn't call someone working at a spa a skin specialist though, but if you have a skin related problem and has not been well self-managed or by a general practitioner, you may wish to be referred to a skin specialist or a dermatologist.

dermatologist singapore review

If you are looking for an affordable dermatologist or are worried that the dermatologists in the private sector are expensive, you could always try to get a referral to see a dermatologist in the public or government sectors e.g. National Skin Centre, SGH or NUH. However, they may not allow you to make appointment directly without a referral from either a general practitioner or a medical officer from the primary care department or via a polyclinic referral. Do call directly to find out the actual procedure.

Dermatologist Singapore

Dermatologist Reviews in Singapore

We have sifted through the internet and compiled a list of related reviews that you may wish to go through before you decide on which skin specialist to see in Singapore …

From Facebook

Post on Facebook - Mar 2014
Any one know of a good dermatologist that charges reasonable fees. Have got mild eczema.
Facebook Post by Dean Koh.

Post on Facebook - Nov 2014
Hi Guys, Any recommendation on a Dermatologist around this area? I was given Dr Keng Chen in Bella Vista but the earliest appointment is in December...
Post on Facebook - Jan 2013
Does anybody have a good dermatologist to recommend? 
Facebook Post by Walter Lim.


My Horrific Post-Facial Experience. You Need To Read This.
May 2013

Singapore - This post contains graphic images of a face inflammed with red, angry pimples filled with pus. You might feel itchy and want to vomit after seeing these images. I totally understand if you run away from me if you saw me. Reader discretion advised...
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More Than A Pretty Face – Update On My Skin Condition #2
Jun 2013 

Singapore - When did blogging become so incriminatory? When did my every word weigh so much to be scrutinized and nitpicked? When did a plain narration of personal experience become associated with big words such as ‘untrue allegation’,‘untrue accusation’, ‘untrue statement’, ‘legal framework’, ‘limited liability’, ‘defamation’? They are all letters in the alphabet that make up words, words that make no sense to me...
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You Know, I’m Still A Beauty Blogger
Jun 2013 

Singapore - I must be the luckiest person who has ever had a skin allergy. *throws confetti into air...
One with effects so severe my story has been published on platforms I never imagined Bun Bun Makeup Tips getting on – Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Lian He Wan Bao, AsiaOne, Yahoo News, and thousands of big and small sites, blogs and social media channels. I didn’t – and still don’t – feel comfortable granting live interviews so even though I was ecstatic that Good Morning America, Huffington Post, RazorTV, etc asked if I could make an appearance, I… just couldn’t face the world…

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Singapore Dermatologist Review (LL Cheong vs SYY)
Sep 2013

Singapore - It's been slightly over 4 months since I first went to see a dermatologist for my oil skin/pimples/scarring. Time really does fly by, but not as quickly as the cash from my wallet…
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From Singapore Expats Forum

Dermatologist for acne

A discussion thread that started in Jan 2010
Can anyone recommend a reputable dermatologist to treat acne in Singapore? My teenage bro has a bad case of acne, he is here on a short holiday so need to send him somewhere we wont be wasting time and money at. Any recommendations from anyone that has tried a clinic and has seen improvement would be most appreciated...

Read more:

Dermatologist Singapore Price - National Skin Centre Charges

The Centre has two categories of patients. Subsidised and Non-Subsidised patients.

Subsidised Patients

NSC is partly funded by the government through an annual grant. Through this grant, specialised dermatological services can be extended to patients who qualify for government subsidy.

To qualify for this subsidy at NSC, you must:
  • Be a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident of Singapore (holding a Singapore NRIC), and
  • Be referred to us by subsidised clinics of a public health institution or a polyclinic, or from an SAF medical officer/camp and
  • Be referred to the team of dermatologists on duty for that day
  • Be referred to NSC for a medical condition
Many common skin conditions can be adequately handled by the doctors in the polyclinics at nominal fees. The referral process ensures that patients receive the most appropriate level of treatment by the doctors. The subsidy is only applicable for basic medical care.

Non-Subsidised Patients

Non-Subsidised patients include all foreigners, those referred to a specific consultant, self-referrals and those who are referred to us by a private doctor or private hospital.

Important for ALL patients

If you have been discharged from our care and did not return for any follow-up appointments within the next 24 months of open date validity, your case will be considered closed at our centre. Your next visit after the above-mentioned period will be treated as a new visit and first consultation fees will apply. This is to ensure that you will receive proper assessment and treatment from our doctors in light of the lapsed time since your last visit.

Consultation Charges :

Non-Subsidised Rates:
First Consultation
Senior Consultant - $123.00 (Resident), $141.44 (Non Resident)
Consultant - $112.00 (Resident), $128.80 (Non Resident)
Assoc Consultant - $100.00 (Resident), $115 (Non Resident)

Follow-up Consultation
Senior Consultant - $93.00 (Resident), $106.96 (Non Resident)
Consultant - $82.00 (Resident), $94.31 (Non Resident)
Assoc Consultant - $70.00 (Resident), $80.50 (Non Resident)

Subsidised Rates:​
First Consultation - $37.00 (Singapore Citizen), $55.00 (Singapore PR)
Follow-up Consultation - $35​.00 (Singapore Citizen), $52.00 (Singapore PR)

Please note that:

  • Medication, Treatment and Investigations are charged separately.
  • If you have not visited the clinic in the last 2 years, your next visit will be considered a First Visit and you will be charged at First Consultation rate.
  • If you wish to continue to be treated at the subsidised clinic, you must obtain a fresh referral from the polyclinic or subsidised clinics from a public health institution. Otherwise you will be charged at non-subsidised rates.
  • Medication, Treatment and Investigation charges are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Rates indicated are inclusive of GST

Last updated on 4 Dec 2020

List of Skin Specialists (Dermatologists) in Singapore (Hospital based) 

We have compiled a comprehensive list of both private and public dermatologists (hospital based) here below for your convenience.

Dermatologists in National Skin Centre - Public

Address: 1 Mandalay Road Singapore 308205 (Directions to NSC​)
For general enquiries: (65) 6253 4455
To make an appointment, please visit their Appointment page​ or call NSC Appointment hotline at 6350 6666​.

Clinical Assoc Prof TAN Suat Hoon
(Clinical Interests: Cutaneous Lymphomas, Dermatopathology)

Clinical Prof CHAN Roy
(Clinical Interests: Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV, Hair) 

Adjunct Assoc Prof CHONG Wei Sheng
(Clinical Interests: Photodermatology, Psoriasis)

Clinical Assoc Prof CHUA Sze Hon
(Clinical Interest: Dermatological & Laser Surgery)

Clinical Assoc Prof GIAM Yoke Chin
(Clinical Interest: Paediatric Dermatology)

Clinical Prof GOH Chee Leok
(Clinical Interests: Contact & Occupational Dermatitis, Dermatological & Laser Surgery)

Adjunct Assoc Prof LIM Yen Loo
(Clinical Interests: Immunodermatology, Inpatient Dermatology, Drug Eruptions)

Adjunct Assoc Prof LEOW Yung Hian
(Clinical Interest: Contact & Occupational Dermatitis)

Adjunct Prof THNG Tien Guan Steven​
(Clinical Interest: Pigmentary Disorders)​

Dr CHIO Tze-Wei Martin
(Clinical Interests: Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV, Skin Cancers)

Dr GOON Teik Jin Anthony
(Clinical Interest: Contact & Occupational Dermatitis)

Dr HO Sheun Ling Madeline​​
(Clinical Interest: Paediatric Dermatology)

Dr LEE Siong See Joyce
(Clinical Interests: Dermatopathology, Hair)

Dr Hazel OON Hwee Boon
Consultant in charge for Acne subspecialty clinic.
(Clinical Interests: Photodermatology, Psoriasis)

Dr PAN Jiun Yit
(Clinical Interests: Cutaneous Infections, Photodermatology, Psoriasis)

Dr SEOW Chew Swee​
(Clinical Interest: Cutaneous Infections)

Dr TAN Wee Ping Melissa
(Clinical Interests: Dermatological & Laser Surgery, Skin Cancers, Cutaneous Lymphoma)

Dr TEY Hong Liang
(Clinical Interests: Neurodermatology, Inpatient Dermatology)​​

Dr Ellen CHAN
(Clinical Interest: Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV)

Dr CHEN Qiping
(Clinical Interests: Skin Cancers, Pigmentary Disorders)

Dr Suzanne CHENG
(Clinical Interests: Skin Cancer, Contact & Occupational Dermatitis, Dermatological & Laser Surgery)

Dr CHIA Hui Yi
(Clinical Interests: Dermatopathology, Skin Cancers)

Dr CHUAH Sai Yee
(Clinical Interests: Pigmentary Disorders, Hair)

Dr HENG Yee Kiat​
(Clinical Interests: Inpatient Dermatology, Psoriasis, Drug Eruptions)

Dr GAN Yiping Emily
(Clinical Interests: Pigmentary Disorders, Paediatric Dermatology)

Dr KER Khor Jia
(Clinical Interests: Dermatological & Laser Surgery, Immunodermatology, Paediatric Dermatology)​ ​

Dr LIANG Weiting Michelle​​
(Clinical Interests: Dermatopathology, Wound / Ulcer Management, Inpatient Dermatology)​

Dr TAN Sern Ting Eugene
(Clinical Interests: Photodermatology, Psoriasis)

Dr TAN Siyun Lucinda​
(Clinical Interests: Paediatric Dermatology, Immunodermatology, Inpatient Dermatology)

Dr TAN Wei Sheng
(Clinical Interest: Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV)

Dr TAN Wei Min Aaron
(Clinical Interest: Dermatological & Laser Surgery)

Dr TEE Shang-lan
(Clinical Interests: Dermatopathology, Cutaneous Lymphomas, Urticaria)

Dr WANG Cho Ee Etienne
(Clinical Interests: Hair)

Dr YONG Anning Angeline
(Clinical Interests: Dermatological & Laser Surgery, Skin Cancers, Hair)

Dr YEW Yik Weng
(Clinical Interests: Eczema, Psoriasis)​​​

Dermatologists in NUH (National University Hospital) Singapore - Public

University Medicine Cluster at National University Hospital (S) Pte Ltd
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119074

Contact details (Main Line): +(65) 6779 5555 (24-Hr)
Emergency (24 Hrs): +(65) 6772 5000 

Dr Paul Lorenz Bigliardi (Senior Consultant)
Dr Aw Chen Wee, Derrick (Consultant)
Dr Huma Jaffar (Consultant)
Dr Seow Chew Swee (Senior Visiting Consultant)
Dr Wong Soon Tee (Visiting Consultant)
Dr Lee Sze Min (Resident Physician)

Dermatologists in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) - Public

Singapore General Hospital
Address: Outram Road, Singapore 169608
Telephone Contact No.: +(65) 6222 3322

Dr. Pang Shiu Ming, Dr. Lee Huar Yueh, Dr T. Thirumoorthy, Dr Koh Hong Yi

Dermatologists in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore - Private

Dr Chan Yuin Chew, Dermatology Associates Pte Ltd.
#07-14, Gleneagles Hospital, 6 Napier Road, Singapore 258499

Dr Lim Kah Beng, K B Lim Skin Clinic Pte Ltd.
#09-06, Gleneagles Hospital, 6 Napier Road, Singapore 258499

Dr Nayar Thekke Karumathil Mallika, Mallika's Clinic For Hair & Skin.
#03-19, Gleneagles Hospital, 6 Napier Road, Singapore 258499

Dr Ng Pei Lin, Patricia. Dermatology Associates
#07-14 Gleneagles Hospital, 6 Napier Road, Singapore 258499

Dr Tham Siew Nee, Tham Siew Nee Skin Clinic
#07-08 Gleneagles Hospital, 6 Napier Road, Singapore 25849

Dermatologists in Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre - Private

Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre (Mount E)
Address: 3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510

Dr. Rosalind Khoo, Dr. Oon Beng Bee, Dr. Wong Su Ni, Dr. Eileen Tan, Dr. Jean Ho Chin Ching, Dr. Cheong Lai Leng, Dr Jennifer Foo Kim Geok, Dr Lee Chui Tho

Dermatologists in Novena Medical Centre

Thomson Specialist Skin Centre
Address: 10 Sinaran Dr, #10-05, Novena Medical Center Square 2, Singapore 307506

Dermatologist Singapore: Dr Tan Hiok Hee, Dr Audrey Tan Wei Hsia

Dr Loke Khua Eu. Loke Skin Clinic Pte Ltd. 
#09-13 Novena Medical Centre, Singapore 307506

Dermatologists in Mt Alvernia Medical Centre

Dr Ang Chee Beng, Ang Skin & Hair Clinic, 
#01-10 Mt Alvernia Medical Centre, Singapore 574623

The Skin Specialists and Laser Clinic
Dr Colin Theng Thiam Seng, Dr Mark Tang
#07-61 Mount Alvernia Medical Centre D, 820 Thomson Road,  Singapore 574623

List of Skin Specialists (Dermatologists) in Singapore (Clinic Based) - Private Clinics

Here is a list of clinic based dermatologists in Singapore.

Dermatologist Singapore Paragon

Dr Ang Por, Dermatology Associates Pte Ltd,
#15-05/06 Paragon, Singapore 238859

Dr Khoo Shih Wee Lawrence. Dermatology Associates Pte Ltd.
#15-05/06 Paragon, Singapore 238865

Dr Loh Teck Hiong Henry. Dermatology Associates Pte Ltd.
#15-05/06 Paragon, Singapore 238865

Dr Goh Kim Soon. Goh K S Skin Clinic.
#09-20/21 Paragon, Singapore 238859

Dr Lim Teng Ee Joyce. Joyce Lim Skin And Laser Clinic.
#11-16/20 Paragon, Singapore 238859

Dr Melvin Ee Hock Leong. Dermatology and Surgery Clinic
No. 290, Orchard Road, #15-09, Paragon Medical, Singapore 238859

Dr Raymond Kwah Yung Chien. Dermatology and Surgery Clinic
No. 290, Orchard Road, #15-09, Paragon Medical, Singapore 238859

Dr Henry Loh. Dermatology and Surgery Clinic
No. 290, Orchard Road, #15-09, Paragon Medical, Singapore 238859

Dr Tay Liang Kiat. Dermatology and Surgery Clinic
No. 290, Orchard Road, #15-09, Paragon Medical, Singapore 238859


Dr Lynn Chiam (Paediatric dermatologist), Children and Adult Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic

22 Mt Elizabeth, Singapore 228517

Dr Phay Ken-Lin. Specialist Skin Clinic.
#06-04 Orchard Building, Singapore 239693

Dr Seah Pong Pin. Seah Skin & Medical Clinic
503 Bishan St 11, Singapore 570503

Dr Cheong Wai Kwong. Specialist Skin Clinic.
#06-04 Orchard Building, Singapore 239693

Dr Foo Csian Ian Christopher. Raffles Hospital.
585 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188770

Dr Kavipurapu Venkata Ratnam. Ratnam's Allergy & Skin Centre.
#05-22 Singapore Shopping Centre. Singapore 239924

Dr Khoo Boo Peng. Specialist Skin Clinic.
#06-04 Orchard Building, Singapore 239693

How to become a dermatologist in Singapore?

In Singapore, to qualify as a dermatologist, a doctor needs to obtain a post-graduate degree in general internal medicine or paediatrics which may take up to 5 years before acceptance into a full time dermatology training programme in a recognised dermatological institute lasting 3 years.

Wrapping It Up

As a summary and also as a checklist, I would like to provide you with two key takeaways so that you have less difficulty in finding the right dermatologist for your skin problem.

Firstly, do your online research from credible websites. Secondly, check out Aesthetician Vs. Dermatologist: Who To Go To When.

Hope this post has helped you in some way in finding the right dermatologist for you or your loved ones in Singapore.

If it helped you, it will help others who are looking for the same information - please feel free to share. Please do your own independent research as well, in order to complement the information in this post.

If there are any major important reviews related to dermatologists in Singapore that we’ve missed, then please let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the post!

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