6 Popular Hair Loss Treatment Centres in Singapore 2023

If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment in Singapore, you are in the right place.

The first step to effective hair loss treatment in Singapore is an accurate diagnosis. I can't stress enough the importance of finding the root cause to your hair loss problem. Most of you may have been sold and up-sold product after product and signing up package after package. Some products and treatments are not always needed and may not be the best and most affordable option.

A hair loss treatment solution is not a one size fits all solution. Most hair loss centres in Singapore have over-simplified solutions and do not dig deep enough to your problem. For whatever the reason there might be, an effective hair loss treatment solution needs to be personalised and 'tailor-made' for you.

As for the hair loss centre selection, the online world provides overwhelming information. We have filtered and shortlisted 6 hair loss centres in Singapore for you to do further research and 'shopping around'. The selection of the hair loss centres below is based on Google Search Results, scientific evidence and information available on blogs and forums. The hair loss centres have been arranged in no particular order.

Here is our list of 'popular' top hair loss treatment centres in Singapore.

We have intentionally used the word 'popular' instead of the word 'best' or 'recommended' as these words obviously have different meanings. As you know, popular doesn't necessarily mean that they are among the best or they are recommended by us. We have compiled relevant information (available online) so that you could make an informed choice on the pros and cons when deciding on the best hair loss treatment centre or the recommended one in Singapore.

1) Hair and Nail Clinic, National Skin Centre Singapore

hair clinic national skin centre singapore

Consultant-in-charge: Dr Joyce Lee

The Hair and Nail Clinic offers skilled management of hair, scalp and nail disorders. All aspects of hair loss and nail disorders are managed here. Research projects on the treatment of hair loss as well as a comprehensive teaching programme, are also conducted in this clinic.

Address: 1 Mandalay Road Singapore 308205 (Directions to NSC​)
For general enquiries: (65) 6253 4455
To make an appointment, please visit their Appointment page​ or call NSC Appointment hotline at 6350 6666​.

To find other skin specialists in National Skin Centre, check out National Skin Centre Doctors.

2) Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic

Aesthetics and hair clinic review

Address: 391B Orchard Road, Tower B, Singapore 238874

www.aestheticsandhairclinic.com (Alexa ranking below 2,000,000)

Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic is a clinic led by Dr Tan Tyng Yuan. Her area of interest is in hair loss treatment, and she has been trained under Hair Restoration Surgeons both in Asia and in the USA in Hair Transplantation before opening her own clinic here in Singapore.

The clinic claims that Dr Tan is one of the few doctors approved by the Singapore Medical Council for the purposes of carrying our hair transplantation procedures, and the clinic offers both the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. Dr Tan is also personally trained by Dr John Cole, a pioneering doctor in the FUE technique, who heads the Cole Hair Transplant Group based in the USA.

For the FUE technique, the clinic offers three different ways of performing it. These three different ways were developed by Dr John Cole. The first is the fully shaved technique, where the patient will have the entire head shaved to a hair length of 1-2mm in length. This method allows the hair specialists to carry out the entire operation with greater ease, and also allows the patient to experience a uniform growth of hair.

The second method is the partially shaved technique, where only the donor area where hair is being extracted from is shaved to aid the FUE process. This area can then be covered by the hair that the patient has on top and below the donor area once the procedure is complete.

Finally, there is the C2G technique, which does not involve shaving at all. Hair that is to be removed from the donor site is individually trimmed to make sure that the rest of the hair remains as it is, ensuring a more natural look after the procedure is carried out. The downside of this method is that it is the most expensive option, as it takes away the downtime that comes with the previous two options.

The price of the procedure is dependent on the severity of the hair loss that the patient is experiencing and the specific treatment method that is chosen, but approximately, the final bill will be around SGD 6000 and above.

For those do not want to go through a surgical process to treat their hair loss problems, the clinic also offers an alternative treatment plan to treat and combat hair loss. This involves a combination of Low Lever Laser Therapy (LLT) with medications. This treatment option typically requires the patients to go for twenty minute sessions up to three times a week at the initial stages of the treatment, and later on, once a month for maintenance. Under the LLLT treatment, the patient will be positioned under a headpiece.

This headpiece is similar to the steamers that are used in hair salons. The lasers are fitted inside the headpiece, and is then directed over the head of the patient. The patient will then sit under the headpiece for a period of time while being supervised by the doctor. Some patients might experience a warm and tingling sensation on their scalp when they are undergoing such treatment.

Dr Tyng Tan Aesthetics and Hair Clinic Reviews

3) Ashley and Martin - Hair Loss Treatment - Singapore

Ashley and Martin Singapore review
Image via Ashley and Martin Singapore Facebook Page

Web: ashelyandmartin.com.sg

Ashley & Martin is a medical hair centre line that has its origins in Australia. It has been operating since 1964, and has expanded to other countries such as New Zealand and Singapore. The centre specialises in the treatment of hair loss, and they claim to have a 98% success rate with the hair loss cases that they have treated.

Ashley & Martin offers a variety of different programmes for those at different stages of hair loss. This ranges from those who are at the early stages of hair loss to those suffering from the final stages of baldness.

For those suffering from the early stages of hair loss, Ashley & Martin offers a program known as RealGROWTH®. On their website, they claim that clinical trials conducted by a leading dermatologist showed that more than 98% of hair loss patients regrew an average of 113% more hair. The RealGROWTH® program involves the use of a range of special cleansing products, medication, supplements and therapeutic treatments. This combination claims to block the production of dihydro-testosterone, and to protect cells from this hormone.

It also claims to reactivate hair roots that are tired, and to promote the natural regrowth of hair. Specifically, for women, the RealGROWTH® hair loss treatment involves the diagnosis of your condition via blood tests done by the doctors at Ashley & Martin, and treatment can also involve the prescription of Anti-Androgen, which is something that is used to control the hormones in your body that can be involved in female hair loss.

Ashley & Martin also offers Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). The utilise a cap device known as LaserPro Plus. The LaserPro Plus has 272 laser diodes inside a hat, and is to be used for 30 minutes every other day. LLLT involves the use of infra-red laser beams to decrease the level of inflammation, increase blood flow to the scalp and hence stimulate hair growth. LLLT is used to treat androgenetic alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness.

This condition is genetic in nature and is the most common form of hair loss. Those who suffer from androgenetic alopecia have a gene that increases their sensitivity to the effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone. This hormone can accumulate in the inner roots of the follicles, causing them to decrease in size. The follicles then become completely dormant. When this happens, hair growth will come to a halt completely.

There are three stages of hair growth—anagen (the growth stage), catagen (the transition stage), and telogen (the stage where the hair follicles become dormant and hair sheds). LLLT works by stimulating the hair follicles to shift into the anagen growth stage. LLLT involves the use of a light that produces a specific wavelength. This can be absorbed by the hair follicles and stimulates the epidermal stem cells.

These cells are key to the regeneration of hair follicles. With an increase in the blood flow to the hair follicles, more nutrients and oxygen can be delivered to them. This allows the metabolic processes required for hair growth to be sped up, hence preventing the dihydrotestosterone hormone from being built up in your hair follicles.

However, LLLT is limited in its effect and is not the solution to all hair problems. LLLT is usually more effective at treating weaker and thinner hair follicles by making them stronger and healthier. However, it will only work if there is an active hair follicle present. It cannot work and help with your hair loss problems if the hair follicles are already dead. LLLT also still remains controversial amongst those who offer such treatment for hair loss, with many unable to agree on which settings are the most optimal for treating hair loss, and definitely also comes with a hefty price tag.

For those who are experiencing advanced hair loss, Ashley & Martin offers their RealHAIR® treatment. The RealHAIR®single follicle transfer technique involves the insertion of each follicles of hair individually. Each follicle is harvested from the back and the sides of your scalp, and are then transplanted to the areas where you are suffering from hair loss. Since this is an invasive surgical procedure, the clinic itself has warned that this treatment carries a certain amount of risk, and advices patients to get a second opinion from another qualified health practitioner before going for this treatment.

For those who are suffering from the final stages of baldness, Ashley & Martin offers a package known as RealLOOK®. This is a hair replacement option involving the design of a custom hair system for you. However, this merely hides the problem that you are experiencing, and does not do anything to treat the hair loss condition that you are suffering from.

Ashley & Martin Reviews

Ashley and Martin Singapore Google Reviews Rating: 4.7 out of 5

I will just get a script for Propecia and Regaine and purchase it from the pharmacy for a much cheaper price.
Yeah, in terms of prevention and regrowth Ashley and Martin can offer nothing over this (not their fault...just the way it is).
Do not get a script for propecia. Get a script for 5 mg finasteride (proscar) with a few repeats and then buy the generic. ¼ tablet per day. "Finasta" will cost you $50 (ex-shipping) for a 120 day supply at epharmacy for example – Chemist Warehouse may be the same. That's about $150 per year.
Maybe consider starting on minoxidil later (e.g. 1 year after finasteride) rather than straight away, to see if it works for you. That way you won't be in a situation where you get sick of the effort of applying the stuff but are scared to quit because you don't know which treatment led to the gains.
You may read more reviews on Ashley & Martin: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1963893

4) Terra Medical Clinic

Terra Medical Team

Address: 9 Scotts Road #11-03 Scotts Medical Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210

Web: terramedical.sg

5) Jonsson Protein Singapore

jonsson protein singapore review

Jonsson Protein has 4 outlets in Singapore: Lot One, Jurong Westgate, Paya Lebar, Plaza Singapore.

Web: jonssonprotein.com.sg

Google Reviews Rating: 4.7 / 5

6) Svenson Hair Care
Svenson hair care

Web: svensonhair.com.sg

Svenson is a hair centre line that first opened in London in 1956. Over the 60 odd years of their operation, they have since branched out to other countries, and have opened hair centres through Asia. Specifically, they currently have centres located in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Svenson offers a treatment known as the Feminine Hair Loss Control Treatment that is designed to counter female hair loss that can be attributed to imbalances in their hormone levels or oxidative stresses.

The treatment also claims to rejuvenate the roots of the hair, provide anti-aging properties to the scalp and strengthen hair when regularly done. The key technology used in their Feminine Hair Loss Control Treatment includes the use of vitamin B3, also more commonly known as niacinamide. This increases the microcirculation in the scalp and also enhances the production of keratin on the hair strands. Scalp inflammation is also better managed.

This promotes the thickening of the strands of hair on your head and also nourishes the roots of the hair. Sea plankton extract is used to increase the growth and length of hair, and also to increased cell renewal rates on the scalp, enhancing the effect of the other active ingredients that are present.

Wild yam is also used in their treatment, which is known to be rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A helps the maintenance of healthy hair renewal and the hydro-lipidic balance of the scalp, keeping hair smoother and less prone to breakage. Pueraria mirifica root extract is added to the mix as well to strength hair and to protect your hair against premature aging.

For those patients who are suffering from severe hair loss, Svenson also offers a form of stem cell therapy, which is known as the Svenson’s Stem Plus Therapy. This therapy method involves the use of stem extracts from adipose tissue. Bio-engineered complexes such as Copper Peptides are used to deliver the nutrients to the follicles of your hair.

This treatment claims to increase the size of the hair follicles, restore the blood supply to the follicles that are damages and are not receiving sufficient nutrients and also stimulate the synthesis of melanin to guard against greying of the hair. The formula used also purports to inhibit 5-α reductase.

This enzyme then stops the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which is an enzyme that causes hair loss. The key ingredients that are used in this treatment are adipose derived media extract and copper tripeptides. Adipose, or fat tissue, provides a ready supply of stem cells.

A specific extract from the adipose stem cell that contains concentrated growth factors is used in the treatment. This claims to have the ability to promote the differentiation of the cells in the scalp. The copper tripeptides that are used are claimed to be able to increase the size of the hair follicles and also improve blood supply to hair follicles that are currently damaged.

While all this talk about stem cells might seem incredibly advanced and cool, stem cell therapy is a recent discovery in its use to treat hair loss. Hence, there is much that we still do not know about it. Doctors still do not completely understand the effects of such therapy, and the potential long term side effects of stem cell use in these treatments remains unknown.

Svenson Reviews

Google Reviews Rating: 3.0 / 5

Posted by cleveland27 on 3 Oct, 2010
"They are money leeches, who will drain you dry of every cent, promising you out-of-this-world results, inducing you to rely on their products which do not work, making you feel terrible at every visit, and trying ridiculous procedures and moving on to the next. You are like a lab mouse.
And you heard it here 1st, while I was doing my tightening my hair weave, I actually had this conversation with one of their staff."

Posted by krgroup on Jan 12, 2010
"I have been to both places, Svensons or even Yun Nam both are useless... one offered me a RM16K package and the other RM4K for a start to keep continuosly seeking treament... Money is not an issue however, I just hate their MLM marketing style. Forcing people to sign up on the spot. The treatments are merely to reduce your hair loss, so what about regrowth? Forget it. I spoke to my family doctor, and he told me frankly that once hair loss has started its almost impossible to stop it. Minoxidil is not recommended for young males as he said it will affect the genitals and sperm production. The best you could do is go for a hair transplant which will cost about RM20K and if you go to a professional hair transplant centre the results wont be like Samy Vellu. Yun Nam is really unprofessional and I wonder if they can produce the names of so called 170 000 satisfied clients. Probably those are just the ones who went there for consultation. They keep on forcing you to swipe your card, I made a decision to just walk out. I ask the Svenson consultant if there is guarantee for regrowth and she said there is none. So after all the treatments and your hair still drops you cant do anything against them."
Read more: https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/525638/+40

"Hello I've done the first (cleaning) and 2nd stage (anti-dht/booster) stage in Svenson and spent almost 90k already! Now I'm no on my last stage (protein) which costs around 45k. Should I continue this stage thinking it's the last? Who finished this stage already and how big is the improvement? The consultant says it will make my strants thicker and the protein will make sure that the hair stays on the roots."


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