7 Best UV Baby Bottle Sterilizers 2023

It’s important to sterilize your baby’s bottles and accessories, especially if your baby has an immune disorder or is premature. There are a variety of innovative sterilizers available to make this procedure easier, and one of the most advanced is UV sterilizers, which can sterilize your baby’s bottles only in three minutes.

Are UV Sterilizers Safe for Babies?

Yes, they are safe for sterilizing babies’ bottles. UV sterilisers use artificial UVC rays, which kill germs and bacteria safely and swiftly, unlike UVA rays, which promote skin ageing, and UVB rays, which cause sunburn.

How Do UV Sterilizers Work?

UV sterilization, also known as UV disinfection or ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), works by breaking down chemical connections and disrupting the structure of DNA, RNA, and proteins, preventing a microorganism from multiplying. When a microorganism loses its ability to multiply, it is considered dead and no longer infectious.

Best UV Baby Bottle Sterilizers

1. Wabi UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer for Bottles

Wabi UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer for Bottles

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– Advanced Ultraviolet Sterilizers:
Designed with a simple touchscreen that lets you sterilize, dry and store items with a single touch, sanitize bottles or devices in just 30 minutes while eliminating germs and bacteria.

– Multipurpose UV Sterilization:
A gentle, low-heat system this is more than a bottle sterilizer. It produces UV rays that safely and effectively sterilize jewelry, remote controls, iPads or tablets, electronic devices, sunglasses and more.

– Space-Saving Sterile Storage:
Once items have been sterilized you can use our sterilizer for baby bottles, kitchen wares, or electronics as a storage space that continually and automatically keeps them clean and germ free.

– Automatic Sanitization Process:
The user-friendly touch panel on top lets you set UV sterilization for one minute up to every two hours, so you can continually keep items cleaner between uses; especially important for babies or expectant moms.

– Superior Germ Elimination:
Our sterilization machine uses dual UV bulbs to safely and efficiently eliminate 99.9% of E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and other harmful bacteria to help reduce the spread of germs or contaminants in your home.

4.8 out of 5 – more than 400 global ratings

Wabi UV-C Sterilizer and Dryer for Bottles Reviews
Used a digital UVC radiometer to measure response. Definately has UVC light for sterilization from light above. UVC light reflected off sides is almost zero. Peak 416 micro Watt / cm2 UVC (254nm) pointing straight up at UVC light. Reflection from sides is much less. Back, left and right reflection is max 4 micro Watt / cm2 UVC (254nm). Front door is at most 1 micro Watt / cm2 UVC (254nm).

2. Grownsy UV Sterilizer for Baby Bottles

Grownsy UV Sterilizer for Baby Bottles

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Grownsy UV Baby Bottle Sterilizers

– 99.99% + Cleaned:
Grownsy uv sanitizer built-in philips uv lamp(long life and more efficiently)for quick and effective sterilizing. Clean 99.99%+ from baby bottles and daily necessities.

– 4-n-1 UV Sanitizer with Large Capacity Case:
Sterilizing/aoto(sterilizing+drying+storage)/bottle dryer/bib dryer. This do-it-all machine deserves to be owned by growing families. 167℉ drying ensures that item can be used once the drying completed. Capable of accommodating 12 baby bottles. Dimensions : 9.84 x 9.84 x 9.84 in / weight : 6.6ib,large capacity without occupying space.

– Multipurpose:
This uv sanitizer is intended to be used in household, kitchen, hotels, hospital & care center,beauty salons and kindergarten for baby products, adult and child’s intimate clothing, jewelry, beauty tools,tableware and mobile phones.

– Intimate Design:
Modern & elegant make grownsy uv sanitizer so hot. Built with melt-blown filter,ensure the entry of fresh air. With mirror inner wall design, 360°sterilizing by reflecting uv light become more efficient. It will auto shuts-off when top lid is opened.

4.7 out of 5 – more than 1,440 global ratings

Grownsy UV Light Sterilizer for Baby Bottles Reviews
This dryer/sterilizer is phenomenal! I bought it for use with my granddaughter’s bottles, etc., but have found it useful for so much more! I mainly use it to dry things before putting away and have peace of mind knowing they have been sanitized. I also sometimes have things that aren’t fully dry after using the dishwasher and can toss them in there. It’s great for baby toys and pacifiers, too! It fits the countertop, out of the way and not too big, and is very lightweight so can be moved easily for temporary OR permanent reasons. The unit is also quiet, and I can pile LOTS in it and not worry that everything will be dry and ready to put away!

3. Philips UV Light Sanitizer Box - Disinfect Everyday Items, Baby Products

Philips UV Light Sanitizer Box - Disinfect Everyday Items, Baby Products

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Philips UV Baby Bottle Sterilizers

Philips has over 35 years of experience in UV-C lighting for residential and commercial spaces. Decades of strong application expertise bring added peace of mind. It can effectively inactivate spores, in a matter of minutes.

The highly reflective interior allows UV-C light to disinfect items more effectively. The stainless-steel chamber ensures each object’s surface is reached, regardless of the way it is facing. Moreover, this product is ETL listed ensuring testing and compliance with safety and sanitation industry standards. Edison Testing Labs signifies a product’s safety for the public.

How to Use:
To disinfect multiple items at once, simply load your items evenly into the box and select your working mode using the clear digital display.

4.6 out of 5 – more than 140 global ratings

Philips UV Light Sanitizer Box Reviews
– Claims lab results show Philips UV lights reduce SARS-CoV-2 virus infectivity
– Large size accommodates larger items or multiple small items
– Clear, easy to use buttons
– Countdown clock shows how much time the disinfect cycle has left
– Shuts off light when lid is opened

– No cancel button

The Philips UV light sanitzer box is actually a lot bigger than I was expecting. It’s about the size of a small electric rice cooker. It’s big enough to fit things like a Kindle, paperback books, wallets, ear buds, smartphones, keys, etc. It’s not just a phone sanitizer, so you can actually sanitize things like baby bottles, pacifiers, mouthguards, and retainers too.

It has a drying feature, so you can use it to dry out things too, which would be useful for quickly drying items so they don’t start growing mold. I myself don’t expect to use that feature, but it’s nice to have. I would’ve liked a cancel button, though, so if I put my phone in there and needed to use it before the cycle was done, I could safely cancel it and use my phone. I think opening the lid would end up doing the same thing, but a separate button would make me feel better than just interrupting it by forcing the lid open.

4. Upang Plus LED Baby Bottle Sanitizer

Upang Plus LED Baby Bottle Sanitizer

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Upang Plus UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

– LED UV Lamps: No need to replace lamps every year, no mercury produced
– Patented Technology: Rotating UV LEDs ensure that UV light reaches every corner of the object.
– Dryer Feature: New Turbo Mode for intensive drying
– Included: 1 Upang UV sanitizer, 1 stainless steel basket, 1 stainless steel shelf, LED lamps (pre-installed), 1 user manual.

Developed and made in Korea ; 120V / 60HZ ; EPA Establishment Number: 93551-KOR-1

Upang Plus LED Baby Bottle Sanitizer Reviews
Best baby product I have purchased. Made drying and sanitizing baby bottles and milk pumping components very easy and fast. This review is written after 2 months of use.

5. Haenim 4th Generation Smart Classic HN-04 Plus Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer

Haenim 4th Generation Smart Classic HN-04 Plus Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer

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Haenim Smart UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

– High efficiency FAN & state-of-the-art built-in PTC heater
– Dual UV Sterilization Lamp + Blind Spot Zero Front Reflector Door
– Lamp replacement notification
– Turbo function: Rapid drying / sterilization
– Sterilization 99.99%

– Cleaning time notifications
– Clean Air Circulation: Nylon Microfiber Vent Filter
– Display: temperature and time status notification
– LED lights: Easy to find at night
– Mute mode
– As well as disinfect baby bottles available to take advantage of a variety of household goods

6. Tommee Tippee UV 3 in 1 Sterilizer for Baby Bottles

Tommee Tippee UV 3 in 1 Sterilizer for Baby Bottles

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– Kills Viruses* & 99.9% of Bacteria:
Viruses & bacteria don’t stand a chance against the Ultraviolet Sterilizer. UV light kills viruses & 99.9% of harmful bacteria without heat, steam or harsh chemicals

– Safe and Has Many Function:
UV light is a safe and dry method of sterilizing. With 4 different functions it can dry, sterilize, or dry & sterilize in one, and store your baby bottles in a hygienic way

– Safe and Energy-Efficient:
The auto shut-off mode automatically switches off the UV lamp when the door is opened during use. the long-lasting, energy-efficient Philips UV bulb lasts up to 6000 hours

Tommee Tippee UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer Reviews:
My son had a baby in Nov this was a great got idea. Mom and dad loved it, saved time making it a useful purchase

7. Professional UV Sterilizer Cabinet

Professional UV Sterilizer Cabinet

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Our disinfection cabinet uses 253.7nm ultraviolet light for disinfection, and 253.7nm ultraviolet light has a strong sterilization effect.

How to Use:
Both ultraviolet rays and ozone have sterilization and disinfection effects, ultraviolet rays are used for surface disinfection, and ozone is used for disinfection without dead ends. For products with smooth surfaces such as mobile phones or glasses, please choose 8 minutes for disinfection; for textiles or irregularly wrinkled items, please choose 30 minutes for disinfection.

If the product is damaged within 361 days, we will provide free replacement or free maintenance.
If you are not satisfied with the product after purchase, you can return or exchange the product unconditionally within 30 days and contact the seller’s customer service.

Professional UV Sterilizer Cabinet Reviews:
I purchased this cabinet just because situation right now. for the healthcare and safety of my family, I purchased this cabinet. It can be used to disinfect keys, wallet,washable masks, coins and cell phones, safety glasses etc. Good product , good price and good service.


a. Are Baby Sterilizers Necessary?

Keeping your baby’s bottles is as simple as hand washing them with soap and hot water or running them through the dishwasher. Sterilizing is an extra step that is typically suggested for parents of immune-compromised or premature kids, however, it is also used in order to keep the bottles extra clean!

b. UV Sterilizer Vs Steam Sterilizer

UV sterilizers use ultraviolet (UV) light, while steam sterilizers use steam. Though UV light kills bacteria as effectively as steam, its effectiveness is determined by where the light shines.

UV light only kills germs when it shines directly on the bacteria-infested product surface. UV light, unlike steam, which is a gas that can easily spread across the entire surface of a product regardless of shape. UV sterilizers only shine up and down in a straight path.

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