8 Best Nattokinase Supplements 2023

Nattokinase (NK) is an enzyme derived from a traditional Japanese food called natto. Nattokinase is good for atherosclerosis (add magnesium), vascular health, stroke prevention, and clot prevention. Interestingly, Nattokinasi also contains high amounts of vitamin K2. K2 helps to pull the calcium where it shouldn’t be and into the bone where it should be. Low amounts of K2 cause calcium to build up in the arteries.

Nattokinase for Blood Clots

Nattokinase dissolves blood clots by directly hydrolyzing fibrin and plasmin substrate. It converts endogenous prourokinase to urokinase (uPA). It also degrades plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) and increases the level of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA). (Source)

Furthermore, a study has also suggests that daily NK supplementation is an effective way to manage the progression of atherosclerosis and potentially may be a better alternative to statins which are commonly used to reduce atherosclerosis and further to prevent cardiovascular attack and stroke in patients.

Tanikawa et al. (2022) examined the effect of nattokinase on the COVID-19 spike protein. In the first experiment, they demonstrated that spike was degraded in a time and dose-dependent manner in a cell lysate preparation that could be similar to a vaccine recipient. The second experiment demonstrated that nattokinase degraded the spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 infected cells. This was reproduced in a similar study done by Oba and colleagues in 2021.

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Nattokinase for Hypertension

Nattokinase supplementation resulted in a reduction in systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP). According to one study, the increased intake of nattokinase may play an important role in preventing and treating hypertension.

How Much Nattokinase Should I Take?

There is no established dosage for nattokinase, although research indicates that taking 100 (equivalent to 2,000 fibrinolytic units [FU]) to 200 mg of it orally daily may have health benefits. However, the dose may be different in some people. It can be vary depending on several factors, such as the reason for taking it, the form of the supplement, and individual factors such as age and health status.

Best Nattokinase Supplements

Where to buy nattokinase supplements? Here are some top-rated nattokinase supplements available on the market. This short-list should help you narrow down your choices and find the best option for you.

1. Horbaach Nattokinase Supplement 4000 FU

- Innovative Support
Delivers 200 mg of Nattokinase per serving in convenient quick-release capsules

- Expertly Crafted
Our professional formula is backed by our commitment to purity and potency

- Horbaach Manufacturers
Laboratory Tested, Trusted Ingredients, Superior Quality, 100% Guaranteed!

- Naturally Free Of
Gluten, Wheat, Milk, Lactose, Artificial Flavor, Preservatives & Non-GMO

4.6 out of 5 - more than 1,100 global ratings

Thank you to the other people that left reviews. I decided to give it a try and after a little more than a week I have more feeling in my legs. I am able to exercise more and being diabetic the feeling in my legs had dissipated. I now have feeling in my calves and feet and this product is the reason. Thank God for another great natural remedy!

2. Doctor's Best Nattokinase

- Doctor’s Best Nattokinase 
Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from natto, a traditional fermented soy food popular in Japan. During the natto production process, non-GMO soybeans are boiled and fermented with friendly Bacillus subtilis bacteria producing nattokinase. It contains pure nattokinase enzyme with Vitamin K2 removed. Nattokinase has been shown to support a healthy circulatory system by helping to maintain normal fibrinogen levels in blood.*

- Nattokinase for a Healthier Heart Health 
Clinical and non-clinical studies have shown that Nattokinase can support heart and circulatory health by helping to maintain normal blood flow.

- Improve Blood Flow 
Nattokinase vegan formula promotes better circulation and heart health*

- Vegan, Non-GMO Ingredients 
When healthy bacteria called natto bacillus and soybeans are combined the blood-flow friendly, Nattokinase enzyme with 2,000 fu (fibrinolytic units) is formed which helps maintain proper blood flow.*

4.7 out of 5 - more than 2,000 global ratings

I will use this for some time. Following surgery I had a small blood clot in my leg. I was on blood thinners for 6 months. While I am not considered to be genetically predisposed to clots, I am at higher risk. Aspirin and I do not get along well. Nattokinase has been a welcome alternative to daily aspirin without the side effects I get with aspirin like stomach irritation (yes even a little aspirin). I am glad to have found these easy to swallow good potency capsules.

3. The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula

The Wellness Company's acclaimed Spike Support Formula contains scientifically-researched ingredients, including nattokinase, black seed oil (Nigella Sativa), green tea extract (EGCG) and selenium.

These ingredients are known for their ability to dissolve spike protein, prevent it from binding to cells, and repair tissue.

Recommended to maintain daily health for anyone exposed to COVID, vaccines, or shedding – and may help your body repair itself and remain at optimal health.

Where to buy Spike Support Formula: Spike Support Formula is available on The Wellness Company's website. Here is the link: Spike Support Formula (Long Haul Formula)

Note: To get 10% OFF, please use this coupon code: ONEDAYMD

4. NusaPure Nattokinase 4000 FU 200 Veggie Capsules

Nattokinase 4000 FU 200 Veggie Capsules

- nattokinase 800mg and 4000 FU per serving. 200 veggie caps for a 100 Day supply.
- vegan/Vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten free
- manufactured in the USA in a cGMP registered facility with high standards.
- advanced and superior formulation using high-quality sourcing and innovation.
- our formulations are crafted with high quality ingredients and care.

4.7 out of 5 - more than 650 global ratings

Using this product has reduced my endo pain and it also lowered my blood pressure. It's an excellent addition to the other meds I take to help my endo. I have endo rupturing through my skin so I'm able to see the effects, less inflammation and pain in the area and less bleeding. There's very limited research on this for endo, but the research looked promising so I wanted to try it. I've been using this for at least a year and it's definitely improved my symptoms.

5. Double Wood Supplements Nattokinase

Double Wood Supplements Nattokinase


- Healthy Flow
Nattokinase may help support healthy circulatory by lowering plasma levels of certain proteins that effect flow overall and circulatory support.

- Derived from Soy (Japanese Natto) 
Since Nattokinase is derived from fermented soybeans (Japanese Natto) there may be trace amounts of Soy in the product. Do not take if you are allergic to soy

- Two Month Supply
Our Nattokinase supplement contains 60 servings of 200mg (4,000FU) which equals 120 Capsules (100mg 2,000 FU per capsule)

- USA Proud and Vegan Safe
Our Nattokinase supplement is manufactured / tested in the USA, Gluten Free, and are Non-GMO

After extensive research, this is the enzyme heavily studied for decades to cut through Fibroids; fibrous clots in your body. The Japanese have this in their normal diets naturally, and as a population, they do not struggle with heart disease, attacks, and other issues like fibroids. Do your own research. I've been taking over a month at a lower dosage. I am taking for heart health and other reasons. Great product.

6. NOW Supplements, Nattokinase 100 mg

NOW Supplements, Nattokinase 100 mg


- Cardiovascular Health
Nattokinase is an enzyme isolated from Natto, a traditional Japanese fermented soy food.* Natto has been consumed for thousands of years for its numerous health promoting properties.*

- Vegan and Keto Friendly Capsules
NOW Nattokinase is derived from non-GMO soy and has 2,000 FUs (Fibrinolytic Units) per 100 mg serving.

- Certification/Classification
Vegan/Vegetarian, Keto Friendly, Nut Free, Made without Gluten, Dairy Free, Egg Free

- GMP Quality Assured
NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).

Does what’s it’s intended to do. Thins the blood and also I have seen my blood pressure lowered.

7. Arthur Andrew Medical Nattovena, Pure Nattokinase

Arthur Andrew Medical - Nattovena, Pure Nattokinase

- Fibrin Cleanse
A powerful nattokinase supplement formulated to cleanse your blood of fibrin to help support circulatory and cardiovascular function.

- All Natural Relief
From fatigue, painful joints, arterial blockage, and high blood pressure resulting from an imbalance of fibrin in the blood.

- Nattovena
Provides more than 4,000 fibrinolytic (fibrin-dissolving) units per capsule, is naturally acid-stable, and does not require an enteric coating.

- A Safe and Effective
Way to replace natural enzymes lost through aging while reducing symptoms related to unhealthy levels of fibrin in the blood.

I used nattokinaase to reduce the risk of blood clots in my legs. I have had three ultra sound leg scans showing no blood clots. I continue to take the supplement each day.

8. Pure Encapsulations NSK-SD

  Pure Encapsulations NSK-SD


- Circulatory Health
NSK-SD (Nattokinase) helps maintain healthy blood flow, circulation and blood vessel function.*

- Vascular Health
NSK-SD may also help support the body's natural clotting process.*

- Pure Quality
Our supplements are made with only premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers and guided by our nutritional experts, then carefully manufactured and tested to verify their potency and purity.

Fast and efficient service.
Along with healthy diet and exercise, my husband takes the NSK-SD diligently. I keep ordering it for him because we really believe that it helps.


a. How Do You Take Nattokinase?

It is recommended to take these proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach.

b. Who Cannot Take Nattokinase Supplement?

  • Nattokinase should be avoided by anyone taking blood-thinning drugs like warfarin, heparin, or aspirin, or they should speak with their doctor before using it. This is because using nattokinase along with these drugs may increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Nattokinase supplements should also be avoided by people who have bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia, or who are about to undergo surgery.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid nattokinase supplements, as there is limited research on the safety of these supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • People with liver or kidney disease should consult with their healthcare provider before taking nattokinase, as there is limited research on the safety of these supplements for people with these conditions.
It is always advised to consult your healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen, including nattokinase, to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your individual needs and health condition.

c. Lumbrokinase vs Nattokinase vs Serrapeptase

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