Bambo Nature Diapers Reviews 2021

As a mother, choosing the right diaper is not only about its function that keeps the baby dry but also need to check its material. But since each brand has many different variations of baby diapers, you may miss out on products that are more valuable than what you’re currently using.In this article, we will provide you with Bambo Nature Diapers Reviews. 

We’ve highlighted the elements you should consider before deciding on one of the options. We hope that this review will assist you in determining the best option for you and your baby. First, let’s have a look at Bambo Nature Diaper Size.

Bambo Nature Diaper Size and Weight Chart Guide

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Available Size for Each Diapers’ Variation 

1. Bambo Nature eco-friendly diapers
– Ultra-absorbent
– Soft and breathable
– Perfect body-fit
– Skin-friendly (no perfume and parabens)
– Certified eco-friendly

2. Bambo Nature Dream
– Top quality performance
– Super soft materials
– Gentle to skin and nature

3. Bambo Nature Pants 
– Ultra-absorbent
– Soft and breathable
– Skin-friendly (no perfume and parabens)
– Certified eco-friendly

4. Bambo Nature Overnight Diapers
– Enhanced leakage protection for overnight protection
– Ultra-fast absorbing channels that keep your child dry throughout the night
– Minimizing the risk of allergy-made with 0% parabens, lotions, preservatives, and chlorine
– Dermatologically tested to protect your child’s delicate skin

List of Bambo Nature Diapers

1. Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers
Bambo Nature Classic

Bambo Nature Nature diapers are soft, comfortable, and keep even the most sensitive skin dry. The diapers are designed with a super-absorbent core including latest channel technology that leads moisture away from baby’s skin and holds up to multiple wettings — even overnight. The convenient wetness indicator changes color and makes it easy to see when a change is needed. The flexible waistband and latex-free leg cuffs help the diapers stay in place for baby’s comfort and freedom of movement.

All Bambo Nature Nature diapers are free from perfume and parabens to minimize the risk of allergy and diaper rash.

4.4 out of 5 – more than 5,500 global ratings

Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Baby Diapers Reviews
– Skin comfort for our baby
– Soft
– Least amount of chemicals and environmentally friendly

– Few said still lack of absorbency.

2. Bambo Nature Dream Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature Love Diapers


Bambo Nature Dream disposable diapers are more than just eco-friendly— they are the first baby diapers certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and now the fluff pulp is made TCF (totally chlorine-free).

As always, they are free of harmful chemicals and all known allergens. Our diapers have a unique three-layer design and super-absorbent core that can stand up to multiple wettings—even overnight. Combined with our fully breathable backsheet, baby’s sensitive skin will stay dry and comfortable. A wetness indicator changes color to indicate when a change is needed and our flexible, waistband and latex-free leg cuffs help diapers stay in place while maximizing movement so your child can boot, scoot and boogie all day long.

4.5 out of 5 – more than 470 global ratings

Bambo Nature Dream Baby Diapers Reviews
Gentle for skin

Few said not ideal for night time protection.

3. Bambo Nature Pants


Bambo Nature training pants are hypoallergenic, and certified free from harmful chemicals. Bambo nature has earned the Nordic swan eco-label, asthma-allergy Denmark, FSC and over 20 environment and social labels ensuring that our products are safe, certified free of all dangerous chemicals. 0-Percent phthalates, 0-percent organotins (mbt, dbt, tbt), 0-percent heavy metals, 0-percent cl (chlorine), 0-percent hcho (formaldehyde), 0-percent colophonium, 0-percent azo-pigments, 0-percent pvc, and 0-percent substances known as harmful to health or the environment.

Certified free of all known allergens or substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. 0-Percent toxins Bambo nature training pants are approximately 65-percent biodegradable, all wood pulp is derived from sustainable tree farms, and the manufacturer has released a life cycle assessment proving a reduced amount of emissions and almost no waste. To help minimize impacts on the environment and our health, the manufacturer has voluntarily elected to undergo rigorous environmental inspections of their products.

Bambo Nature Pants Reviews

I love Bambo products. I love that they are environmentally friendly and that they’re so absorbent. My son is 32lbs and these fit him just fine. I will buy these again. They’re great for naps and bedtime. I just make sure he goes to the bathroom before he goes down.

If my son was bigger I may like these. I didn’t see the fine print or the wording in the description that these are pants. I just saw size 5 and went with it thinking it was the diapers. I am having to reorder size 5 diapers because right now the pants are too large, potty slides right out, gaps between groin and diaper. I am sure these will be very useful when he is potty training and bigger.

4. Bambo Nature Overnight diapers


Bambo Nature Overnight diapers are designed to give your child a safe, soft, and comfortable night’s sleep. Our enhanced leakage protectors prevent leaks during the night and our diapers’ high performance core secures total absorbency protection.

Overnight diapers are made of high-quality materials designed to be worn for several hours, while still being comfortable and gentle on your child’s skin. The diapers are super-soft and provide a perfect, comfortable fit that enables freedom of movement. They are fully breathable both front and back which means that the materials let your child’s skin breathe during the night and prevent it from getting overheated.

Bambo Nature's Diapers

1. Are Bambo Nature's Diapers really safe and effective?
Yes! Bambo Nature’s skin-safe, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced products have earned the most coveted and stringent qualifications, awards, and eco-labels in the world to safeguard your child’s health and safety.

2. How absorbent and breathable are Bambo Nature diapers?
Their technologically advanced diapers are ultra-thin but extremely absorbent, with a totally breathable backsheet. This allows moisture to be drained away more quickly, keeping baby’s skin dry and preventing diaper rash. Diaper rash is prevented and aided by a dry atmosphere free of hazardous chemicals and allergies.

3. What makes Bambo Nature different?
Bambo Nature think that choosing items for your baby that are safe, delicate, and environmentally responsible should not mean reducing its performance. They have been reinventing the natural standard for over 30 years by creating products with high-quality, natural components. Bambo Nature products are free of all known allergies and include no chemicals, dyes, parabens or perfumes. Their eco-friendly baby products have been certified skin-safe and have gained some of the most coveted credentials, awards, and ecolabels in the world.

4. Bambo Nature Classic vs Love Collection comparison
Diapers in the Classic collection are totally breathable, perfume-free, chemical-free, dye-free, allergen-free, and feature a classic thicker core design with leakage protection. They don’t have a wetness indicator, as well as a flexible thinner core design. The Nordic Ecolabel, the Forest Stewardship Council, and Dermatological testing have all certified them, but Asthma Allergy Denmark has not.

The Love collection, which starts at the same price as the Classic collection, is totally breathable, fragrance-free, dye-free, chemical-free, allergen-free, leak-proof. Moreover it has a flexible thinner core design that Classic collection don’t have. The Love diapers also contain a wetness indicator, which is unavailable for the Classic version. They’ve also been dermatologically tested and are Nordic Ecolabel, Forest Stewardship Council, and Asthma Allergy Denmark approved.

Bambo Nature vs Other Brands

1. Bambo Nature vs Pampers Pure
Customers choose Bambo Nature because it is comfortable, durable and can become a healthy option for babies but some said Bambo Nature leak protection aren’t the absolute best. If Bambo Nature is being compared with Pampers Pure for their leak protection, Pampers Pure has higher ratings than Bambo Nature. However, customers find Bambo Nature has high ratings for durability than Pampers Pure.

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2. Bambo Nature Classic vs Huggies Special Delivery
In conclusion, mothers usually choose Bambo Nature because it is eco-friendly or choose Huggies Special Delivery because it is claimed for sensitive skin.

Bambo has demonstrated that a sustainable disposable diaper is achievable. Because nearly all of the trash generated during the manufacturing of these diapers is recycled, they are an eco-friendly option. They’re gentle on baby’s skin and absorbent as well.

Huggies Special Delivery Diapers may be a good choice for your baby’s sensitive skin or if you’re seeking for a plant-based disposable diaper option. These diapers have been dermatologist-tested and are hypoallergenic, with no chlorine, natural rubber latex, fragrance, parabens, or EU allergens.

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1. Why we need to frequently change our baby's diaper?
Because newborns are at danger of infections, diaper rash, and other serious health concerns if their diapers are not changed on a regular basis; conditions that necessitate medical treatment and can place further financial strain on families.


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