Flavonoid Vs Polyphenol Vs Phytochemical (2023)

Flavonoids, polyphenols, and phytochemicals are terms often used to describe different types of bioactive compounds found in plants, but there is some overlap between them as well. 

Flavonoid Vs Polyphenol Vs Phytochemical

Phytochemicals cover all bioactive compounds discovered in plants, including  polyphenols like flavonoids as well as other non-polyphenolic substances. Polyphenols are a broader category of compounds that include flavonoids as well as other subgroups, whereas flavonoids are a specific type of polyphenol. 

While these terms have distinctions, they are often used interchangeably in casual language and scientific literature due to their close relationship in the context of plant-based compounds and their potential health benefits.

Here are the key differences and relationships between these terms:

a. Flavonoids

  • Flavonoids are a subgroup of polyphenolic compounds.
  • Flavonoids in food are generally responsible for colour, taste, prevention of fat oxidation, and protection of vitamins and enzymes.
  • Flavonoids have antioxidant properties and are known for their potential health benefits. A study suggests that the risk of some chronic diseases may be lower at higher dietary flavonoid intakes.
  • Common examples of flavonoids include quercetin, kaempferol, and anthocyanins.

b. Polyphenols

  • Polyphenols are a larger and more general category of naturally occurring compounds found in plants.
  • They are broadly dived in four classes; Phenolic acids, flavonoids, stilbenes and lignans.
  • Polyphenols are known for their potential health benefits. Animal, human and epidemiologic studies show that various polyphenols have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that could have preventive and/or therapeutic effects for cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, and obesity. (R)

c. Phytochemicals

  • Phytochemicals are a broad term that encompasses all bioactive compounds found in plants.
  • This term is a more general one that encompasses a wide range of bioactive compounds found in plants, including flavonoids and polyphenols.
  • Phytochemicals possess many biological activities and health benefits, such as antioxidant and free radical scavenging abilities, anti-inflammatory action, anticancer, anti-aging, and protective action for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, obesity and neurodegenerative diseases. (R)

Flavonoids Supplements

a. Flavonoids Supplements - Quercetin

Quercetin is a type of flavonoid present in many fruits, vegetables, and grains. It’s one of the most abundant antioxidants in the diet and plays an important role in helping your body combat free radical damage, which is linked to chronic diseases. 

Quercetin Benefits

Quercetin has been linked to the following health benefits:

  • Possessing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties that can help combat certain diseases. One study found that 500 mg of quercetin a day could improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Helping prevent cancer cell growth from breast, colon, prostate, endometrial and lung.
  • Counteracting allergic reactions and helping with immune responses.
  • Helping to prevent osteoporosis
  • Addressing cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Assisting in control of blood pressure. A study in 2002 found that quercetin can have vasodilator effects.
  • Potentially helping to lower blood sugar levels. One study found that dosages of 500 mg per day “significantly reduced” fasting glucose levels.

Quercetin Supplements

1. Now Foods Quercetin with Bromelain

Now Foods Quercetin with Bromelain

A two-pack of top notch bromelain-enhanced quercetin from a giant in the health supplement industry. Reliable quality from a trustworthy brand. 

Non-GMO, soy free, vegan/vegetarian, nut free, made without gluten, dairy free, egg free, organic and clinically tested ingredients.

Each capsule contains 400 mg of quercetin and 82.5 mg of bromelain. Do take note that their suggested usage is 2 capsules twice daily. Meaning the total daily dosage of quercetin will be 1,600 mg daily.

Daily value (DV) for quercetin not established.

Now Foods Quercetin supplements contain Bromelain, as some evidence suggests they boost absorption.

BestReviews.com: Not suitable for those with pineapple allergies.

4.7 out of 5 - More than 18,000 ratings

The capsules is easy to take. I have not had a cold since I've been taking this product. I been taking it for about a year now. Please try it if you want to make your immune system stronger.

2. MoxyVites Quercetin 500mg with Bromelain Supplement

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Amazon Best Sellers: #15 Best Seller in Flavonoid Vitamin Supplements.

Moxyvites quercetin complex is a combination of quercetin phytosome and bromelain. Regular quercetin has poor solubility and low oral absorption. Moxyvites' technology binds quercetin with a glucose bond & incorporation of phospholipids into standardized extracts improving the absorption and bioavailability by 20X. Their complex delivery system utilizes phytosome technology in which phytoconstituents react with phospholipids for better and improved bioavailability.

Another added strength for this product is that it has curcumin as well, well known also for it's anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.

Each capsule contains 250 mg of quercetin phytosome and 80 mg of bromelain. Cost per capsule: $0.29.

Our Take: If you are looking for best value in terms of quercetin phytosome with bromelain and are taking it on a long term basis, this would be your choice.
4.7 out of 5 - more than 1,200 ratings

MoxyVites Quercetin Supplement Reviews
Nowadays we need all the immune boosting we can get!! This was recommended while I had Covid. I believe it lessened my symptoms and kept me out of the hospital because respiratory illnesses always go into my chest too which didn't do this time!

3. Doctor's Best Quercetin Bromelain, 180 Veggie Caps

Doctor's Best Quercetin Bromelain, 180 Veggie Caps

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- Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free

- Bromelain 3000 GDU per capsule, has 500 Mg of Quercetin with 250 Mg Bromelain for a Serving size of 2 Capsules

- Quercetin and Bromelain enhances each other's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that has potent antioxidants while bromelain works as protein-digesting enzyme. Bromelain helps increase your body’s absorption and use of Quercetin.

- Helps support immune health, heart health, joint comfort, healthy digestions, respiratory health and inflammatory response.

- Quercetin helps ensure appropriate immune response, inhibits formation of free radicals and promotes circulatory health in part by supporting the integrity of small blood vessels.

4.7 out of 5 - more than 4,000 ratings

I've been taking various brands of quercetin with bromelain for four years now and this one is my favorite. The best value for the cost, and also the move effective. This summer started out to be more wretched than other years, allergy-wise, and I switched to these to see how they'd work and I've never been happier. I use this brand for another supplement so I was already familiar with them and was willing to try it out. I'm not sure why the review asked about pain relief, because that is not what this is used for, so I X'd it out. But otherwise, very good product, and I've already told two people about it.

b. Flavonoids Supplements - Citrus Bioflavonoids / Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient which cannot be produced by humans (. 2017). Because your body doesn't produce or store it, you need daily vitamin C for continued health. Vitamin C may be one of the most well-known immune nutrients that protect against immune deficiencies and which supports the prevention and recovery from the common cold and upper-respiratory issues, and also protects your cardiovascular system, eyes, skin, and other parts of your body. 

Vitamin C is a particularly unique nutrient because it also functions as an antioxidant that protects your cells against potential damage.

Vitamin C Supplements

4. Smarter Raw Whole Food Vitamin C (Best Whole Food Vitamin C Capsule)

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Capsules are the most popular form of vitamin C supplements. 

- Vegan, Real Immune Support
- 60 Vegan Capsules

- 100% Made with 11 Premium Raw & Natural Whole Food Berries such as Acai, Acerola, Amla, Cranberry, Goji, Jabuticaba, Mangosteen, Maqui, Pomegranate, Strawberry, & Schisandra.
- Lack of Vitamin C can cause Collagen loss leading to wrinkles, aging, weakened arteries, and immune system. Stress can cause Vitamin C deficiencies too.
- Not a synthetic Vitamin C supplement
- Natural Full Spectrum Citrus Bioflavonoids, Polyphenols & Antioxidants.
- Made in the USA 
- No Fillers, Magnesium Stearate, Dioxides, Silica, Maltodextrin, Carrageenan, Soy, Milk, Egg, Corn, Tree Nuts, Artificial Colors, or Preservatives.

4.7 out of 5 - more than 3,800 global ratings

This product is exactly what I was looking for! I'm a Certified Health Coach and the source of vitamins and what's in them (read the ingredient list) are both of the utmost importance to me. Finding a Non-GMO Whole Food Vitamin C that didn't contain harmful chemicals such as magnesium stearate, silica, dioxides, maltodextrin, soy, carrageenan was SO IMPORTANT. 

Because of the purity of this brand, I will definitely recommend these Vitamin C supplements to clients. Supplementing with Vitamin C is crucial, but especially when our immunity may be at risk of being compromised, like during the cold and flu season. Additionally, these provide antioxidants, substances found in certain plants and fruits, that help stop free radicals from causing cell damage in your body. I'm loving this Non-GMO Whole Food Vitamin C!!

5. Viva Naturals Vitamin C

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Non-GMO Vitamin C Supplements with Citrus Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips for Immune Support & Antioxidant Protection

Features Non GMO Vitamin C
Our C vitamin contains premium Quali-C from Scotland, made by one of the world’s leading providers of this essential nutrient. Each batch is third-party tested for quality, providing 1000mg of vit C per serving.

Vitamin C With Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips 
Protect yourself all season long with our specially formulated vitamin C 1000mg vegetarian capsules.* Complementing fruit extracts like citrus bioflavonoids and rose hips provide natural sources of vitamin C and work synergistically to support a healthy immune system.

Supports Collagen For Hair, Skin, Nails & Joints 
Often going under the radar, vit C is an essential nutrient for collagen synthesis.* Collagen is the holy grail of beauty and joint support, and adding a high quality ascorbic acid like Vit C 1000mg to your wellness routine can help your body make more of it.

Non GMO Vitamin C 1000 & Veggie-Friendly 
Our vitamin C capsules are non GMO and vegetarian friendly, making them an easy addition to any wellness practice or dietary lifestyle. Not to mention they’re manufactured without artificial dyes, salt, soy or dairy, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the most out of your vitamin C pills!

4.7 out of 5 - more than 8,600 global ratings

As a diabetic of 43 years, I've done pretty well. I can still see and pee and have all my feet and toes. 

I recently learned how high dose vitamin C can get rid of those age spots that mar our complexion as we get older. I had a big dark spot on my face go away and today I looked down at my feet and one of two scars was gone and the other was going. They had been there for several years. and They say diabetics don't heal well. 

Our bodies need Vitamin C to make collagen and to keep our skin healthy we all need more than the RDA, but Diabetics even more so. Diabetics use up our vitamin C quicker than most other people and it is a strong anti-oxidant. Even though I am doing fairly well, I did have a heart attack 10 years ago. My arteries were brittle and since I wasn't taken vitamin C at that time, my body didn't have the materials to repair and keep my arteries flexible. 

I take this C and I also take another Liposomal Vitamin C 1:1. I have taken up to 40,000 mg in a day spread out throughout the course of the day. Like 2,000 and hour. No ill effects and with some pleasant surprises such as I described.

c. Flavonoids Supplements - Apigenin

Apigenin is a natural compound that belongs to the flavonoid class of polyphenols. Apigenin is present in some fruits such as grapefruit, plant-derived beverages and vegetables such as parsley, onions, oranges, tea, chamomile, wheat sprouts.

Apigenin Benefits

Apigenin supplements are also accessible in capsules or tablets due to the increased interest in its possible health benefits. If you're thinking about using apigenin supplements, here are some benefits of using this supplement:
  • Antioxidant Properties: Apigenin is recognized for its antioxidant properties, which means it can aid in the fight against oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress has been linked to a number of chronic diseases.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: Apigenin is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent, which can be beneficial for conditions involving inflammation, such as arthritis.
  • Potential Cancer Prevention: Apigenin may plays a vital role in managing cancer’s development and progression. This flavonoid seems to have anti-cancer activities via the modulation of a various cell signaling pathways including angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell cycle and various other genetic pathways. Further studies are needed to confirm this statement. 
  • Sleep Improvement: Chamomile flower extract, with more than 2.5 mg of apigenin, was examined for its preliminary efficacy and safety for improving sleep and daytime symptoms in patients with chronic insomnia. Further studies are still needed to investigate these conclusions. (R)
  • Heart Health: Apigenin may prevents cardiovascular diseases via antioxidant and anti-apoptotic mechanisms in vascular endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes. (R)
  • Skin Health: Apigenin has been used for skin care. According to a study, topical apigenin improves epidermal permeability barrier function by stimulating epidermal differentiation, lipid synthesis and secretion, as well as cutaneous antimicrobial peptide production.

Apigenin Supplements

6. Double Wood Supplements Apigenin Supplement

Apigenin is a bioflavonoid and antioxidant compound which is found in many different plants and herbs but is especially abundant in chamomile tea. Apigenin is often used as a supplement for its relaxing properties and its ability to support healthy sleep quality and stress levels.

- supports sleep quality 
- supports healthy stress levels 
- manufactured in the usa

4.6 out of 5 - more than 1,000 global ratings

After a long day of work I sometimes take it. Specifically on day’s my mind is far too active around 8pm. I like to lie down and try falling asleep around 9/9:30pm.

7. Swanson Apigenin Bioflavonoid Supplement

Swanson's apigenin supplement aids prostate health support. Delivering 50mg apigenin per capsule, this powerful supplement may also support glucose metabolism and help maintain nervous system function. Our prostate supplement contains apigenin derived from celery, which is rich in vital nutrients that help combat oxidation and free radical damage. Support your health with ingredients you can trust!

For nearly 50 years, Swanson has delivered science-backed health products worldwide. Each wellness supplement is made in our GMP certified facilities, and our purity and potency testing includes independent third-party labs.

4.5 out of 5 - more than 1,300 global ratings

Since taking apigenin, my mind is more clear, and I sleep wonderfully. Thank you for making this product!

d. Flavonoids Supplements - Luteolin Supplements

Luteolin is a common flavonoid that can be found in a wide variety of vegetables and fruits such as celery, parsley, broccoli, onion leaves, carrots, peppers, cabbages, apple skins, and chrysanthemum flowers.

Luteolin Benefits

Luteolin has a number of potential health benefits, some of which include:
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: A clinical trial with a formulation containing luteolin showed excellent therapeutic effect against inflammation-associated diseases. (Source)
  • Cancer prevention: According to some research, luteolin may have anti-cancer properties and may aid in preventing the development of some types of cancer.
  • Antioxidant properties: Luteolin has antioxidant properties that can aid in defending the body against free radical damage, which can result in cell deterioration and contribute to the development of chronic diseases.
  • Brain health: Luteolin, a flavonoid compound, has been suggested to have neuroprotective properties. In vivo studies examining rat models have shown that luteolin protects against cognitive dysfunction induced by chronic cerebral hypoperfusion.
  • Cardiovascular health: Luteolin may also help to improve cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.

Luteolin Supplements

8. Double Wood Luteolin Supplement 100mg per Servings (50mg/capsule)

- Potent Polyphenol Antioxidant
Luteolin is a potent antioxidant primarily found in vegetables and some fruits

- Neuroprotective Brain Support
Luteolin belongs to a class of bioflavonoids that has neuroprotective properties and may help support brain health

- Cardiovascular Support 
Current research suggests Flavonoids like Luteolin help promote cardiovascular health

- Two Month Supply
Double Wood's Luteolin supplement contains 60 servings of 100mg (120 capsules with 50mg each)

- USA Proud
Our Luteolin 100mg capsules are manufactured / tested in the USA, Gluten Free, and are Non-GMO

4.6 out of 5 - more than 300 global ratings

I have been using the Luteolin for the last couple of months. I feel like it has helped me with me to fight inflammation, and I have noticed that uric acid seems to have decreased and has markedly brought down my gout attacks.

9. Ulmubra Liposomal Luteolin 500mg

- Highest Potency
Liposomal Luteolin 500MG Formula on the market today. Each bottle contains 60 Softgels for a 30-day supply. Don’t settle for 100mg or 50mg luteolin supplements - Experience amazing Brain & Nervous System support, from our 500 mg per Serving of Luteolin, without breaking the bank.

- Get Significantly Higher Absorption Rates 
Liposome technology is revolutionizing the way we take Luteolin by successfully avoiding digestive elements, transferring the Luteolin from the digestive tract directly into the bloodstream achieving superior bio-availability & absorption. Enabling maximum delivery of your daily Luteolin need - much better than regular Luteolin.

- Incredible Health Benefits 
Luteolin is a bioflavonoid that can naturally be found in foods like oranges and artichokes. bioflavonoids enhanced brain, nervous system, and mood while helping to defend against age-related cognitive decline. Current research suggests Flavonoids like Luteolin help promote cardiovascular health. Liposomal luteolin contains powerful antioxidant properties and helps protect against free radical damage. Supporting healthy aging, healthier inflammatory responses, and immune system health*

- USA Proud 
Our easy-to-swallow Luteolin is an All-natural formula. Non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, chemicals-free, and artificial preservatives -free. Manufactured in the USA. Trusted Ingredients, Superior Quality. Ulmubra Luteolin supplement contains 30 servings of 500mg.

4.6 out of 5 - more than 330 global ratings

I purchased this product as I'm going through menopause and I was experiencing brain fog. After just a few weeks, I noticed a big difference. The fog has lifted and I'm feeling more myself.


a. Phytochemicals-Rich Foods

There are many different fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and herbs that are high in phytochemicals. Flavonoids, carotenoids, and glucosinolates are a few of the natural substances that can be found in a variety of colorful produce, including berries, leafy greens, carrots, and tomatoes. These advantageous compounds are also common in whole grains, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, as well as spices like turmeric and garlic, as well as whole grains.

b. Can a lack of phytochemicals in the diet can lead to deficiency disease?

Yes. If an individual's diet lacks an adequate intake of phytochemical-rich foods, they can get phytochemical deficiency disorders which may include a higher susceptibility to chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative conditions due to reduced antioxidant protection against free radicals. 

Moreover, it can weaken the immune system, potentially leading to increased vulnerability to infections, and it may also contribute to chronic inflammation-related health problems. 


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